August 25, 2014

What a blessing to see the leaders of the church really do the work of the Lord. Something that I truly love about the mission is learning from the different leaders. Truly one of the best bishops in the whole mission is here in Arguello. So im super blessed. Something that we did that I thought was super cool is we had a fun activity. A social activity Friday to bring all the members together. To be able to invite investigators so that they feel better to come to church on sunday. THat was super cool. It was a Talent show. Super cool. Some pretty sweet talents here in Argentina. Then on saturday they did an activity where the bishopric went to invite less actives to come. THey all left with a missionary. Then in the chruch we were able to stay there in the church with all the missionaries from the zone to invite people to enter the chruch to see what its like. I thought it was super cool. We  really saw some people come in and really feel the spirit. All the members were there. Every organization had a question from the soul. That was cool. So everybody that entered had a question and the members answered it. That was super effective. Really got everybody pumped to do missionary work. I loved it. I love missionary work.

It was super cool too because We had a choir. And I being the lucky winner was the only one that could play piano. They had a song that I couldn´t quite play before the mission. Its the EFY medly. But before the mission I tried and tried to learn in. But I never got it. But here with the help of the calling I could do it. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. The Lord truely blessed me. And now we have a zone conference me and my companion have been asked to do a musial number. So I hope that goes good. We´ll have to see. You´ll have to tune in next week to hear all about it.

So I had the huge blessing to have a special meeting with Elder Gonzalas from the 70. He came to talk to like 16 misionaries about the changes the have made in the work. It was super cool to really learn all of my duty in the work in the changes they have made. What I really need to do better. I loved it. At the end we were able to ask a question and one of the elders asked what is the best thing that he has seen in missionaries. Elder Gonzalas said The spirit and the book of mormon. That was cool. ANd Really that goes super well with the question that dad had. What helps a missionary prepare for the mission. Really I would say to recocnize the spirit. To know what it feels like. I once heard the somebody asked president Eyring how long he studied the scriptures. He said until he felt the spirit, and then a little more. That is super cool. Really know the book of mormon which invites the spirit and then you will understand it. That is what I feel will prepare you for the mission more than anything else.

So ya that is my spiritual thought for the week. Really something that we can all aply. Something else that he said is that the book of mormon is really the answer to all of our problems. That we will recieve all the help we need when we read the book of mormon. I love the Gospel. I love the book of mormon. I know it is the word of God and that it will truely help un in our trials. Study it. Live it. Love it. You will be blessed.

I love you all so much. Thank you so much for your helps. Your spiritual thoughts and all the things you learn. I love it. I love you all so much. Stay strong. God will always bless you with everything you need. Always make up the rest.

Love always,

Elder Dial


August 18, 2014

So what a great week. Really we did a ton of work with the members. Really Got to see some members do missionary work this week. That was super cool. So I got to see some miracles. Really Found some new people that are going to progress. We had some miracles happen on saturday. So saturday morning two members called us and asked us to give blessings. So in the morming we went to one. It was the cousin of a member. So we were in the visit and we talked a little about what we do. We gave the blessing that then we asked her how she felt. She said she felt like she should get baptized. How cool that was. The only thing we really need to do now is help her to keep that feeling. Help her to feel the spirit always by praying and reading. That will be good.

Then at night we went to bless a sister in the ward. We went and her friend was there. We got to explain a little about the restauration and she accepted a day to be baptized. That will be cool if she progresses too. We hav etalked to her before but she never made it to chruch. SO we will see.

Then we had  a cool activity in the chruch. So here the have a holday thats caled Kids day. So they had a party in the chruch for the kids. It was cool. We invited a ton of people and we saw quite a few new epopel there. Some less actives and some unvestigadors. Super cool. Super exciting.

So this week in the ward there is Ward conference. That will be cool. Really before I haven´t seen this side of a ward conference. The extra effort that a ward puts in to see tons of `people there. And then to have plans to help them stay active in the chruch. Its a great opportunity. Im excited. It will be cool too because they have a ton of activities. Super fun and super exciting. The work is progressing. So this week we are going to put a lot of wrok to see if we can have lots of people. I sure hope so. And i know that God will do his part if we do ours.

So I had a huge blessing to have some of my brothers and sister write me. So I don´t have a ton of time. But I really wnat to testify about something that Dad sayed. He talked about the Book of mormon and how he is reading it. Truely I know that the book of mormon is the work of God. I know that it is inspired of God. That when we are sad. When we are down that we can Pray and read the book of mormon. That we can truely communicate with God. Do the two things we need to to talk with God and recieve the Words from Him. Thanks so much for your testimonies. For your love and support.

Love always,

Elder Dial

August 11, 2014

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So this week was full of so many exciting things. So we had transfers this week. Guess who stays in Aguello for 6 weeks more?? Elder Dial. Awe ya. I love this ward. Its really the best in the whole mission. So ya I get to stay. Im going to be here 6 months. I hope that it may be longer but I doubt it haha. So ya. Pretty excited. Im with my same comp too. He really is great. It took a while to get a strong relationship but I really feel like we are growing in Unity. In everything. So we will see some miracles.

