September 8, 2014

So the life of a missionary is really interesting. I was thinking about it a lot this week. Really you wake up at 6:30 every day and do the same thing. Its pretty fun. We did something different this week though. We did missionary for a day. We had 4 future missionaries come to the apartment on friday night and we worked with tthem all day saturday. Really to invite everybody to go to chruch. It was cool because I got to go with my favorite Youth. His name is Luciano. He realy is a super cool kid. He had just got back from the mini mision and had a lot of questions. Really helped me realize how short my time is that I have left. The things I need to change to do better. It was interesting because he talked a lot about his experiences in the mini mission and the things he remembers most. He talked about a couple spiritual experiences he had. Really that is what you remember most. It all of life. In all we do. Its pretty interesting. I can remember just about every time i felt the spirit super strong. Every time I added a little bit more Gold to my testimony. BUt really every time I went to buy ice cream or went on a date. I dont remember much. Really what is the most important in life is really feel the spirit and help others. But ya whats my thought for the week :).

So this week we have worked a lot with finding some new people. Really working on getting references. They changed some things in the mission again. Really we are focusing on haveing Ideal situation. Which is basically when the members invite the investigators to listen to the message and are there to help testify. What a blessing is that? REally that is where I have seen success here in the mission. As a missionary you cant do anything without members. super cool.

But ya really there is a statistic that somebody before they listen to the missionaries they have to have like 7 times when they come in contact with the chruch. That really when somebody talks about the chruch they aren´t going to listen. Super interesting. But its our job to help everybody come unto Christ. I love it. I love being a disicle of Christ. Really we are all called to the work. We all need to do the work.

So this week I did my first baptism interviews. Super cool no? I loved it. It was super cool to see how the Lord really helped me to know if they were truely ready for baptism. I did an old lady. She was super nice. Super cool. Really had the faith that God was going to help her in everything. That her life was going to be better. I loved that. She also had halve of her body paralized. Thats always fun. It wasn´t the first time here that I have seen that. This week we also worked with a lady that has the same. It made me think a lot in Cambrey. How really when we have trials it strengthes us. That we really a better and overcome these trials. I love it. I love watching people change and become better. Be better servants of God. I love love love being a missionary. And the best part is is that we are all missionaries. Awe ya. We can all have the same Joy that Christ had as he shared His gospel knowing that he is what every one of us needs to return to live with Our loving heavnly Father. What joy. I love it.

Well I love you all so very much I how you know that. I am so very thankful for your prayers. I feel them. I really do. I hope you know that I always want the best for you and that I pray for you all every day. Stay strong. Be that good old Dial family that I know.

Love always,
Elder DIal


September 15, 2014

Sweets so I have been thinking a lot about this word. Animo. I don´t know that is has a direct translation. But president gave a talk about it. It would translate as excitment. That could be a good word. He Talked a lot about how we need to be excited during everything in the work of the Lord. really excitement and faith go hand in hand. If we aren´t excited nothing is going to happen. We need to be excited to work in the Lords Kingdom. I picture it a lot like what you learn in high school when they say you need to find a job that you like. One that you enjoy. If you dont enjoy it life is going to pass by very slow. It is the same in the work of the lord. If you arent excited you arent really going to want to do it. So ya. I am really thinking about that. Just like phone calls. before the mssion I hated it. I didn´t like it at all. And now that Im talking in spanish It doesnt really bother me. What a blessing. But realy when you come to know why you are doing it God helps you. I truely know that phone calls are necisary to do the work of the lord. And I truly love my Savior. I want to help Him in His work. And the Lord has blessed me to overcome that fear that I have. I love it. I love being a missionary. I truly am so excited to wake up every morning and know tath I have one more day as a missionary. Because I am coming to realize that My time is growing shorter and shorter. Every second of every day it is shorter and shorter. How weird is that? But Ya I love being a missioanry. I love love love it.

So this week was super fun. I got to go for a day with a missionary that is working in the office. It made me think a lot about Justin and his time in the office. It would be a hard life. Hard to have the animo. But this missionary was super cool. Just excited to do the work. I loved it. A big example to me. I learned a lot from him. He really made my day.

So guess what else happened this week. The son of the bishop recieved his mission call. He is going to Nicaragua Managua Norte. Almost Justins mission. But ya I need tips that I can tell him. Whats something that He should know before he goes? Super fun. A super big blessing. I love watching missionaries get ready fro the mission. Remindes me a lot of what I did and how they are going to be such better missionaries than I was. Gotta love it.

So this week Im a little worried that Im going to get transfered. I dont wanna go. I love it here. So I hope I can stay. I cant believe it but i´ve been here 6 months. How time flies. For reals if the mission has taught me anything I need to enjoy every second of life. It goes so fast. But Ya pray that I can stay a little bit more pretty please haha. No we will see what the lord wants for me.

So something interesting that Im remembering right now taht our mission president said that was super cool is the reason we write in a journal. Its because when we do it we remember our spiritual experiences that happened during the day. That as we go through the motions of every day we usually dont realize when God is using us. But when we write in our journal we remember those times. We really learn and we want to do it more. How cool is that. THe so many blessings we get when we write in our journals. I need to do that a little bit better. Well a lot better haha. But ya the spiritual thought of the week.

