December 1, 2014

So I love watching the blessings come and come. Something that we had this week is a zone conference with Presdient. That was awesome. Something that really made me think that he said is you need to always be working with the end in mind. Why is that we might ask? At first I thought that was ´´trunky´´ but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Really if we go always keeping the end in mind the Lord will help us get to the end. The same reason why its important to set goals. If we don´t have goals then where are we going? Really as we set the goal of enduring to the end then god will bless us in our travels to keep working. But if we just wake up in the morning asking God to bless us and not have a plan of acction on our part then we aren´t going to get much help. Because we gain faith as we show our works. So we must show our works then god will help us. How very interesesting it is. So we set our goals. We ask God if its right then we work twards it. If we have a stuupor of thought then we need to analize our goals. Then set new ones if necesary. So awesome.

So ya we are being blessed here. Last night we went with a Girl that is 11 and we set a baptismal date. Her mom is already a member and she knows everything. She´s been going to church for a year and hasn´t been baptized. So we basically have a baptism for sure this month. More than anything we are excited because its going to help the branch want to work and get excited. Thats what the branch needs and the Lord is going to bless them.

It was super interesting. The outlook that you take on life changes everything. A couple of weeks ago we had a pretty hard week and I let it get to me. I got a little down but really just changing my outlook and working hard forgetting about myself we were able to see miracles. We saw Some pretty awesome stuff like this little girl thats going to get baptized. Its going to be awesome. God is so good to us. I´m so grateful.

So the other day the sun came out pretty beautifully. I loved it. I guess it was more like going down. It was shining down on the mountain. It was so beautiful. I just kept thinking how amazing God is. To be able to create such a beautiful place. I love it. God is amazing. I didn´t have my camera but we tried to take a piicture with the phone but it didn´t turn out the best. But still it was a blessing. I loved it.  I hope we always enjoy the creations that god has made for us.. Especially the snow. Its so beautiful and I miss it. O and the temple. That is a wonderful creation. I miss that too. I just hope we take the time to really enjoy life. Its so beautiful. I love you all and hope for the best.

Love always,

Elder Dial


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