Okay so tuesday we went to the temple. Like I told mom  I live like 10 min from the temple so we went with some Recent converts and some investigators. It was super cool. We got to sit out on the lawn of the mission home and share a spiritual thought.  It was cool because every single one of the couples we took had goals to make it to the temple. They loved it. Really the focus of missionary work is to get them to the temple. Baptism doesnt do it all. If they dont have all the saveing ordaneneces they really cant do much in the cesestial kingdom. So that will be awesome. Recently we have really seen a big change in a convert that got baptized in January. He is really wanting to progress. hes awesome. Im so excited.

So one of the Couples we took to the temple was Facundo and Alejandra. Alejandra is the daughter of maria. So we took them there and they really felt super good. So we talked  with the bishop and we decided to get the baptized. So this saturday we baptized them. They really were ready. Had daubts about marraige but now they are just getting ready for their wedding. How cool is that. Its crazy because they are 18 years old. They are rileys age and getting married. Thats scary haha. But They feel good about it. God is helping them. So ya this weekend we had a baptism. It went super good.

Really it was a great week. I feel super good about it. This week will be a little more working with the ward to find news but it will be good. Im excited.

Hmm so I like a lot what mom said. We really need to stand up for our beliefs. She talked about the movie they saw. Really when we take the sacrament we promise god the we are his whittnesses. We need to be just that. Stand up for what we believe in. Something that elder Holland says is that God is not a God of do what you please. That he loves us so much that hes going to let us do what we want. He loves us enough that he has put the rules. And if we dont complete with these Rules we will be punished. Just like a loving mother punishes her kids when they dissobey. How awesome is that. God loves us enought to punish us until we learn what we need to learn. I learned that way haha. To sit reverently in Sacrament meeting when I was a deacon haha. I remember mom had a good grip on my arm as we walked out of sacrament meeting. But my arm didnt hurt. It was more the fact that my mom had to take me, a 12 year old boy, out of sacrament meeting. But I learned the importance of being reverent. haha. the things you do as a kid haha.

So I hope you all know that i love you more that words can tell. Im thankful for your prayers. Really something that I focused my studies on this week was The restoration of the Gospel. Really focusing on my testimony. I asked God to confirm what I know. Something interesting is that he confirmed it. he didnt do it in my prayer. He realy didnt do it until last night. We taught the restoration to a family and as the member was reading the first vision the spirit confirmed it in my heart that it was true. I know that the Church of Crist was restored through The prophet Joseph Smith. I know that today this is His Chruch and that we need to follow the teachings of these prophets that guide us today. I know that God answers our prayers. You only need to ask. I wanted to share my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thanks for everything!!!

Elder Dial

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August 4, 2014

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So you’ll never guess what finally made it to me this week. I got The package from grandma Farnsworth. What a blessing. They are all still wrapped in their individual baggies so they dont melt together haha. I loved it. So I am blessed to have a grandma that takes the time to make chocolates and then put them in baggies. Thats the biggest blessing. I love it. I am the luckiest missionary in the world.

So this week we got to do some fun stuff. We had the baptismal interview of facundo and Alijandra. But they didn’t quite make it to church. Okay well here is the story. They made it just 40 min late and were embarrassed so they didn’t go. That made me think about mom when sacrament meeting changed to the first hour. She didnt want it because she knew we would be late. But i have really thought about that. Its so much better to actually go to church and see the blessing. Feel the spirit then to not go. God is great. Soya that was the funny story of the week. I love it.

So this week we really had a lot of meetings with the ward. We met with the relief society and the elders quorum presidents. That was cool. Really what we needed to be able to help the ward. Right now in the mission the focus is to baptize to reactivate and to keep the converts active. We are working hard inthat and to be able to achive this goal that we have we have to work with the ward. At the same pace. Something that I really liked is that this week we didnt see any success when we were alone. But when we were with members we saw miracles. We really can’t to anything without the members. Thats why missionary work works in utah. The missionaries cant walk 5 steps without a member honking at them asking if they want a ride. They do everything with members and the baptisms are really converted to the gospel. Not to the missionaries. So we are working on that. And plus Im lucky to be in the best ward in the mission. Really the members here are the best. They really have a desire to help up. I love it

Something that I have seen in my mission is that God blesses us in what we have faith. If we have faith in something god he will bless us. Like Me for example. I have lot of faith that through the members and only through the members will we find new people to teach. I don’t have a lot of faith in finding people to teach through knocking doors. And just about every person I have had the really had a desire to follow the Gospel have been through the members. Hardly any of the people I have found have progressed. For sure I need to strengthen my faith that God will bless me with people through my own efforts. But Im getting there haha. I know God will bless me through my experiences. 

Thanks a ton for your prayers. I didnt buy a leather jacket. It was from a member that he let us use. But it looked good no? haha. Love you all. Keep pushing on. I love you.

Love always,

Elder Dial

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