September 1, 2014

What a blessing of a week. For real we saw some pretty cool miracles. We worked like crazy and we saw some super cool things happen. It could be that we didn´t see a ton of fruits but we did work hard and I enjoyed it. We had our zone conference. I ended up playing the piano, and we got together with some of the elders in the zone to sing ye elders of Israel. It turned out super good. I enjoyed it. God is truly blessing me. Because They also asked me to play a different song. And I played it for the opening song. Really before the mission I couldn´t quite do that. So God Is great.

So the zone conference was amazing. We learned a lot about refereces. When we need to do with the references we recieve and how we can recieve more. Pretty sweet. God is really changing the whole mission. Everything we are doing is changing for the better. Im likeing it. Really I think that God has wanted to do it for a while but the real enfasis hasn´t been placed on it. So we are getting it into our heads now. What pacience that God must have to be able to work with imperfect being like us. haha. But ya it´ll be good to the the change in how we do it all.

Wow so what else happened this week. Nothing to crazy. O We have a new elder in my district. He is from Brazil. The missionaries from Brazil always get here three weeks late. So he is just starting the mission. He speaks a ton of portugeese. Its super hard to understand but I like it. I enjoy it haha. Its almost funny. haha. But ya we are patiente with him. We all remember what its like the learn the language. In fact we remember it a little too much haha. Its one of the great blessing we get as missionaries.

Well the mission is still the best. Really just resting from all of the trials that life gives you and using all of your strength to take upon you the trials of others. I thought about that a lot this week. Truly as a missionary you are called to be like Christ. And Christ really did just that. Took upon himself the trials of others and helped them. Well truly we don’t take them upon ourselves. Or we shouldn’t, because every night we should give them to Christ. And not only do we help lift the trials of others. But we teach them how to get rid of them themselves.  Sometimes as a missionary you take it upon yourself to cure the people. But we can´t do that. We only teach people to Go to the Doctor, Or the savior. We give them the Dicecion and phone number (the scripures and prayer) Then we invite them to make it there. But a lot of people are shy or don´t think that the doctor can help. They are stubborn. Then is where we help them take on the trial. We walk with them to the doctor. We drive them there. (we read the scriptures with them. We pray with them) Really by doing these things they make it there. They feel the difference and the next time they still might be shy. So we help`them. And if they are still shy we do it again. We do it again and again. And the best way to help themselves is to help somebody else do it. How interesting is that. Really we learn more as we help others. We learn more as we teach the gospel than when we study it. Because when we teach by the spirit we are edified. Super cool. Super big blessing. I love it.

Well I hope you all know that i love you. That im super thankful for your letters and that I cant wait to hear from you next week on 🙂

Love always,

Elder Dial



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