June 23, 2014

So it just happens to be that there is a lot of talk about the World Cup. So much fun. Agrentina is doing pretty good. Two wins. But the part that surprises me is that the united states are doing good too. Super cool. If you get a chance watch the game for me haha.

Sweet so gotta love having two baptisms this last week. In the ward we had 3. But 2 of them were family members of Maria. Lara and Fransisco. Super cool kids. I love them. They really had that desire to be baptized and felt good about the church when they went. I loved it. They are super cool. But we got all the way to the baptism and guess what had happened. My camera battery had died. Gotta love dieing cameras. haha. It must be a Dial thing. But ya they got baptized. Just a good feeling. Knowing that people are coming to christ through you. I cant even emagine what Maria feels like knowing that she is a tool so early on in her conversion to see people come to Christ.

This this week we got a reference from a sister in the ward. She came to the baptism and felt the spirit super strong. Then she came to chruch. Felt the spirit even stronger. She is so cool. She said she could feel the change the gospel has made in her life already. So of coarse we invited her to be baptized in two weeks. Shes super prepared. God prepares so many people. The best part is that the sister in the ward that we got the referrence is a little less active. This will really help her whole family. God is great.

But ya a week of blessings. God is so great. We just got to work a little for those blessings. Something that Russell Wrote me this week that I really liked is that you cant work till your sweating. Haha. That was pretty funny but so true. I can see your all working at home just really putting all your trust in God. Mom sweating to get everything ready. Then my whole family sweating on there way to Philmont all cramed in that little car muhaha. But that will be such a good experience for you all. Im so jealous. Enjoy it. O ya and keep notes. O ya and I hope your willing to go again with me next year…. haha no just kidding.

Well I love you. keep up the Good work. Remember God is great. Sometimes you just good to look for his greatness. Look for the miracles of God This week. I know he will show them to you. I love you!

Love Always,
Elder Dial


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