April 21, 2014

What an awesome week to be able to have an easter sunday. My second. My fist was in the MTC to be able to listen to bishop causse. But this was amazing. To actaully be able to go and share messages with people about the resurection of Christ. How we will all come to recieve our own body one day and how that body will be perfect. I love it. Just how we can have that inspiration to do the things we need to live with that body in the celestial kingdom. 


So some sweet blessings that we had this week. We have continued with this family of 6. Claudia with her 6 kids. We got to know those 6 kids this week finally. They are supper cool. I love it. All the kids have a lot of desires to go to church and everything. But chruch came and only three of them went. It was a little sad. But we were able to have a super good lesson with them. They are awesome. Its so cool to just see the love that grows for these people so fast. I love it. I love seeing so many blessings.


Then we have Maria. She works sundays so thats super rough. If she doesn´t Start progressing we are going to have to drop her. Its actually pretty sad. But she is supper cool. She loves readign the book Of mormon. Shes felt the spirit as she read it. That is a blessing. A huge blessing. Gotta love when people feel the spirit. 


Then we have Maxi and Noelia. And their son Leo. Hes pretty cool. I don´t even know what he has but he is like down syndrom. He is super cool. I love it. They are just an awesome family. I love it. We had a family home evening with them where we made pretzels They were amazing. I loved them. Super awesome family. 


This week I have really focused on what I have done in my mission. So many miracles that i have seen. I love it. My companion asked me something this week that really made me think. Where do I want to be at the end of my mission. THat made me think a lot. But its something that i really need to work on. Something that dad said is that if the family had the courage to share the gospel. That is so important. Sharing the gospel needs a lot of courage. That is a the key to starting missionary work. You need to have the courage to start talking about the gospel. There is a reason that is what i gave my last talk on. Bishop Bruner was very inspired. I have a lot of work to do on that. Still. Its such a blessing but so hard at the same time. I love what mom said. We need not to ask why me But more what Can I do. What can I do better. Changing completely our way of thinking will change our lives. Nothing happens until you change it. Then can you see the miracles. So thank you so much for your spritual thoughts. It really helped me this week. They alway do. You are the best. I love you so much. I love you all. I pray you have an amazing week and that next week we can talk again. I love you.



Elder Dial


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