September 8, 2014

So the life of a missionary is really interesting. I was thinking about it a lot this week. Really you wake up at 6:30 every day and do the same thing. Its pretty fun. We did something different this week though. We did missionary for a day. We had 4 future missionaries come to the apartment on friday night and we worked with tthem all day saturday. Really to invite everybody to go to chruch. It was cool because I got to go with my favorite Youth. His name is Luciano. He realy is a super cool kid. He had just got back from the mini mision and had a lot of questions. Really helped me realize how short my time is that I have left. The things I need to change to do better. It was interesting because he talked a lot about his experiences in the mini mission and the things he remembers most. He talked about a couple spiritual experiences he had. Really that is what you remember most. It all of life. In all we do. Its pretty interesting. I can remember just about every time i felt the spirit super strong. Every time I added a little bit more Gold to my testimony. BUt really every time I went to buy ice cream or went on a date. I dont remember much. Really what is the most important in life is really feel the spirit and help others. But ya whats my thought for the week :).

So this week we have worked a lot with finding some new people. Really working on getting references. They changed some things in the mission again. Really we are focusing on haveing Ideal situation. Which is basically when the members invite the investigators to listen to the message and are there to help testify. What a blessing is that? REally that is where I have seen success here in the mission. As a missionary you cant do anything without members. super cool.

But ya really there is a statistic that somebody before they listen to the missionaries they have to have like 7 times when they come in contact with the chruch. That really when somebody talks about the chruch they aren´t going to listen. Super interesting. But its our job to help everybody come unto Christ. I love it. I love being a disicle of Christ. Really we are all called to the work. We all need to do the work.

So this week I did my first baptism interviews. Super cool no? I loved it. It was super cool to see how the Lord really helped me to know if they were truely ready for baptism. I did an old lady. She was super nice. Super cool. Really had the faith that God was going to help her in everything. That her life was going to be better. I loved that. She also had halve of her body paralized. Thats always fun. It wasn´t the first time here that I have seen that. This week we also worked with a lady that has the same. It made me think a lot in Cambrey. How really when we have trials it strengthes us. That we really a better and overcome these trials. I love it. I love watching people change and become better. Be better servants of God. I love love love being a missionary. And the best part is is that we are all missionaries. Awe ya. We can all have the same Joy that Christ had as he shared His gospel knowing that he is what every one of us needs to return to live with Our loving heavnly Father. What joy. I love it.

Well I love you all so very much I how you know that. I am so very thankful for your prayers. I feel them. I really do. I hope you know that I always want the best for you and that I pray for you all every day. Stay strong. Be that good old Dial family that I know.

Love always,
Elder DIal


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