October 13, 2014

So this will be super short. Sorry. I took a long time reading letters today. But I loved It. I learned a ton. That really we need to rely on the spirit. YEsterday we had fast and testimony meeting and I went to bare my testimony and Susually I have something thought of that Im going to bear my testimony and I just went up and bore it. Let the spirit guide me. It was super cool. The Lord loves us. He really Guides us. I love being a missionary to experience that.

So we had a pretty Good week. Saw some miracles. The biggest miracle was that we had a less active member come back for the first time this week and he bore his testimony. He really helped to get everybody excited to do the work. and it was so cool to just watch the way the Lord changed everything. The branch really began to take form and are excited to work. I loved it. I thought it was the coolest thing. Really everybody was excited. REaly just the praying and the fasting workd. Everybody wanted to work. The Lord is blessing us so much. He truely loves us and I knows what we need. I love being a missionary. Seeing the Lord change everybody. To help us complete with our purpose as children of God. I love love love lvoe it!

Well Im sure we will talk more but Just know that I love you! That i LOVE being a missionary and that I am happy and know that this is Gods church on the earth. That our purpose it to help everybody come unto christ. That as we do that we are happy. That as we follow the spirit he will help us know who is prepared and not only that but when we follow the spirit He will help us know of even more people taht we can help! I love you all so much. Keep up the amazing work and know that God loves you and I love you.

Love always and forever.
Elder Dial.


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