July 8, 2014

Sounds like your 10 day camp went amazing. Im so super jealous but at the same time Im not. I am so grateful that I am here in the mission. I dont think I could learn the same things. Just this week I have really had to change my whole focus in everything that I do. Just really had to learn to love. That is something that I love about the mission. God always knows what you need. ALWAYS! Just like God knew that you needed a week long camp of tears and cheers and fears and eating my little sisters shoulder and having back pains, and leaving girlfriends at home and meeting new girlfriends and striving to like in the wilderness with nothing and praying and laughing and singing and meeting super cool people that are there. I really think about those experiences a lot. I think about the totally awesome conferences that we have here in the mission and how many blessings we get. You really come to recieve a lot of knowledge. A ton of things when you are in the classes. When you read. But really that is only the first step. You really come to learn more when God puts the trials in your life. When you go out and apply what you learn. I feel like that is how the general young womens and mens presidencies did it. They throw you at in the middle of no where and say learn. Then make you suffer. They teach you things and then apply it. I feel that is the same thing with the mission. They teach you for 6 weeks and then tell you to go out and apply it for the next two years. You just learn a ton. I love it.

I still have quite a bit to learn but God like always will put the way that I can learn it the best. He gives us trials always. Just like mom said. He always gives us trials. She talked about how her back went out. Couldnt move. That is definetly a trial. For sure its a trial. But you come to look at the blessings that God gives you. As we learned in trek. The tender mercies of the lord. Always when we have trials we also have tender mercies. Something that if your not watching youll miss it. That is how you will come to know that God loves you. Sure you have a lot of car problems. But hey that could be from God that you didnt get in a car accident. It could be haha. So many things like that that God gives us.

This week we truely saw two miracles. The two miracles with the same family. So This family with a kid in a wheel chair. His mom got baptized by his dad. That was a miracle. So this family has a kid that has 7 months. Well here is what happened. His parents had their marrage friday. But thursday that baby got super sick. He couldnt breath very well. So they took him to the doctor. They almost made him stay over night and if they would have done that they wouldnt have got married. But the doctor finally said that they could go after 10 hours in the doctor. Miracle. They went and got married the next morning. What a blessing. Okay so it comes to sunday for her baptism. They get to chruch. We are sitting there in the first hour which is sacrament meeting. We are all there and all of the sudden she walks out. So we follow her of course. Turns out that the baby was having trouble breathing again…….. That was sad. But a cool tender mercy is that there were about 5 other people from the ward that followed us. That were really worried about her. So the second councelor in the bishoprick took her and her baby in the car. We kept the water filling in the baptismal font and said a prayer that God could make a miracle that she could make it back in time for her baptism. We just went on like always. We gave her husband the priestood because he was baptized when he was 9 but went less active. Blessing. So cool. He always wanted the priestood. SO we gave it to him. But ya a halve hour before the baptism right as church was ending they made it back. We baptized her. She said she didn{t feel good. But she wanted it. What a blessing. God Makes miracles happen in his work. When people have faith they make it. And God made it.

The best part was after we went to their house and they were there and they both bore their testimony. They saw Gods hand in it all also. I love being a missionary.

Well I love you all. Thank you for your love and support. keep pushing on. Know that God loves you. He loves us all.

Love always,
Elder Dial



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