May 19, 2014

What a party every day haha. So transfers were this week. Guess what happened. I am in a new area….. haha no not really Me and my companion stayed. Im pretty excited. It will be my first transfer in my mission where two transfers in a row will be the same. I really get along with my companion so that is good. He is really helping me to learn and grow. I hadn´t really realized it until I looked back on the transfer. But ya Still got some more things that I can learn so God left us together. Awe ya haha. I love it.

Man we saw some miracles this week. Maria got baptized. We really didn´t have to do much. When you have somebody that is humble enough to fullfil with the three aspects in Moroni 10 then they recieve the answer. And she truely did. I had really forgotten how important that is. How much of a difference the spirit really can make if we let it. So ya that was a miracle. She got baptized and after her baptism her son wants to get baptized now. Awe ya. We set his baptismal date for in two weeks. The 31. So that will be sweet. God blessed us for sure this week.

Then we really worked the hardest that we could with Claudia and her family. They didn´t quite make it this week. They really had some doubts. We have made some pretty good plans to really help her to recieve an answer from the spirit like Maria. Thats really the goal for them all so taht is what we are working for. She really is cool and we really love her. So we´ll see what she is willing to do this week. What we can do to help her. I love it. I love them.

This week in church we had an amazing class. It talked a lot about our studies of the scriptures. How we need to study but not just read. We need to meditate. But what do we meditate? That was what it made me think about a lot. I heard a quote from President Eyring one time that said he reads his scriptures until he feels the spirit. Then reads them a little more. But what does the spirit say to him?? What does the spirit tell us as we recieve revalation? For me usually its things I need to change. Things I need to do. And what do we do with these things we need to do? Do we act? Do we write them down and forget about them? I know I have some things to change there. But ya These things that the spirit tells us will help us progress. If we aren´t progressing we are degressing. So ya that was an awesome revelation I recieved. Awe ya haha.

Goodness it sounds like we are winning the battle. May not be learning the games but we are winning the battle. We are all with our armor. We are as the army of Heleman. We haven´t died. We may have some wounds but we are winning because we have not died. Keep fighting. Those wounds will heal and from there we will be able to push on. May God bless us all and help us all in everything we need. May we look for Christs ultimate love in our lives. May we find it in everything. I love you all. Don´t forget that.

Until next week!,
Elder Dial


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