July 28, 2014


This week I have spent a lot of time in my studies reading talks from the last conference. They are so good. I really love General conference. I really had a couple things stick out to me. I read one from President Eyring. He talked about his great grandpa I think it was and his story and his conversion. How his conversion really helps him in his life to keep pushing forward. I thought that was cool. I remember one week that dad wrote me a little about My great grandpa that I really don’t have any idea about his story. But dad went on to talk about how he was his hero. How true that is. We can have a ton of heroes but like President Eyring also said in priesthood session that the real heroes that we can have are heroes in the church. People that really have taught us things That we will use forever. The good examples that we have. Like dad said that he was always pushing on doing all that he could that he really admired that. I thought that was super cool. Then in church yesterday there was a talk about family history and they said that when we do family history we receive strength. I truly believe that. I have gone to read a couple things that people have put about my only great grandpa that I knew in this life. My great grandpa Elmo. On family search there are some stories that I really enjoyed. I was good to read it and see what formed him to be him. How they kept going. I love it. And now Justin is working on his family history. Super cool. Gotta love the commandments that we have and the blessings we receive. I love the gospel.

But that was one of the many talks I studied. The other was the talk of elder Ballard. Do the follow up. That was super cool. Something that I really liked that he said is the best way you can help the missionaries is share with them from preach my gospel the things that you learn. That we are all missionaries and need to study the missionary manual. That as we really study and share what we learn with the missionaries, or in my case with the members, That we will gain more confidence and be more happy. That is something that I have really seen to be true. In your letters when you share something that you have learned I really can see a change in my week. I just feels right. I love it. But ya we just got to keep inviting. Just keep trying to see if it is their time to accept the gospel. Because everybody will have their time. Man just love the gospel.

Well this week we really some some miracles. We had 4 investigators in church. We had two friends of maxi and noelia. They really have a love for sharing the gospel. Just every day. They have a little store type thing in their house and they are always telling us about people that they shared. I love it. I love the gospel. Just watching how happy they are to share the gospel. God is great.

Then we also got to see Facundo and Alejandra which is the daughter of maria and her boyfriend. They are both 18 and living together for 8 months. Super young. haha. But ya they made it to church and said they want to be baptized for sure the 9th. They just have to separate until they get married. So excited. It really just made me think how thankful I am that God blessed me with parents who taught me the law of chastity. Because If I didn’t have it it would be so hard to change the ways of man and do what they are doing. But they are strong. They love the gospel and know they will receive lots of blessings. 🙂


Thanks for you letters. Sounds like the Dial reunion was a big one. Some of the people mom said I don’t know if i even know them. So thats always good. Getting together with the family. I love being with family. Thats the best part about being a missionary. You get to see lots of families change their ways and be happier. I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ that all mankind can be saved. But not only that. That all mankind can be happy in this life. I know it because I see it every day. In my life. In the life of my own family. And in the lives of many families that I get to know every day. In the talk of Elder Scott, In april of 2013 that there was a missionary that was an orphan all his life and that on his mission he saw the family of his mission president. He stayed a couple days at the end of his mission to see how to center a family on christ. I thought about that and how cool that would be to see that in the family of your mission president. Then I thought. O wait I saw that every day in my own family. Keep being that family that is centered on christ. I know it will bless us as a family forever.

I love you all and keep pushing on. God will bless you.
Elder Dial


July 21, 2014

Dear Family,
What a week. We are doing a lot of work to be able to find new investigators. Some days I really like it and other days its not my favorite. So i am working on makeing it my favorite. Its really cool because the focus of the mission is to be albe to find new investigators through the less active members and the new converts. The lord has revieled that in this mission that is the way that we can help the new converts and the less actives come backa nd remain strong in the chruch. So thats super ool. The Lord knows whats best. So we are really working to help everybody do missionary work. I love it. So that has really been the best part. And we have seen some pretty cool miracles.

