May 26,2014

So for my first time in about a year…. No for sure in a year I am cold. I love it haha. I love being cold. It feels so good. We are in fall here. Is that wierd or what?? But its such a blessing. God is blessing us every day. I can see his hand in everything I do.

This week was a little bit slower. Not really slower. It flew by. I feel like we didnt have time to do much of anything because we were always doing something. But thats the blessing of being a missionary. Wednesday we had a super good district meeting. My district leader talked about goals. It really just made me think a lot. The Goals that we have really help us progress as humans. As immortals destined to become immortal if we keep working at it. But ya that is really what it helped me to realize. The goals we have really depend on our vision. If we can see us being better than what we are that is a goal. But a goal isnt a goal without plans. President Alliud would put it as if you dont have how? where? and when? you dont have it planned out enough. That really caused me to think a lot. What do I really want ever day. Everything that we do should have a purpose. What is my purpose in what I do. Sometimes we need to see what our purpose is in doing this and then see if the reason is good enough to keep going with it. Like Writeing elder Dial every week haha. That is something that doesnt really have much worth for you. But you think about it and how much that I absolutely love your letters and how they influence my life every day. Then you can justify doing it because It makes me happy haha.

But ya then we had a super cool exchange. I got to go with a new elder that has 1 month in the mission. He was from Colorado. He was super cool. Really the exact oposite of what I was at the begining of my mission. it really helped me to focus on what I did at the beggining of my mission that I liked that I did. The stuff i need to change right now. There are quite a few things. But I lvoed it. He just kept everything so simple. His spanish was amazing. The coolest thing I saw that he did was he gave everything to the spirit. He didn{t take the credit for anything. He thanked God for everything that he had. All the good stuff he did. The humility that he had really just caused me to think a lot. Am I truely thanking God for everything that I have been given. All my talents. And Am I giving God access to these gifts. Sometimes I need a little help to see it but I am truely blessed by my Heavenly Father with so many gifts that I need to keep working on. There is a reason I am here.

O man So We are going to Baptize Gabriel this week. He is super cool. Seriously we teach everything and then we ask him what he understood about it and he explaines it better than we did. Hes awesome for a 15 year old. He has his own trials but he is awesome. I love him. Just the whole family is awesome.

Hmm besides that The family of Claudia isnt coming to church. She is having a little bit of a hard time reading her scriptures too. So we are going to stop passing by for a little bit to help her see the blessings she is missing out on. Then pass by a little later and see if she is willing to keep her commitments. It will be good. But Ya besides that we are super blessed. We are now looking for some more people that really have desires to listen to the Gospel. I love it. I love being a missionary.

Something that dad said really impacted me today. That even though he has a calling that really requires a lot of time he is still going to try to go to church and learn new things. I need to take that advice. I have so many times were I go and im so worried about the investigators that we have that i forget to listen to what the spirit is telling me during the meetings. We are so blessed to have great teachers to teach us every sunday. we need to heed their words. Thats my goal for this next week. I know that God will bless us all if we really focus on recieving the revelation that God has for us. I love you all. I hope you know that I know this Church Is the Church of Jesus Christ in the world today. I know that He blesses us every day. I know that we are blessed through prayer with the things we always need. I was reading a talk from Elder Scott this week that said something that really impacted me. He said in april 2007
A key to improved prayer is to learn to ask the right questions. Considerchanging from asking for the things you want to honestly seeking whatHe wants for you. Then as you learn His will, pray that you will be led tohave the strength to fulfill it.

We really need to strive to know what his will is. I love you all so very much. Until next week,
Elder Dial





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