June, 16, 2014

Man I feel like we just dont have enough time in the week to to all the things we have to do. We work so hard to look back at the week and think, where could we have fit something else in? Its so good to be busy but it really makes you have a list of priorities. What is the most important. Super fun haha. I love it. Lots of work to do every day. I absolutely love it.

So this week we have really been working with a couple people. They are the nephews of Maria that got baptized. She is really doing her work to help lots of people come unto Christ. I love it. They are a couple of kis that are 9 and 11 years old. They are awesome. They really understand what they are learning. That is the coolest part for me. Like we left them with 3rd nephi 11 with them to read and on the next visit they told us just about everything that happened during the chapter. How cool is that? They are super cool. Then we have the other daughter of Maria that we are working with too. Her Name is Alejandra. She is super cool. She is 18 and living with kid thats 18 too. They arent married. So thats always super fun. But we had a super good talk with them and I think they both want to separate and then go on missions. We really think that would be the best for both of them. But we will see what the Lord tells them. Super awesome.

Then theres a lady in the ward that her son is on a mission. She is super cool becuase every time we go to her house she has somebody new there that we can teach. The last time we went she had a mom there named Veronica. She is super cool. We are basically going to baptize her. And her son too. They didnt quite make it to chruch this week. Said they slept in but we have the faith that they are going to progress.

man we are Getting down to the wire with some other investigators too. Remember the family with the kid in a wheel chair. They are super awesome. They are going to get married on the 4th of July. Awe ya. Man just so many miracles happening. Super excited.

O man then we have this less active family that we stopped by. The family Perez. We had a super cool experience with them. She had a surgery this last week and got back thursday I think it was. We went with her cousin to visit a family and the apointment failed so we went to visit sister perez. When we showed up she had just gotten there. She said that in her surgry she went in thinking alot about what chruch she should follow with. But in her surgry she felt like 3 people would come. When we showed up she said that we were her answer. I thought that was super cool. If we would have went by ourselves it wouldnt have answered her question. If she would have went it wouldnt have answered her question. We had to work with the members to make that miracle happen. I loved it. Super cool.

But ya there are so many miracles in the work of the Lord. I love it. I am so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ and for all that he has done for me. Truely he is the reason I am here. I have really come to feel that in myself these last couple weeks. Jesus is my Savior. He suffered for me. For ever single one of us. We have the chance in this life to use that gift or suffer after. I know that that power is very real. I thank you all for your prayers and support and I share this testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you guys. keep up the good work and keep your heads up. God loves us and We can see His Miracles every day if we are ready to see them.

Love always,
Elder Dial


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