So this week we found a guy that told us when we were knocking on his door that he was praying to find spiritual help in his life. It was a super cool miracle. But I feel like he hasnt realized how big of a miracle it is. I dont know if he is willing to change his life. So we will see. That is the saddest part about the mission is when God preforms a miracle in the lives of people and they dont realize it. Its just like the scriptures say. Why show miracles if the people wont change anyways. But I still have faith in this little old man. he will Make it. We have only Stopped by one more time after that.

But I have thought a lot about that and the mission. That God really shows me miracles every day. And Im not sure if Act on every one of those blessings. I know that there are a few that I dont see. There are a ton dont see for sure. But I am still working to see those changes and those miracles in the lives of people. The cool thing about being a missionary is that you don{t know what they were like before you taught them. But you get to hear their testimony. God is great. I know he changes live every day through his servants. We can either choose to be that servant that changes lives or the person that his life gets changed. Either way it will change your life forever. I know it has changed my life already. I hope to keep going to help everybody that I can.

It sounds like everything went spectacular with girls camp and all the other fun stuff we did this week. I hope you can keep pushing on and recieve the blessings that God has for you. Because he has a ton. Sorry that my letter is a little short. The computer was going super slow. 🙂 I Love you so much and keep on the smile like mom said. Yesterday in church we had a class about work and said that we have two ways to go about work. Happy or sad. Iike happy personally. Awe ya. Well I love you. Stay happy. Or as they say here in argentina sea cho cho :). I love you!
Elder Dial

July 8, 2014


What a week. Argentina almost won the World cup. That would have been crazy. After the Game wednesday we had to go back to the apartment because it was super crazy outside. Everybody was going crazy. That was cool to see how everybody to united. Everybody was happy with their family. It goes to show that when there are a lot of people joined together in a good cause they can do a lot of good and a lot a bad. In this case we saw the good and the bad. A whole buch of drunk People shooting guns in the air. Then a whole bunch of families walking to dance in the street. Super cool. Argentina went crazy this last week. It was like superbowl wee in the chruch. People came and left right after sacrament. haha. No not really. Everybody really stayed the whole time because the game was like 3 hours after chruch. Super fun. I liked it. And we had some families invite us over to eat a ton of food yesterday. We had two big bbqs and some empanadas. That was super awesome. Just ate a ton of food. But so far I don´t feel any fatter haha. Okay I may feel a little bit fatter. But I´ll get over it. It was funny last night a member said that one of the elders here, Elder Spear, was pigging. That would be the translation. Its like becomeing a pig. Getting fatter. That was pretty funny. I laughed pretty good. 


But ya anyways this week with the work was a little hard. A ton of people partying and watching football. But we were able to see some pretty awesome Miracles. We had quite a few new people come to chruch. More less actives that we are working with. That was a blessing to see. God really blessed us there. God blesses us where we put our focus. And we´re doing pretty good. God loves us and is setting the way that we can progress. We are struggling with finding people that want to come to church and make commitments. But I know that if we keep going God will bless us with what we need. We just need to keep working at it. When we are ready God will bless us. I know that. :). So ya Gotta love trials. They are the best. haha.

But Noelia recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday. She is super cool. In the class after She said the Prayer and it was super cool. She asked that she could have the strength to push on and endure to the end. She is so Cool.


Also this week Maria that got baptized 2 months ago got a calling in the Young womens. She was super excited. Ready to complete it. I thought that was cool. God truely loves each and every one of us. We are all His children.

But ya a super good week. I was happy with it. Saw some pretty good miracles :).

Well the best of luck with Girls camp and all the other fun stuff you have planned for this week of summer. I love you all and keep up the Good work in the work of the Lord.

Love always,

Elder Dial


July 1, 2014

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So i’m not quite sure who to believe. Mom or dad….. Hmmm They both said different stuff about the good old camp. haha. What a blessing. Gotta love camp. Well im super excited for you all. Seems like there have been some blessings there in Boot camp for the soul. This week has really been a good one for me. It was transfers. I got to see some pretty good stuff. Elder Mellor my old comp is super chill. He really loved the people. It was super cool to watch the change he made in peoples lives as he told them good bye. I learned a lot from him about love.

