May 5, 2014

So before I forget I will probably call like at 7 my time. Thats about the latest we can get. I don´t know what time that puts for you guys but I hope its not too crazy. Like 7 or 8 my time. I love you haha.

So sounds like everything is just a party. Muhaha. A whole bunch of car problems. Some busy schedules going to games. But it sounds like its about all done for some and gonna keep going. What a blessing haha. I love it.

So what a great day to be a missionary. So many miracles. They had some crazy big changes in the missionary work. They are counting what we do here completely different. We really are focusing on Baptizing, Reactivating And retention of our converts. So that will be absolutely amazing. I love being able to focus on What matters most. Something that really surprised me is that They want us to count how many Ideal Situations that we have. That that is one of the numbers that matter most In the conversion of an investigator. How true that is. An Ideal situation is when you have a lesson with an investigator in the house of a member. So that is pretty sweet. I invite everybody to try their best to do that for yourselves. Invite your friends to listen to the missionaries in your house. awe ya!

So we saw some miracles this week. We had Claudia come to church. Its amazing how when you put a little bit of sacrifice in then God blesses you with miracles. We got her and 4 or her kids to go with us to the chruch to do a church tour. They loved it. We set a baptismal date with them for this weekend. We are really going to see some blessings. The coolest thing I think I saw is the member that has really been helping us with this family said that they will always be there to help them. They will be the key for this family. I love that. I have really come to apriciate the help of members in the work of salvation. The members do everything really. The missionaries just talk. THe members make the change in peoples lives. Well the members really help the investigators have the change through christ. I a so gratefull for awesome members.

We have another family. Maxi and Noelia. They have their date for marraige. Its super cool. They just keep going. We really are seeing some miracles. The best thing is is taht I really know that finding through the members is the way to do it. and when you make some really good plans to visit the members and help them do missonary work it really pumps me up. Awe ya. Super excited for this next week. God is awesome.

So I just bought a new suit. Guess how much it cost. Well I got a suit and a tie then I got a new shirt for free. But I spent about 100 bucks I think. How cool is that. I´m super excited.

Goodness I cant wait to talk to you. I hope you see some miracles this week. I know they are waiting for you. YOu just need to find them. God is over this work. God knows us. Jesus Christ can realate with us and the Holy Ghost can express that to our hearts. Please remember that and life will be amazing. I love you!!!!

Until next week…… Until sunday muhahaha,
Elder Dial


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