August 11, 2014

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So this week was full of so many exciting things. So we had transfers this week. Guess who stays in Aguello for 6 weeks more?? Elder Dial. Awe ya. I love this ward. Its really the best in the whole mission. So ya I get to stay. Im going to be here 6 months. I hope that it may be longer but I doubt it haha. So ya. Pretty excited. Im with my same comp too. He really is great. It took a while to get a strong relationship but I really feel like we are growing in Unity. In everything. So we will see some miracles.

Okay so tuesday we went to the temple. Like I told mom  I live like 10 min from the temple so we went with some Recent converts and some investigators. It was super cool. We got to sit out on the lawn of the mission home and share a spiritual thought.  It was cool because every single one of the couples we took had goals to make it to the temple. They loved it. Really the focus of missionary work is to get them to the temple. Baptism doesnt do it all. If they dont have all the saveing ordaneneces they really cant do much in the cesestial kingdom. So that will be awesome. Recently we have really seen a big change in a convert that got baptized in January. He is really wanting to progress. hes awesome. Im so excited.

So one of the Couples we took to the temple was Facundo and Alejandra. Alejandra is the daughter of maria. So we took them there and they really felt super good. So we talked  with the bishop and we decided to get the baptized. So this saturday we baptized them. They really were ready. Had daubts about marraige but now they are just getting ready for their wedding. How cool is that. Its crazy because they are 18 years old. They are rileys age and getting married. Thats scary haha. But They feel good about it. God is helping them. So ya this weekend we had a baptism. It went super good.

Really it was a great week. I feel super good about it. This week will be a little more working with the ward to find news but it will be good. Im excited.

Hmm so I like a lot what mom said. We really need to stand up for our beliefs. She talked about the movie they saw. Really when we take the sacrament we promise god the we are his whittnesses. We need to be just that. Stand up for what we believe in. Something that elder Holland says is that God is not a God of do what you please. That he loves us so much that hes going to let us do what we want. He loves us enough that he has put the rules. And if we dont complete with these Rules we will be punished. Just like a loving mother punishes her kids when they dissobey. How awesome is that. God loves us enought to punish us until we learn what we need to learn. I learned that way haha. To sit reverently in Sacrament meeting when I was a deacon haha. I remember mom had a good grip on my arm as we walked out of sacrament meeting. But my arm didnt hurt. It was more the fact that my mom had to take me, a 12 year old boy, out of sacrament meeting. But I learned the importance of being reverent. haha. the things you do as a kid haha.

So I hope you all know that i love you more that words can tell. Im thankful for your prayers. Really something that I focused my studies on this week was The restoration of the Gospel. Really focusing on my testimony. I asked God to confirm what I know. Something interesting is that he confirmed it. he didnt do it in my prayer. He realy didnt do it until last night. We taught the restoration to a family and as the member was reading the first vision the spirit confirmed it in my heart that it was true. I know that the Church of Crist was restored through The prophet Joseph Smith. I know that today this is His Chruch and that we need to follow the teachings of these prophets that guide us today. I know that God answers our prayers. You only need to ask. I wanted to share my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thanks for everything!!!

Elder Dial

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