So I have a new comp. He´s from Peru. How cool is that. I have another amazing comp from Peru. I really love it. The mission is great. His name is Elder Perez Alvelez. Im super excited to be able to work with him. Just this morning with him I have already learned so much. He really know how to take it easy and focus on the spirit. I love it. O ya so you may think that its wierd that I am writing on a tuesday. Well that would be because our P day got changed. How weird huh? Okay not really. Our P day is still monday. I just didnt a chance to write. Its kinda funky. My companion was coming from a different Providence and he got here super late. He got here at 12 last night. O ya. haha. But ya they said he would be there that morning and I waited in the apartment with the other misionaries all day and he never got there. They finally called me and told me he would be late at like 5 o´clock. That was fun. but ya I didn’t have time to write you. So forgive me if I caused a little stress. But If you are focused in learning and have service Im sure you didnt worry to much.

O yes and by the way. I’m District leader right now. Im a little nevous not going to lie. But like dad said the Lord qualifies who he calls. So as long as I focus in the atonement and the help I can get from that I will be good. I love it. President gave me some words of advice that really helped me. Really they were the words that I just said. But ya next week on monday I have a meeting with the president so I wont be writeing till tuesday again. You have another day to write me haha. The lord Loves you hehe.

But ya we are working a ton. God will help us in everything we do. I don’t doubt that. So I just want to thank you for everything you do. You really help me. I still feel your prayers every day. I feel your love. Keep loving me please. It would help a ton. Keep Strong in the faith.

Elder Dial

June 23, 2014

So it just happens to be that there is a lot of talk about the World Cup. So much fun. Agrentina is doing pretty good. Two wins. But the part that surprises me is that the united states are doing good too. Super cool. If you get a chance watch the game for me haha.

Sweet so gotta love having two baptisms this last week. In the ward we had 3. But 2 of them were family members of Maria. Lara and Fransisco. Super cool kids. I love them. They really had that desire to be baptized and felt good about the church when they went. I loved it. They are super cool. But we got all the way to the baptism and guess what had happened. My camera battery had died. Gotta love dieing cameras. haha. It must be a Dial thing. But ya they got baptized. Just a good feeling. Knowing that people are coming to christ through you. I cant even emagine what Maria feels like knowing that she is a tool so early on in her conversion to see people come to Christ.

This this week we got a reference from a sister in the ward. She came to the baptism and felt the spirit super strong. Then she came to chruch. Felt the spirit even stronger. She is so cool. She said she could feel the change the gospel has made in her life already. So of coarse we invited her to be baptized in two weeks. Shes super prepared. God prepares so many people. The best part is that the sister in the ward that we got the referrence is a little less active. This will really help her whole family. God is great.

But ya a week of blessings. God is so great. We just got to work a little for those blessings. Something that Russell Wrote me this week that I really liked is that you cant work till your sweating. Haha. That was pretty funny but so true. I can see your all working at home just really putting all your trust in God. Mom sweating to get everything ready. Then my whole family sweating on there way to Philmont all cramed in that little car muhaha. But that will be such a good experience for you all. Im so jealous. Enjoy it. O ya and keep notes. O ya and I hope your willing to go again with me next year…. haha no just kidding.

Well I love you. keep up the Good work. Remember God is great. Sometimes you just good to look for his greatness. Look for the miracles of God This week. I know he will show them to you. I love you!

Love Always,
Elder Dial

June, 16, 2014

Man I feel like we just dont have enough time in the week to to all the things we have to do. We work so hard to look back at the week and think, where could we have fit something else in? Its so good to be busy but it really makes you have a list of priorities. What is the most important. Super fun haha. I love it. Lots of work to do every day. I absolutely love it.

So this week we have really been working with a couple people. They are the nephews of Maria that got baptized. She is really doing her work to help lots of people come unto Christ. I love it. They are a couple of kis that are 9 and 11 years old. They are awesome. They really understand what they are learning. That is the coolest part for me. Like we left them with 3rd nephi 11 with them to read and on the next visit they told us just about everything that happened during the chapter. How cool is that? They are super cool. Then we have the other daughter of Maria that we are working with too. Her Name is Alejandra. She is super cool. She is 18 and living with kid thats 18 too. They arent married. So thats always super fun. But we had a super good talk with them and I think they both want to separate and then go on missions. We really think that would be the best for both of them. But we will see what the Lord tells them. Super awesome.

