June 9, 2014

We had another baptism this week. And the other elders in the ward baptized somebody too. How cool is that? We baptized an 11 year old kid. Hoping that that gets the rest of his family excited to get baptized. So far it seems to be working. We got the whole family together for the baptism and they all felt the spirit. That was pretty awesome. His name is Eros. Its the God of love or something like that haha. But the bishop had an interview with him and Eros told the bishop that the reason he got baptized is because he always wanted to be one of those people that followed God. and his dad died about 6 months ago and then we came by and he knew that was what he needed to do. That was so cool to see how he was prepared for the gospel. So many people being prepared for the Gospel. I love being a missionary.

Awe ya. Also we found some new investigators. Super awesome. Some friends of members. We really focused in finding references from members. People they could invite to their house and we could have a family home evening with them. Its working super good. We have found some pretty awesome people that are going to get baptized. I love it.

So yesterday a guy gave a talk about how his family was protected while his kids was on the mission. I thought that was super cool. I have been thinking about how I was protected while Justin was on his mission. I thought about the biggest thing that happened to me while he was gone. It was for sure my car crash. That was a miracle. I Know tha it was a mixture of things. Well not only things. It was a mixture of faith being shown. Whenever I share anything about faith I always think about my mom. In my blessing I got before the mission dad said that I will never find a love closer to Gods than my moms. Well I think about that Night. I can see my mom in prayer just praying that we are protected. I see my dad doing the same thing. I can see my two parents the whole night driving worried about me and riley. Weather we are okay. Not knowing anything about what is our condition. Just saying a prayer in their heart the whole way there. Then I see justin in the mission. Not knowing anything. Just knowing that we will be protected. Just giving all his stregth and focus in the mission. Knowing that if he does that we will be protected. I can even see down to my siblings. Whoever said the prayer that night praying for us. So much faith. So thank you so much for your prayers for me. I really can see the impact it had on me and has on me ever day. I love prayer.

So this last week we finally got the ensign from conference. Its soooo good. conference as missionary is so much better. And like dad always said it only gets better every time. I love it. The apostles are so great.

Thank you so much for your examples. Happy birthday to jutin on friday. What a blessing to get older every year haha. I love you all. Keep up the Good work. God will bless you,
Elder Dial


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