November 16, 2014

So this week has been a little hard for me haha. I really like trials. I feel like the Lord Really blesses you. I will always remember the Family home evening that we had when justin shared the talk about sometimes the hardest trial is not having trials at all. I feel like that has kinda been the mission for me. Just always been easier to push on and all that. Like I have always found the reason for hope. But this week really the Lord tried my patience haha. It was such a blessing. Just to really look back on the week and see what I have learned. Really I learned a ton. I feel like we were focusing so much on one thing that we forgot about another. What a blessing no? I feel like thats how it is with life. I focus so much on work or studies or hobbies that we forget the most important. But I really realized what we were doing wrong at the last minute. I wanted to see results by looking for new people by talking to people in the streets and not through the members. I was so focused on getting new people that I forgot to really work with the members. An easy mistake. But really isnt what the lord wants us to do right now. So it was cool to have a good meeting with the stake president in a ward council. Just really see where we were failing.

So it was pretty great to see that The Lord has his way of doing things and we need to do it in his way. Not our way. That is something I learned this week. Really it just helped to because I did good at writing in my journal. Really evaluating my day and how it went. Then I realized where We were falting. Those are the blessings that the little things make. I love it. God is so great to us.

So I know dad is really interested to hear how the stake president did the things in the meeting. It was sweet to watch the way he worked. It all started on saturday. We just like the sister misionaries went to the stake presidentes house to eat lunch. How cool no?? But it was cool we went with the Zone leaders. REally jsut got to know him a little bit better. Something I really liked is that he was asking us questions and advice. We as missionaries should have used that time better but just super humble. Really a huge blessing. Then on sunday we had a ward council and he came and really helped. The thing that I think is different is that our leadership is all converts to the church. SO they are still learning. Which in Utah they all have an Idea of what they need to do. So ya jsut a little different. But really the Stake president just really help to show us what we need to do. What we as a branch need to do. I also liked that he really focused on us as misionaries as being there to help. Not really have a calling but more to help everybody with their calling. We barely have preiestood so we have a Branch president, a elders quarm president, and a second cauncelor in the branch presidency. The rest are less active. So really we just get to help. He kinda asked us as missionarires to be the secrataries to the president. SO that was a blessing. Really just to be able to take a lot of the stress off of president. SO I really liked that. I love feeling needed. Its just a huge blessing. But ya the stake presidente just really helped us to focus on the spirit the whole time. The spirit really quides the work.

But ya really it was an amazing week. A ton of blessings and really a lot of work that we put it. Just doing our best to look for the tender mercies. We watched a little of 17 miracles the other day. I kinda felt like them. We would get to a point and see another mountain that we needed to go up and we would get there and not know what to do to get up that one. Really I dont know how we made it but it wasnt our strength. It was the help of God. That is the difference that the atonement makes in our lives. Helps us to overcome the trials of every day. Really helps us to make it till the next week. I know that through the atonement we can all make it until the end .That the Lord Truely is our light and as we strive to follow the commandments that the Lord blesses us with this power of the atonement.

Thank you for your love and prayers. Know that I love you and I pray for you every day. The the lord blesses us more than we will ever comprehend.

Love always,
Elder Dial




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