Then theres a lady in the ward that her son is on a mission. She is super cool becuase every time we go to her house she has somebody new there that we can teach. The last time we went she had a mom there named Veronica. She is super cool. We are basically going to baptize her. And her son too. They didnt quite make it to chruch this week. Said they slept in but we have the faith that they are going to progress.

man we are Getting down to the wire with some other investigators too. Remember the family with the kid in a wheel chair. They are super awesome. They are going to get married on the 4th of July. Awe ya. Man just so many miracles happening. Super excited.

O man then we have this less active family that we stopped by. The family Perez. We had a super cool experience with them. She had a surgery this last week and got back thursday I think it was. We went with her cousin to visit a family and the apointment failed so we went to visit sister perez. When we showed up she had just gotten there. She said that in her surgry she went in thinking alot about what chruch she should follow with. But in her surgry she felt like 3 people would come. When we showed up she said that we were her answer. I thought that was super cool. If we would have went by ourselves it wouldnt have answered her question. If she would have went it wouldnt have answered her question. We had to work with the members to make that miracle happen. I loved it. Super cool.

But ya there are so many miracles in the work of the Lord. I love it. I am so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ and for all that he has done for me. Truely he is the reason I am here. I have really come to feel that in myself these last couple weeks. Jesus is my Savior. He suffered for me. For ever single one of us. We have the chance in this life to use that gift or suffer after. I know that that power is very real. I thank you all for your prayers and support and I share this testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you guys. keep up the good work and keep your heads up. God loves us and We can see His Miracles every day if we are ready to see them.

Love always,
Elder Dial

June 9, 2014

We had another baptism this week. And the other elders in the ward baptized somebody too. How cool is that? We baptized an 11 year old kid. Hoping that that gets the rest of his family excited to get baptized. So far it seems to be working. We got the whole family together for the baptism and they all felt the spirit. That was pretty awesome. His name is Eros. Its the God of love or something like that haha. But the bishop had an interview with him and Eros told the bishop that the reason he got baptized is because he always wanted to be one of those people that followed God. and his dad died about 6 months ago and then we came by and he knew that was what he needed to do. That was so cool to see how he was prepared for the gospel. So many people being prepared for the Gospel. I love being a missionary.

Awe ya. Also we found some new investigators. Super awesome. Some friends of members. We really focused in finding references from members. People they could invite to their house and we could have a family home evening with them. Its working super good. We have found some pretty awesome people that are going to get baptized. I love it.

So yesterday a guy gave a talk about how his family was protected while his kids was on the mission. I thought that was super cool. I have been thinking about how I was protected while Justin was on his mission. I thought about the biggest thing that happened to me while he was gone. It was for sure my car crash. That was a miracle. I Know tha it was a mixture of things. Well not only things. It was a mixture of faith being shown. Whenever I share anything about faith I always think about my mom. In my blessing I got before the mission dad said that I will never find a love closer to Gods than my moms. Well I think about that Night. I can see my mom in prayer just praying that we are protected. I see my dad doing the same thing. I can see my two parents the whole night driving worried about me and riley. Weather we are okay. Not knowing anything about what is our condition. Just saying a prayer in their heart the whole way there. Then I see justin in the mission. Not knowing anything. Just knowing that we will be protected. Just giving all his stregth and focus in the mission. Knowing that if he does that we will be protected. I can even see down to my siblings. Whoever said the prayer that night praying for us. So much faith. So thank you so much for your prayers for me. I really can see the impact it had on me and has on me ever day. I love prayer.

So this last week we finally got the ensign from conference. Its soooo good. conference as missionary is so much better. And like dad always said it only gets better every time. I love it. The apostles are so great.

Thank you so much for your examples. Happy birthday to jutin on friday. What a blessing to get older every year haha. I love you all. Keep up the Good work. God will bless you,
Elder Dial