October 27, 2014

So this week I have been thinking a lot about the celestial kingdom. They say that the glory of the celestial kingdom is compared to the sun. Well this week I have dweled on that a lot. I feel like if the Celestial kingdom is going to be like the sun I don´t want to go there. Its too hot haha. No just kidding. But it is super hot here. They say it gets up to 120 in summer. But this week it got up to 114. So that was pretty hot. haha. Its a super big blessing. and this is spring. So it would be like april in the states. Its a little hot. But im enjoying it.

But ya it really was a week in the celestial kingdom. I got to spend some time with an amazing elder. An assistant. Really its so cool to see how the Lord really helps people to come and help you. To serve in leadership. I was super worried about what was going to happen. Really the day that we had was a pretty bad day. All of our appointments fell. But it was cool to see how he just kept working. At the end of the day we were able to talk about what had happened. It was cool to see how a humble servant of the Lord really just built me up. It was an amazing experience. The Lord knows what we need. He really helped me to push on. To know what I am doing is a good work. That the lord really is there to help me complete with what we must do it the work of the Lord.
I really had to work on being humble. I was afraid that he was going to tell me all the thinks I was doing wrong but he didn´t even say anything I did wrong. Something that I learned from one of my old comps is that we really need to use these opportunities to learn and grow. So i went into the exchange with a few questions in mind. And he really helped me. I thought about that a lot. and how it aplies to life. Really we as people need the quidance of our leaders. Most of the time we are too prideful to ask for it. But really its just like talking with God. He helps us to know what we must do with what we have. I love it.

This week I also was able to do a baptismal interview. Thats always the best. You just learn so much about the sacrafices peopel have done to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love it. Its the best I could ever think of. Just let the Spirit take over and really help you to know what you should say to these people to be able to help them. Every one of them.

So ya those were two pretty sweet experiences I had this week. I had some pretty cool studies. There is a talk from Presiedent Eyring thats called Mountains to climb. He talks about why when we pass trials that time seems to slow down. Its because we need to really learn something in those trials. I thought a lot about that. When its super hot outside its a super big trial for us. We just about die. haha. Time really slowes down. But really it depends on what we do with that time and how the lord blesses us in the last part of our day when its not as hot. So very interesting. Obedience is something that we need to do to recieve the blessing of God.

Then yesterday we had a pretty cool lesson from the stake patriarc. He talked about our duty as a preistood holders. I liked that a lot. He talked about how really as preiestood holders our duty is Gods purpose. TO bring to pass the inmortality and eternal life of man. But as a missionary that is my purpose too. To really complete God purpose. To be his hands. So really me as a mission i am called to do that two times. So my duty is far greater. But its the same call just two times. With the athority and the calling. Really there are so many reasons that we are called but we are not chosen as it explains in D & C 121. Why are we not chosen I thought about that a lot. What is the difference in called and choosen. I thought of the best example is well we are all called to do the work of God. But chosen of god is more like somebody that God knows he can rely on. Like mom. If she wants the house cleaned everybody knows it needs to be cleaned. But she is going to choose me to clean it because I am the most likely to actually clean it haha. No but its like that. We are all called to go Recue the lost sheep but is God choosing us? Like God chooses President Monson who always followed the spirit. That made me think a lot. I loved the lesson in church. It was such a blessing. Made me think a lot about what am I doing to be choosen of God.

So I ask you. Are you being chosen of God?

But ya basically with everybody we were teaching they are having a hard time completeing with their commitments so we are going to go look for new poeple that want to progress in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It will be good. The lord will bless us. But anyways I love you all. I hope you have an amazing week. I hope you remember always that I love you and that I hope you have a fantastic week.

Love always and forever,
Elder Dial


October 20, 2014

So its very interesting that we have had some camps about war and some cool stuff like that. This week I have read the war chapters in Alma. I have learned a ton. A lot about how I can be better. Somethat that I really liked is that the Nephites had helmets and that they had all the armor of god to protect them but the lamanites still had power to crack their helmets in two. Sometimes we have the armor of god but we are still in danger. So interesting that. Then it goes to talk about Moroni and how if all men could be as moroni then the very gates of hell should shake. i thought a lot about what made Mormoni Different. What makes him different then every one of us. I dicided that it was his preparation. He was prepared. When they won the lamanites he didn´t just sit there and do nothing. He was always preparing. I love it. Thats what makes him different. Thats what could make us different too. If we are passing a moment thats easier. that we don´t have a lot of trials. then we need to prepare. Thats when most of us sit back. We slack on our scripture reading and our prayers. Thats what happens. We aren´t prepared for the next war. And the next war the lamanites are going to come back and this time not be naked. They are going to have armor too. Its going to be harder to fight them off. We must always be preparing ourselves or We will loose.

So this week went pretty good. We have some pretty cool families that we are working with. There is two that need to get married and then a couple more. But there is a family miralez. They are super cool. They are passing through some trials in their relationship and basically it was cool to be able to promise them that if they do what Jesus Christ wants of them that they will be blessed. That all the problems they are having will just fall out of their lives. Its pretty cool. I like it. Then the other is a family that they investigated the church for a lot of time just had a hard time accepting it all. But it was cool to really aply the scriptures to their lives. To read alma 32 and about seed and how it needs to grow. then we promissed them that if they continue working and putting their part that the lord will bless them to know that the fruit is good. I love being a missionary. Its such a blessing. I love being able to make promises to people because Im a called of God to do it. I absolutely love it.

