September 15, 2014

Sweets so I have been thinking a lot about this word. Animo. I don´t know that is has a direct translation. But president gave a talk about it. It would translate as excitment. That could be a good word. He Talked a lot about how we need to be excited during everything in the work of the Lord. really excitement and faith go hand in hand. If we aren´t excited nothing is going to happen. We need to be excited to work in the Lords Kingdom. I picture it a lot like what you learn in high school when they say you need to find a job that you like. One that you enjoy. If you dont enjoy it life is going to pass by very slow. It is the same in the work of the lord. If you arent excited you arent really going to want to do it. So ya. I am really thinking about that. Just like phone calls. before the mssion I hated it. I didn´t like it at all. And now that Im talking in spanish It doesnt really bother me. What a blessing. But realy when you come to know why you are doing it God helps you. I truely know that phone calls are necisary to do the work of the lord. And I truly love my Savior. I want to help Him in His work. And the Lord has blessed me to overcome that fear that I have. I love it. I love being a missionary. I truly am so excited to wake up every morning and know tath I have one more day as a missionary. Because I am coming to realize that My time is growing shorter and shorter. Every second of every day it is shorter and shorter. How weird is that? But Ya I love being a missioanry. I love love love it.

So this week was super fun. I got to go for a day with a missionary that is working in the office. It made me think a lot about Justin and his time in the office. It would be a hard life. Hard to have the animo. But this missionary was super cool. Just excited to do the work. I loved it. A big example to me. I learned a lot from him. He really made my day.

So guess what else happened this week. The son of the bishop recieved his mission call. He is going to Nicaragua Managua Norte. Almost Justins mission. But ya I need tips that I can tell him. Whats something that He should know before he goes? Super fun. A super big blessing. I love watching missionaries get ready fro the mission. Remindes me a lot of what I did and how they are going to be such better missionaries than I was. Gotta love it.

So this week Im a little worried that Im going to get transfered. I dont wanna go. I love it here. So I hope I can stay. I cant believe it but i´ve been here 6 months. How time flies. For reals if the mission has taught me anything I need to enjoy every second of life. It goes so fast. But Ya pray that I can stay a little bit more pretty please haha. No we will see what the lord wants for me.

So something interesting that Im remembering right now taht our mission president said that was super cool is the reason we write in a journal. Its because when we do it we remember our spiritual experiences that happened during the day. That as we go through the motions of every day we usually dont realize when God is using us. But when we write in our journal we remember those times. We really learn and we want to do it more. How cool is that. THe so many blessings we get when we write in our journals. I need to do that a little bit better. Well a lot better haha. But ya the spiritual thought of the week.

So tonight I am going to give some more baptismal interviews. There is a familly that are friends of Maxi And Noelia that got baptized like 2 months ago. The saw the example of Maxi and Noelia and now want to be baptized. It will be sweet. But then next week they will get baptized after they get married. Awe ya. They are super super cool. I love them. So excited that they can recieve the blessing of baptism. Gotta love it 😀

Well i love you all so much and I wish you the best of a week. Know that you are in my prayers and that I love you so very much. So keep up the good work. Sorry I hope next week taht I can send some pictures. Sound Good? Love you 😀

Love always,
Elder Dial


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