July 1, 2014

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So i’m not quite sure who to believe. Mom or dad….. Hmmm They both said different stuff about the good old camp. haha. What a blessing. Gotta love camp. Well im super excited for you all. Seems like there have been some blessings there in Boot camp for the soul. This week has really been a good one for me. It was transfers. I got to see some pretty good stuff. Elder Mellor my old comp is super chill. He really loved the people. It was super cool to watch the change he made in peoples lives as he told them good bye. I learned a lot from him about love.

So I have a new comp. He´s from Peru. How cool is that. I have another amazing comp from Peru. I really love it. The mission is great. His name is Elder Perez Alvelez. Im super excited to be able to work with him. Just this morning with him I have already learned so much. He really know how to take it easy and focus on the spirit. I love it. O ya so you may think that its wierd that I am writing on a tuesday. Well that would be because our P day got changed. How weird huh? Okay not really. Our P day is still monday. I just didnt a chance to write. Its kinda funky. My companion was coming from a different Providence and he got here super late. He got here at 12 last night. O ya. haha. But ya they said he would be there that morning and I waited in the apartment with the other misionaries all day and he never got there. They finally called me and told me he would be late at like 5 o´clock. That was fun. but ya I didn’t have time to write you. So forgive me if I caused a little stress. But If you are focused in learning and have service Im sure you didnt worry to much.

O yes and by the way. I’m District leader right now. Im a little nevous not going to lie. But like dad said the Lord qualifies who he calls. So as long as I focus in the atonement and the help I can get from that I will be good. I love it. President gave me some words of advice that really helped me. Really they were the words that I just said. But ya next week on monday I have a meeting with the president so I wont be writeing till tuesday again. You have another day to write me haha. The lord Loves you hehe.

But ya we are working a ton. God will help us in everything we do. I don’t doubt that. So I just want to thank you for everything you do. You really help me. I still feel your prayers every day. I feel your love. Keep loving me please. It would help a ton. Keep Strong in the faith.

Elder Dial


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