September 22, 2014

So I have had a huge blessing to be able to serve in arguello but for right now the Lord had different plans. I have been sent to a branch. I am in antartdia. I thinks thats how you spell it. Its in the providence of La Rioja. What a blessing. Its pretty cool. They talk a little bit different but you understand the the same. Just like the people out west talk different than the new jearsy accent haha. I love it. But ya my new comp is elder Woodruff. He is pretty awesome. Im excited. Hes from california. It will be fun. The branch is struggling a little bit and they need some help. They haven´t baptized in a while and the ones they have baptized have gone less active. So we are going to do three things. we are going to reactivate, we are going to strengthen the memebers and we are going to baptize. It will be sweet. That is the revelation that president has recieved for the mission and we are going to complete the vision.

So something interesting about la Rioja. Its super hot. Its not as humid as cordoba. But its hot. They say in december it will get to 120 degrees. Im pretty excited for that…… not. But it will be good. really it hasn´t gotten that Cold here. I have felt pretty good. But ya they have talked a lot about how its going to get hot. Awe ya. haha

Thats really the only thing that I know about La rioja. Tune in next week to learn a little more haha. But ya im super excited. It will be good. The Lord will bless us. So sounds like spud day went pretty good. I think I went once. I dont´really remember. But it could be. I´ll have to go next year for sure. But it sounds like you could enjoy it. The missionaries for sure enjoyed it. Its free food haha. It will be good here because I don´t think im going to eat as much and im going to sweat a lot more to loose a little bit of weight. I got a little fat. haha.

But ya this week was super good. It is super cool to see the changes you can make in peoples lives. Something that I really noted this week is how much you come to love the people. Like Maxi and Noelia. I really came to love item. They are super cool. I may have made a promise that im not sure i´ll be able to keep but I said I would do my best to amke it back to their sealing. That would be in July of next year. We´ll see how hard I want to work when I get back haha. But ya you really grow to love the people. Its super cool to watch the Lord make changes in the lives of so many people. And to know that after the mission there is so much tecnology that I will be able to comunicate with them every day. That I will be their friend and support all of my life. And to think taht Now I can do that every day. that I still have a lot of time to continually do taht. every day. help the poepl that stand in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which just so happens to be everybody. I love this gospel. I love the blessings we recieve every day. Keep up the good work and God will bless you evermore.

I love you all always and forever. Keep up the smiles and the study and aplication of the Gospel in your lives. The blessings will come. Love always,
Elder Dial


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