July 21, 2014

Dear Family,
What a week. We are doing a lot of work to be able to find new investigators. Some days I really like it and other days its not my favorite. So i am working on makeing it my favorite. Its really cool because the focus of the mission is to be albe to find new investigators through the less active members and the new converts. The lord has revieled that in this mission that is the way that we can help the new converts and the less actives come backa nd remain strong in the chruch. So thats super ool. The Lord knows whats best. So we are really working to help everybody do missionary work. I love it. So that has really been the best part. And we have seen some pretty cool miracles.

So this week we found a guy that told us when we were knocking on his door that he was praying to find spiritual help in his life. It was a super cool miracle. But I feel like he hasnt realized how big of a miracle it is. I dont know if he is willing to change his life. So we will see. That is the saddest part about the mission is when God preforms a miracle in the lives of people and they dont realize it. Its just like the scriptures say. Why show miracles if the people wont change anyways. But I still have faith in this little old man. he will Make it. We have only Stopped by one more time after that.

But I have thought a lot about that and the mission. That God really shows me miracles every day. And Im not sure if Act on every one of those blessings. I know that there are a few that I dont see. There are a ton dont see for sure. But I am still working to see those changes and those miracles in the lives of people. The cool thing about being a missionary is that you don{t know what they were like before you taught them. But you get to hear their testimony. God is great. I know he changes live every day through his servants. We can either choose to be that servant that changes lives or the person that his life gets changed. Either way it will change your life forever. I know it has changed my life already. I hope to keep going to help everybody that I can.

It sounds like everything went spectacular with girls camp and all the other fun stuff we did this week. I hope you can keep pushing on and recieve the blessings that God has for you. Because he has a ton. Sorry that my letter is a little short. The computer was going super slow. 🙂 I Love you so much and keep on the smile like mom said. Yesterday in church we had a class about work and said that we have two ways to go about work. Happy or sad. Iike happy personally. Awe ya. Well I love you. Stay happy. Or as they say here in argentina sea cho cho :). I love you!
Elder Dial


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