August 18, 2014

So what a great week. Really we did a ton of work with the members. Really Got to see some members do missionary work this week. That was super cool. So I got to see some miracles. Really Found some new people that are going to progress. We had some miracles happen on saturday. So saturday morning two members called us and asked us to give blessings. So in the morming we went to one. It was the cousin of a member. So we were in the visit and we talked a little about what we do. We gave the blessing that then we asked her how she felt. She said she felt like she should get baptized. How cool that was. The only thing we really need to do now is help her to keep that feeling. Help her to feel the spirit always by praying and reading. That will be good.

Then at night we went to bless a sister in the ward. We went and her friend was there. We got to explain a little about the restauration and she accepted a day to be baptized. That will be cool if she progresses too. We hav etalked to her before but she never made it to chruch. SO we will see.

Then we had  a cool activity in the chruch. So here the have a holday thats caled Kids day. So they had a party in the chruch for the kids. It was cool. We invited a ton of people and we saw quite a few new epopel there. Some less actives and some unvestigadors. Super cool. Super exciting.

So this week in the ward there is Ward conference. That will be cool. Really before I haven´t seen this side of a ward conference. The extra effort that a ward puts in to see tons of `people there. And then to have plans to help them stay active in the chruch. Its a great opportunity. Im excited. It will be cool too because they have a ton of activities. Super fun and super exciting. The work is progressing. So this week we are going to put a lot of wrok to see if we can have lots of people. I sure hope so. And i know that God will do his part if we do ours.

So I had a huge blessing to have some of my brothers and sister write me. So I don´t have a ton of time. But I really wnat to testify about something that Dad sayed. He talked about the Book of mormon and how he is reading it. Truely I know that the book of mormon is the work of God. I know that it is inspired of God. That when we are sad. When we are down that we can Pray and read the book of mormon. That we can truely communicate with God. Do the two things we need to to talk with God and recieve the Words from Him. Thanks so much for your testimonies. For your love and support.

Love always,

Elder Dial


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