June 2, 2014

So you’ll never guess what I got this week. I got a cool little card from my mom with a picture of my girlfriend. Awe ya haha. Then I got a loving letter from my loving grandparents They are the best. Always suporting me. I will never be albe to say thank you enough. I have the picture of my girlfriend sitting up on my study desk. Shes the best. My inspiration haha.

So first things first….. Baptism. We Had a baptism this last week. Gotta love it. Grabriel made it to baptism. He was so cool about it. Really It just made me happy. To watch his mom was even better. Yesterday in chruch the bishop asked if Maria could bare her testimony in Testimony meeting. She did. That is the best experience I think that you can have as a missionary. When your convert shares her testimony. Its just awesome to see how she was really converted to the Gospel and not to the missionaries. I really think she will be strong in the gospel. I loved it.

This week we also had a conference with Elder Viñas from the 70. He gave a super good talk. They wrote us last week asking us to think about a question. That question was How has the atonement a Jesus Christ blessed you in your mission? What a good question no? Really just made me think. But I bet you can guess what he talked about during conference. He talked about the Atonement. Not only that but how we as missionaries, as members of the church can apply the Atonement in our lives. He talked about Repentance. it was super good because he shared that we should leave our apartment if we havent repented. And if we sin we need to go back and repent. I never really thought of it in that depth. But as missionaries we truely need to be clean of our sins. We cant do the work the way the Lord wants if we are not clean from sin. So Im working on that one. Every day really doing my best to be better. I love my Savior. He is what makes this work move forward. Through the spirit we can really go though life and have a peace. We can be like president Monson. Just be able to go slowly and swiftly through life. Following ever prompting we need. When we know that what we are doing is what God wants. Another thing he said that I loved is that if you are getting frustrated then you are not doing the work in the Lords way. How cool is that? If we are truely doing it in the Lords way, Submitting to His will then we have no need to get frustrated. I think a lot about our ward trek when i think of that. My two favorite parents really gave up their will to submit with the Lords. And Now they see how many other people they have blessed. So thank you for that example. I love you Guys so much. 

Well that was basically our week. Some pretty great miracles. God is so great. I love every one of you. Dont go getting getting drunk on grad night. haha. Enjoy your last week of school everybody. its always the best week of the year haha. I love you guys. 

Until next week,

Elder Dial