November 3, 2014


So this week what stake conference here in the amazing place of La Rioja. I really liked it. It was super good. Really it was cool to aply what we learned in conference to see that really the leaders of the church can bless and recieve revelation for the members in their stewardship. What a blessing it is to be a missionary and to really have learned that.

The stake president talked a lot about being good parents. It was cool because he used the Saviors example in 3 nefi 17 when he really takes the time to talk to every one of the kids. And then he taught them. He put an enfasis in the part that really parents are called to be parents and as they put their part there then they will be their friends. Really as they teach them the gospel of Christ then will their kids have confidence with them to tell them everything. I really liked that about his talk. He also taught something interestiong. He said that families are not for the churhc but the chruch for the families. That really the church is there to help the family. I think thats something i had kinda lost. Really thinking about the fact that we need to baptize families to help the branch. But its not like that. We need to baptize families to help the families. It is the best and only way to true happieness. Its such a blessing to us all.

His second councelor also said somehting very important. That when we feel the spirit we recieve revelation. That was cool. Really if we feel the spirit we are receiveing directions. We can´t recieve direction without feeling the spirit. but we can´t have the spirit without being directing in all things that we should do just as it says in 2 nefi 32. Such a blessing the spirit is and as we are baptized we recieve the blessing of having that if we but live worthy. So that was cool.

So I really have come to love the stake presidency this week. It was cool to learn from them and really see what they have to say. So dads letter last week really taught me a lot about the visits I am doing. Really just a super spiritual experience. It really showed me that I need to love the people I am visiting a whole bunch more. That love is the best way to do it. I got thinking about the scripture that says if we don´t have charity we are nothhning. I thought a lot aobut how can that be. But really if we are doing things for the wrong reasons we its in vain. So that was a good lesson I learned this week. A big blessings.

SO basically just a big week of blessings. We found some new cool people thsi week. Some families that aren´t complete that we are going to see if the kids and the parents want to progress. It was cool because I did my fist service project that ive had in a while. We helped a less active shovel some dirt. It was cool to see how much we could really help. I really liked it. I love being a missionary and being able to serve everybody that is within my reach. I have a lot of room to improve but I love it. Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I truely love every single one of you guys. You have changed my  life and my mission just by the simple prayers you do for me every day. I love you all so very much. Have a wonderful weeka nd we will talk next week.

Love always,

Elder Dial


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