July 28, 2014


This week I have spent a lot of time in my studies reading talks from the last conference. They are so good. I really love General conference. I really had a couple things stick out to me. I read one from President Eyring. He talked about his great grandpa I think it was and his story and his conversion. How his conversion really helps him in his life to keep pushing forward. I thought that was cool. I remember one week that dad wrote me a little about My great grandpa that I really don’t have any idea about his story. But dad went on to talk about how he was his hero. How true that is. We can have a ton of heroes but like President Eyring also said in priesthood session that the real heroes that we can have are heroes in the church. People that really have taught us things That we will use forever. The good examples that we have. Like dad said that he was always pushing on doing all that he could that he really admired that. I thought that was super cool. Then in church yesterday there was a talk about family history and they said that when we do family history we receive strength. I truly believe that. I have gone to read a couple things that people have put about my only great grandpa that I knew in this life. My great grandpa Elmo. On family search there are some stories that I really enjoyed. I was good to read it and see what formed him to be him. How they kept going. I love it. And now Justin is working on his family history. Super cool. Gotta love the commandments that we have and the blessings we receive. I love the gospel.

But that was one of the many talks I studied. The other was the talk of elder Ballard. Do the follow up. That was super cool. Something that I really liked that he said is the best way you can help the missionaries is share with them from preach my gospel the things that you learn. That we are all missionaries and need to study the missionary manual. That as we really study and share what we learn with the missionaries, or in my case with the members, That we will gain more confidence and be more happy. That is something that I have really seen to be true. In your letters when you share something that you have learned I really can see a change in my week. I just feels right. I love it. But ya we just got to keep inviting. Just keep trying to see if it is their time to accept the gospel. Because everybody will have their time. Man just love the gospel.

Well this week we really some some miracles. We had 4 investigators in church. We had two friends of maxi and noelia. They really have a love for sharing the gospel. Just every day. They have a little store type thing in their house and they are always telling us about people that they shared. I love it. I love the gospel. Just watching how happy they are to share the gospel. God is great.

Then we also got to see Facundo and Alejandra which is the daughter of maria and her boyfriend. They are both 18 and living together for 8 months. Super young. haha. But ya they made it to church and said they want to be baptized for sure the 9th. They just have to separate until they get married. So excited. It really just made me think how thankful I am that God blessed me with parents who taught me the law of chastity. Because If I didn’t have it it would be so hard to change the ways of man and do what they are doing. But they are strong. They love the gospel and know they will receive lots of blessings. 🙂


Thanks for you letters. Sounds like the Dial reunion was a big one. Some of the people mom said I don’t know if i even know them. So thats always good. Getting together with the family. I love being with family. Thats the best part about being a missionary. You get to see lots of families change their ways and be happier. I know that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ that all mankind can be saved. But not only that. That all mankind can be happy in this life. I know it because I see it every day. In my life. In the life of my own family. And in the lives of many families that I get to know every day. In the talk of Elder Scott, In april of 2013 that there was a missionary that was an orphan all his life and that on his mission he saw the family of his mission president. He stayed a couple days at the end of his mission to see how to center a family on christ. I thought about that and how cool that would be to see that in the family of your mission president. Then I thought. O wait I saw that every day in my own family. Keep being that family that is centered on christ. I know it will bless us as a family forever.

I love you all and keep pushing on. God will bless you.
Elder Dial


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