May 12, 2014

Gotta love life. Man I got to talk to my lovely family yesterday. That was a super big blessing. I love talking to my family. Everybody is growing up. Gotta love it haha. I love my lovely family. Even if they are big and goofy. Muhaha. I love being a missionary more.

This morning I was reading a talk that talked about the 2000 stripling warriors. That was super good. It was by elder Scott in october. It talked alot about the dads of the kids. How the dads had made that covenant to not fight. But that to have to watch their sons go out and suffer war would be just as hard. Would be even harder. That really got to me. Really thinking about my parents, Looking at their example. Just from what my parents are saying about all my brothers and sisters. The trials we all face. It would be easier for mom and dad to say, O just stay in the house all your life. We will take care of you. We love having you at home. BUt thinking how much they love us to kick us out. To have us go on missions. To go to school. My mom and my dad would take away my trials in a heartbeat. They would take it from me if God would let them. But God wouldn´t take away that experience away from me or any of my brothers. But ya just to think about how hard it really was for those ammonite fathers to watch their kids go out in their place to fight against the enemy. It really just made me thankful for letting me come out here and have these experiences. Sure they are hard sometimes. But I love it. I really feel I am growing. Every day become a better elder Dial. So thank you mom and dad for letting me do this.

He then went on to talk about in his talk about how we can use this example. How we can use this story to help up to use the atonement to help us have strength. We can see that the 2000 stripling warriors had strength to overcome every army they thought. That was through service. These 2000 sons were serving their fathers. Through that service that they lost themselves in they recieved the strength they needed. How cool is that? The way to strength through the atonement is service. Service as we all know not only helps others but it always helps us! Awe ya… haha.

But ya. this week was truely amazing. I really didn´t get to tell many stories but We saw some miracles. We should have some baptisms at the end of this week. We had a miracle lesson with a lady named Maria. We had been teaching her about once a week but this last week she really started to progress. We went with a sister in the ward and she just went of about how we were angels. haha. I don´t mind being an angel. But that she really had been thinking about the change in her life since we had been stopping by and she basically asked us to baptize her. Awe ya. She said that she felt super good about baptisms. That she had recieved her answer. That is the best feeling as a missionary is when they investigators recieve an answer to their prayers. Which means they are really asking god and expecting an answer. Sometimes even as a members we pray not expecting to recieve anything. With a lack of faith. But when we really put in the faith we recieve the answers. What a blessings. Awe ya.

They we just really worked hard. That was the miracle of the week. I love miracles. They are there every day. But we also have the family of Claudia that is going to working their way up there to baptism. They are awesome. Just a family that is humble,. They love it. Its a family that me and my companion have really come to love. They are the bomb. But ya gotta love being a missionary. I sure do. And i encourage you all to be missionaries too. Its the biggest blessing we can find. we can have.

Keep pushing on. There will come answers. There will come blessings. God never leaves us alone. We are always so loved by out heavenly father. ANd you have my love too. But thats almost nothing compared to Gods love. So seek for his love. Seek too feel it and see it every day. That will change your life forever. Awe ya.

I love you. Until next week my awesome family!
Elder Dial


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