August 4, 2014

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So you’ll never guess what finally made it to me this week. I got The package from grandma Farnsworth. What a blessing. They are all still wrapped in their individual baggies so they dont melt together haha. I loved it. So I am blessed to have a grandma that takes the time to make chocolates and then put them in baggies. Thats the biggest blessing. I love it. I am the luckiest missionary in the world.

So this week we got to do some fun stuff. We had the baptismal interview of facundo and Alijandra. But they didn’t quite make it to church. Okay well here is the story. They made it just 40 min late and were embarrassed so they didn’t go. That made me think about mom when sacrament meeting changed to the first hour. She didnt want it because she knew we would be late. But i have really thought about that. Its so much better to actually go to church and see the blessing. Feel the spirit then to not go. God is great. Soya that was the funny story of the week. I love it.

So this week we really had a lot of meetings with the ward. We met with the relief society and the elders quorum presidents. That was cool. Really what we needed to be able to help the ward. Right now in the mission the focus is to baptize to reactivate and to keep the converts active. We are working hard inthat and to be able to achive this goal that we have we have to work with the ward. At the same pace. Something that I really liked is that this week we didnt see any success when we were alone. But when we were with members we saw miracles. We really can’t to anything without the members. Thats why missionary work works in utah. The missionaries cant walk 5 steps without a member honking at them asking if they want a ride. They do everything with members and the baptisms are really converted to the gospel. Not to the missionaries. So we are working on that. And plus Im lucky to be in the best ward in the mission. Really the members here are the best. They really have a desire to help up. I love it

Something that I have seen in my mission is that God blesses us in what we have faith. If we have faith in something god he will bless us. Like Me for example. I have lot of faith that through the members and only through the members will we find new people to teach. I don’t have a lot of faith in finding people to teach through knocking doors. And just about every person I have had the really had a desire to follow the Gospel have been through the members. Hardly any of the people I have found have progressed. For sure I need to strengthen my faith that God will bless me with people through my own efforts. But Im getting there haha. I know God will bless me through my experiences. 

Thanks a ton for your prayers. I didnt buy a leather jacket. It was from a member that he let us use. But it looked good no? haha. Love you all. Keep pushing on. I love you.

Love always,

Elder Dial

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