October 20, 2014

So its very interesting that we have had some camps about war and some cool stuff like that. This week I have read the war chapters in Alma. I have learned a ton. A lot about how I can be better. Somethat that I really liked is that the Nephites had helmets and that they had all the armor of god to protect them but the lamanites still had power to crack their helmets in two. Sometimes we have the armor of god but we are still in danger. So interesting that. Then it goes to talk about Moroni and how if all men could be as moroni then the very gates of hell should shake. i thought a lot about what made Mormoni Different. What makes him different then every one of us. I dicided that it was his preparation. He was prepared. When they won the lamanites he didn´t just sit there and do nothing. He was always preparing. I love it. Thats what makes him different. Thats what could make us different too. If we are passing a moment thats easier. that we don´t have a lot of trials. then we need to prepare. Thats when most of us sit back. We slack on our scripture reading and our prayers. Thats what happens. We aren´t prepared for the next war. And the next war the lamanites are going to come back and this time not be naked. They are going to have armor too. Its going to be harder to fight them off. We must always be preparing ourselves or We will loose.

So this week went pretty good. We have some pretty cool families that we are working with. There is two that need to get married and then a couple more. But there is a family miralez. They are super cool. They are passing through some trials in their relationship and basically it was cool to be able to promise them that if they do what Jesus Christ wants of them that they will be blessed. That all the problems they are having will just fall out of their lives. Its pretty cool. I like it. Then the other is a family that they investigated the church for a lot of time just had a hard time accepting it all. But it was cool to really aply the scriptures to their lives. To read alma 32 and about seed and how it needs to grow. then we promissed them that if they continue working and putting their part that the lord will bless them to know that the fruit is good. I love being a missionary. Its such a blessing. I love being able to make promises to people because Im a called of God to do it. I absolutely love it.

So ya that was my week. I had some pretty cool miracles. Really the work is progressing. We had 22 people in church. We are going up one soul at a time haha. Its fun. It was mothers day here yesterday too. So that was fun. To tell all the mothers feliz dia. Happy mothers day in argentina yesterday haha. I love it. So I hope you all stay strong. That not only that you are putting on your armor every day but you are also strengthening your forts. Our wonderful home that nothing bad can get in. That we can fight of the firey darts of the advisery. I love you all and I hope you keep up the amazing work that you are doing. that we join together with Moroni and defend what we know to be true. I love you and I kow that this work is true. That its is gods work and we have to complete everything that he needs of us or it will never move forward. I love you!

Love always,

Elder Dial


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