So ya that was my week. I had some pretty cool miracles. Really the work is progressing. We had 22 people in church. We are going up one soul at a time haha. Its fun. It was mothers day here yesterday too. So that was fun. To tell all the mothers feliz dia. Happy mothers day in argentina yesterday haha. I love it. So I hope you all stay strong. That not only that you are putting on your armor every day but you are also strengthening your forts. Our wonderful home that nothing bad can get in. That we can fight of the firey darts of the advisery. I love you all and I hope you keep up the amazing work that you are doing. that we join together with Moroni and defend what we know to be true. I love you and I kow that this work is true. That its is gods work and we have to complete everything that he needs of us or it will never move forward. I love you!

Love always,

Elder Dial

October 13, 2014

So this will be super short. Sorry. I took a long time reading letters today. But I loved It. I learned a ton. That really we need to rely on the spirit. YEsterday we had fast and testimony meeting and I went to bare my testimony and Susually I have something thought of that Im going to bear my testimony and I just went up and bore it. Let the spirit guide me. It was super cool. The Lord loves us. He really Guides us. I love being a missionary to experience that.

So we had a pretty Good week. Saw some miracles. The biggest miracle was that we had a less active member come back for the first time this week and he bore his testimony. He really helped to get everybody excited to do the work. and it was so cool to just watch the way the Lord changed everything. The branch really began to take form and are excited to work. I loved it. I thought it was the coolest thing. Really everybody was excited. REaly just the praying and the fasting workd. Everybody wanted to work. The Lord is blessing us so much. He truely loves us and I knows what we need. I love being a missionary. Seeing the Lord change everybody. To help us complete with our purpose as children of God. I love love love lvoe it!

Well Im sure we will talk more but Just know that I love you! That i LOVE being a missionary and that I am happy and know that this is Gods church on the earth. That our purpose it to help everybody come unto christ. That as we do that we are happy. That as we follow the spirit he will help us know who is prepared and not only that but when we follow the spirit He will help us know of even more people taht we can help! I love you all so much. Keep up the amazing work and know that God loves you and I love you.

Love always and forever.
Elder Dial.

October 6, 2014

What a huge blessing to be albe to listen to the profets every 6 months. I love it. Really I learn so much every time. Its super sad to think thats the last one Im going to have in my mission. I don´t ever want to go home. I want to stay here forever. Okay not really I know I need to go home but I really like it here. More the sprit you have as a missionary. Its an amazing spirit. To focus every day on ministring. That was a cool talk. We are to minister always. We are to minister to so many people. The cool part is there are so many ways to minister. One of those ways is to write in a journal. To help our posterity know how to overcome trials in their lives. We always need to keep a journal. There are so many reasons to do it. And satan know taht. Thats why its so hard to do it. Im failing at it. Like 6 months ago I wrote. So much fun. I love it. haha. Gotta get better there.

But anyways I also liked the talk of elder Bednar. Why do we share the gospel? Have we really felt the change in our lives that he was talking about? Have we felt the Lord change our lives? If not it will be hard to share the gospel. But if we have felt it we will be like his son. We will go out and share in naturally. Very interesting. I really liked that. Then the rest of the conference had quite a few different topics. Like recieveing revelation. Interesting. How do we recieve that revelation. We need to be edified always. Alway growing in our testimony to be able to stay in the boat. Or when its calm we will jump out.

It made me think a lot about when I went with Garys ward on their week long. We went in Kiaks. That was super fun. And I did pretty good the first part. Then we went more up stream and we did some harder rappids. Lets just say I didn´t do so good there. I ended up falling under the water a whole bunch and was shaking uncontrolably. Its was super embarrasing. But really I had to ask for help. I was looking more at the bottom of the river than I was above it. I finially got help from one of the guides. He helped me to get through to camp. The comparrison that elder Scott or ballard made was ver interesting. The quide that we have on our ship is God. He always helps us. Thanks to my guides practice I was able to go with him. He tied my Kiak onto his and pulled me through to the end. That is how christ has done it. He pulls me to the end. He will pull every single one of us to the end if he needs to. I still had to put a little effort but he helped me. I love using example and really this conference made me think of that one. We cant jump out of the boat. We must stay in and hold on. I love being a missionary. Its the best. God quides us in all that we do. He loves us and will save us as we keep pushing forward.

So basically conference was the best. Something that has really been happening here is we are going through the list of less acitves and this week we got to know a couple that are ready to come back. They are prepared. That is so exciting. THey just neede a little help and then the Branch will be excited to work again. We are also working with a family that there brother/son died 2 weeks ago. The family Avila. They are so super duper cool. I love them. But ya we went last week and walter was waiting for us. It was cool. He had read the chapter in the book of mormon we left him and he had told his friends all about us. He really liked the message we shared. He´s pretty excited. But the only hard part is that he works a ton. Works sundays. So that will be a little fun. But he was super prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel. We are still looking for those people. I know they will come. We just need to keep looking. THe lord will bless us. I know he will Because he loves every single one of his children. We learned that in conference. What a blessing. I love the Gospel. It has truely changed my life forever!

So while I was at conference I met an ex elder Paredes that claims to know an elder Dial. He served in Brasil. So brad if you know an elder Paredes He says hi. He said he was in your district. So ya thats pretty cool :).

I hope you all know that I love you. I love being a missionary and that there is not better joy than sharing the gospel and serving people every day. Seeing them change and accept the restored gospel of jesus christ that has truely changed my life forever. Keep pushing forward. The Lord will bless you.

Love always,
Elder Dial