So tonight I am going to give some more baptismal interviews. There is a familly that are friends of Maxi And Noelia that got baptized like 2 months ago. The saw the example of Maxi and Noelia and now want to be baptized. It will be sweet. But then next week they will get baptized after they get married. Awe ya. They are super super cool. I love them. So excited that they can recieve the blessing of baptism. Gotta love it 😀

Well i love you all so much and I wish you the best of a week. Know that you are in my prayers and that I love you so very much. So keep up the good work. Sorry I hope next week taht I can send some pictures. Sound Good? Love you 😀

Love always,
Elder Dial

September 22, 2014

So I have had a huge blessing to be able to serve in arguello but for right now the Lord had different plans. I have been sent to a branch. I am in antartdia. I thinks thats how you spell it. Its in the providence of La Rioja. What a blessing. Its pretty cool. They talk a little bit different but you understand the the same. Just like the people out west talk different than the new jearsy accent haha. I love it. But ya my new comp is elder Woodruff. He is pretty awesome. Im excited. Hes from california. It will be fun. The branch is struggling a little bit and they need some help. They haven´t baptized in a while and the ones they have baptized have gone less active. So we are going to do three things. we are going to reactivate, we are going to strengthen the memebers and we are going to baptize. It will be sweet. That is the revelation that president has recieved for the mission and we are going to complete the vision.

So something interesting about la Rioja. Its super hot. Its not as humid as cordoba. But its hot. They say in december it will get to 120 degrees. Im pretty excited for that…… not. But it will be good. really it hasn´t gotten that Cold here. I have felt pretty good. But ya they have talked a lot about how its going to get hot. Awe ya. haha

Thats really the only thing that I know about La rioja. Tune in next week to learn a little more haha. But ya im super excited. It will be good. The Lord will bless us. So sounds like spud day went pretty good. I think I went once. I dont´really remember. But it could be. I´ll have to go next year for sure. But it sounds like you could enjoy it. The missionaries for sure enjoyed it. Its free food haha. It will be good here because I don´t think im going to eat as much and im going to sweat a lot more to loose a little bit of weight. I got a little fat. haha.

But ya this week was super good. It is super cool to see the changes you can make in peoples lives. Something that I really noted this week is how much you come to love the people. Like Maxi and Noelia. I really came to love item. They are super cool. I may have made a promise that im not sure i´ll be able to keep but I said I would do my best to amke it back to their sealing. That would be in July of next year. We´ll see how hard I want to work when I get back haha. But ya you really grow to love the people. Its super cool to watch the Lord make changes in the lives of so many people. And to know that after the mission there is so much tecnology that I will be able to comunicate with them every day. That I will be their friend and support all of my life. And to think taht Now I can do that every day. that I still have a lot of time to continually do taht. every day. help the poepl that stand in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which just so happens to be everybody. I love this gospel. I love the blessings we recieve every day. Keep up the good work and God will bless you evermore.

I love you all always and forever. Keep up the smiles and the study and aplication of the Gospel in your lives. The blessings will come. Love always,
Elder Dial

September 1, 2014

What a blessing of a week. For real we saw some pretty cool miracles. We worked like crazy and we saw some super cool things happen. It could be that we didn´t see a ton of fruits but we did work hard and I enjoyed it. We had our zone conference. I ended up playing the piano, and we got together with some of the elders in the zone to sing ye elders of Israel. It turned out super good. I enjoyed it. God is truly blessing me. Because They also asked me to play a different song. And I played it for the opening song. Really before the mission I couldn´t quite do that. So God Is great.

So the zone conference was amazing. We learned a lot about refereces. When we need to do with the references we recieve and how we can recieve more. Pretty sweet. God is really changing the whole mission. Everything we are doing is changing for the better. Im likeing it. Really I think that God has wanted to do it for a while but the real enfasis hasn´t been placed on it. So we are getting it into our heads now. What pacience that God must have to be able to work with imperfect being like us. haha. But ya it´ll be good to the the change in how we do it all.

Wow so what else happened this week. Nothing to crazy. O We have a new elder in my district. He is from Brazil. The missionaries from Brazil always get here three weeks late. So he is just starting the mission. He speaks a ton of portugeese. Its super hard to understand but I like it. I enjoy it haha. Its almost funny. haha. But ya we are patiente with him. We all remember what its like the learn the language. In fact we remember it a little too much haha. Its one of the great blessing we get as missionaries.

Well the mission is still the best. Really just resting from all of the trials that life gives you and using all of your strength to take upon you the trials of others. I thought about that a lot this week. Truly as a missionary you are called to be like Christ. And Christ really did just that. Took upon himself the trials of others and helped them. Well truly we don’t take them upon ourselves. Or we shouldn’t, because every night we should give them to Christ. And not only do we help lift the trials of others. But we teach them how to get rid of them themselves.  Sometimes as a missionary you take it upon yourself to cure the people. But we can´t do that. We only teach people to Go to the Doctor, Or the savior. We give them the Dicecion and phone number (the scripures and prayer) Then we invite them to make it there. But a lot of people are shy or don´t think that the doctor can help. They are stubborn. Then is where we help them take on the trial. We walk with them to the doctor. We drive them there. (we read the scriptures with them. We pray with them) Really by doing these things they make it there. They feel the difference and the next time they still might be shy. So we help`them. And if they are still shy we do it again. We do it again and again. And the best way to help themselves is to help somebody else do it. How interesting is that. Really we learn more as we help others. We learn more as we teach the gospel than when we study it. Because when we teach by the spirit we are edified. Super cool. Super big blessing. I love it.

Well I hope you all know that i love you. That im super thankful for your letters and that I cant wait to hear from you next week on 🙂

Love always,

Elder Dial