July 8, 2014


What a week. Argentina almost won the World cup. That would have been crazy. After the Game wednesday we had to go back to the apartment because it was super crazy outside. Everybody was going crazy. That was cool to see how everybody to united. Everybody was happy with their family. It goes to show that when there are a lot of people joined together in a good cause they can do a lot of good and a lot a bad. In this case we saw the good and the bad. A whole buch of drunk People shooting guns in the air. Then a whole bunch of families walking to dance in the street. Super cool. Argentina went crazy this last week. It was like superbowl wee in the chruch. People came and left right after sacrament. haha. No not really. Everybody really stayed the whole time because the game was like 3 hours after chruch. Super fun. I liked it. And we had some families invite us over to eat a ton of food yesterday. We had two big bbqs and some empanadas. That was super awesome. Just ate a ton of food. But so far I don´t feel any fatter haha. Okay I may feel a little bit fatter. But I´ll get over it. It was funny last night a member said that one of the elders here, Elder Spear, was pigging. That would be the translation. Its like becomeing a pig. Getting fatter. That was pretty funny. I laughed pretty good. 


But ya anyways this week with the work was a little hard. A ton of people partying and watching football. But we were able to see some pretty awesome Miracles. We had quite a few new people come to chruch. More less actives that we are working with. That was a blessing to see. God really blessed us there. God blesses us where we put our focus. And we´re doing pretty good. God loves us and is setting the way that we can progress. We are struggling with finding people that want to come to church and make commitments. But I know that if we keep going God will bless us with what we need. We just need to keep working at it. When we are ready God will bless us. I know that. :). So ya Gotta love trials. They are the best. haha.

But Noelia recieved the Holy Ghost yesterday. She is super cool. In the class after She said the Prayer and it was super cool. She asked that she could have the strength to push on and endure to the end. She is so Cool.


Also this week Maria that got baptized 2 months ago got a calling in the Young womens. She was super excited. Ready to complete it. I thought that was cool. God truely loves each and every one of us. We are all His children.

But ya a super good week. I was happy with it. Saw some pretty good miracles :).

Well the best of luck with Girls camp and all the other fun stuff you have planned for this week of summer. I love you all and keep up the Good work in the work of the Lord.

Love always,

Elder Dial



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