August 25, 2014

What a blessing to see the leaders of the church really do the work of the Lord. Something that I truly love about the mission is learning from the different leaders. Truly one of the best bishops in the whole mission is here in Arguello. So im super blessed. Something that we did that I thought was super cool is we had a fun activity. A social activity Friday to bring all the members together. To be able to invite investigators so that they feel better to come to church on sunday. THat was super cool. It was a Talent show. Super cool. Some pretty sweet talents here in Argentina. Then on saturday they did an activity where the bishopric went to invite less actives to come. THey all left with a missionary. Then in the chruch we were able to stay there in the church with all the missionaries from the zone to invite people to enter the chruch to see what its like. I thought it was super cool. We  really saw some people come in and really feel the spirit. All the members were there. Every organization had a question from the soul. That was cool. So everybody that entered had a question and the members answered it. That was super effective. Really got everybody pumped to do missionary work. I loved it. I love missionary work.

It was super cool too because We had a choir. And I being the lucky winner was the only one that could play piano. They had a song that I couldn´t quite play before the mission. Its the EFY medly. But before the mission I tried and tried to learn in. But I never got it. But here with the help of the calling I could do it. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. The Lord truely blessed me. And now we have a zone conference me and my companion have been asked to do a musial number. So I hope that goes good. We´ll have to see. You´ll have to tune in next week to hear all about it.

So I had the huge blessing to have a special meeting with Elder Gonzalas from the 70. He came to talk to like 16 misionaries about the changes the have made in the work. It was super cool to really learn all of my duty in the work in the changes they have made. What I really need to do better. I loved it. At the end we were able to ask a question and one of the elders asked what is the best thing that he has seen in missionaries. Elder Gonzalas said The spirit and the book of mormon. That was cool. ANd Really that goes super well with the question that dad had. What helps a missionary prepare for the mission. Really I would say to recocnize the spirit. To know what it feels like. I once heard the somebody asked president Eyring how long he studied the scriptures. He said until he felt the spirit, and then a little more. That is super cool. Really know the book of mormon which invites the spirit and then you will understand it. That is what I feel will prepare you for the mission more than anything else.

So ya that is my spiritual thought for the week. Really something that we can all aply. Something else that he said is that the book of mormon is really the answer to all of our problems. That we will recieve all the help we need when we read the book of mormon. I love the Gospel. I love the book of mormon. I know it is the word of God and that it will truely help un in our trials. Study it. Live it. Love it. You will be blessed.

I love you all so much. Thank you so much for your helps. Your spiritual thoughts and all the things you learn. I love it. I love you all so much. Stay strong. God will always bless you with everything you need. Always make up the rest.

Love always,

Elder Dial


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