April 28, 2014

Ha ha ask me what I got. You´ll never guess… Muhahaha  Its my birthday package. Such a blessing. I have pitures and everything. We put on the green mustaches. I loved it. Thank you a million. I loved the letters. The big huge card. What a blessing that was. And then the candy poster was bigger than I am. I like the spanglish haha. No it was super good. Super fun to open it. So thank you a ton. Especially for the letters. Always love the family letters. 


Okay so funny story that I keep forgetting to tell. At least think I keep forgetting. Looks like we´ll see. But the first time we went over to one of our investigators house my companion decided to play a little joke. THey have a little store in the front of their house that you buy through the window. Very common here. But ya we went and we bought something simple. Then my companion started to contact her. And she was a little hard and diddn´t really want anything. But my companion just kept pushing and pushgng to get it. Finally I jumped in Really just trying to help. Finnally she said okay for 5 min. So we got in  and I looked on their entertainment center and they had a picture of them with my companion. I was so frustrated. Not really, It was super funny. Something they played off really good. But ya Gotta love the goofy companions in the mission. There are so many times that we will be walking down the street and my companion will do something that dad would do. Hes a lot like dad. Just a little more goofy. Super funny. We get along super well.


So theres one thing i´ve been thinking alot about this last week. I feel like since i´ve gotten here in Argentina there has been a little bit of a difference in my attitude in the mission. And I was thinking about what made that little change. I finnally came to the conclusion that it had to do with something I cahnged. I thought a lot about what I changed and one of the only things I changed was writing in my journal since I got here I haven´t been as faithful at writeing my my journal. So This last week i have really tried to change that. And god has blessed me. Writing in my journal really helps me to see the miracles. I love it. Its such a blessing to write down the blessings we see. So that we can remember them forever. 


Hmm what else Happended this week. O ya so we had a mission conference and well The presidents wife told me I need to buy a new suit. How fun? Its really sun faded. Its lost its color in a lot a spots. So ya. I talked to another elder that baught his stuff at Missionary mall and he said the same thing happened with his. THat he sent his suit home and since it has the two year warrenty you can get a new suit or the money back. So I think Im going to pull some money out and buy a suit here and we can get a new suit or something for Rileys mission or something. He said he had the same thing happen with çthe same suit. So it will be good. Everything is cheaper here too. So ya that will be good. But ya if you can make sure there is like 200 bucks or 300 bucks in my acount that would be sweet. I love you.


Hmm nothing too crazy happened this week. Just some super cool `people with some super cool lessons. We are still wroking on finding anybody new. That is always super fun. But we still have the same people that are progressng. Its awesome!


Thank you for everything. I love you all. Keep up the good work there at home. 

COn amor,

Edler Dial


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