January 26, 2015

Dad said a phrase very interesting in his letter today. He said a couple things to the same effect. Like sprint to the finish line´ ´leave it all on the field´ And ´sing as you have never sung before´. I liked the last one the most. It really made me think. What impact does singing have on your life. We all know that music plays a big role in our attitude. Good music, good attitude. Bad music, bad attitude. So very interesting. But what does that have to do with all the rice in china. Well I´ll tell you. Singing has been something that has changed my life. Never in my life would I have imagined that I would sing in the Bingham Madrigles. It was a dream that I had always watching them go on stage since my sophmore year. But for some crazy reason I had a loving friend that convinced me to try out for them. And I made it. It changed my life so much that I learned that Dreams come true. If you want it bad enough the Lord will bless you. From there music has had a different impact on my life. Music helped me to gain confidence and to enjoy life.

So to sing as I have never sung before Really made me think how grateful I am and how much the Lord blesses me. Made me want to push for my dreams or my goals and really trust in the Lord. That everything I want to do is possible if I put my part. I know that. Its something that the Lord has completed in my life and in my mission. Trust in the Lord. LIke the scripture that mom marked in my scriptures before I left. Alma 38:5. If you trust in the lord he will lighten your burdens will help you to be strong. That has been the motto of my mission. Trust in the Lord and what is his will will happen. I love being a missionary. I love being so blessed every day.
So in the work of the Lord we saw some pretty amazing miracles. Something that I really liked is that just talking to a whole bunch of people made me happy. Even though a lot of them really didn´t want much it still made me happy. TO know that I did my part in the work of the Lord. But thats not the only thing that happened. We found some amazing people that really have faith. Faith is the first principĺe of the gospel for a reason. Faith is what drives us to work. Or to change. I really liked that about the people we found. They were all people that members told us to stop by or that were at the houses of members. To see the faith of a member really change everything in the work of the Lord. ´´This is the time when members and missionaries should work together.´´ That is truely when I have always seen the fruits of my work throughout my mission. ANd that is now when  we are starting to see them again. It has been a long process. The members are passing through their own problems but there are a few that have given us hope. Through these people we are going to see miracles. I know it. I know the Lord loves his children as did Nephi. But as Nephi I don´t know everything. I just know that He loves us and that with this love we can do miracles. So it will be awesome. Im so super excited.
Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I love you all so much. Stay strong. The Lord will bless you. Go and help your friends or do some service. It will bless your life this week. I promise :D.
Elder Dial

January 19, 2015

So this week has been pretty awesome. I was able to go on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders. Its interesting. I was with Elder Villar. He was my Comp in Jesus maria like a year ago. But it was cool to be able talk to him to see how he was really able to see a lot of fruits in our works. That a lot of the poeple that we found in my last couple of weeks there got baptized. It was super cool to see that really everything I did had its fruits. But I don´t think it was much of what I did. Elder Villar has a lot of faith. He really saw everybody in white like they told us to do. I thought that was cool about him. It was cool just to see how much we have both progressed. The mision really shapes us to be what the Lord needs us to be.

It was cool to watch him and see how he really observed what I was doing and see what I could do better. To see what the area needed that I couldn´t see. He really is a great missionary. I really admire him. There are always those times where you go with somebody and you are afraid that they are just going to tell you everything you are doing bad. But I really liked that he just looked for ways to help. That he could recieve the revelation from God to help me and my comp. To help us move the work forward. I liked that a lot.
Then it was cool yesterday because there were a coulple of problems that my comp went to work in a different area and I got to go to Ward councel with the other elders. I remember something another missionary told me one time is that its cool to see how different leaders work differently. It was super cool to see how the Bishop worked good with his helpers. That he realy wanted to help the ward progress and had love for every one of his sheep. I really liked that. I feel like that is what makes a good leader. Really something that I saw in the Leaders I was with. That they loved the people they served. Gotta love it.
but anyways I got to study one of my favorite chapters in the scriptures this week. Ether 12. It really helped me to see how much faith i need. I Heard last week a comment that if you dont see it then nobody else will. I though how true that is. If we dont see us getting to the temple we´ll never get there. Or if we dont see us having success we wont have it. I talked a little about ammon and nefi and lehi. Some of the great missionaries in the Book of mormon and how it for through their faith that the brought people the the fold of God. That the baptized thousands. I really liked that. Then to watch Elder Villar and see how that faith really has helped him. I think sometimes there are things that I doubt. I dont believe I can do. But really all things are possible. I just gotta do it because the Lord makes it possible. Gotta love it. I love the scriptures they really help me to be a better me but not only that but a better Servant of my Savior Jesus Christ.
Something else that really caught my attention in my studies is that we need to teach for the spirit but not only that. But also the listeners need to listen throught the spirit. I believe that it is so easy to forget that as listeners. I feel I have forgotten that to. That even though im a missionary I still need to pay attention during chruch because the spirit will teach me something. Sometimes we forget that as members. We feel good with our knowledge so we listen but not really attently. We let our mind wonder. We dont even give the spirit a chance to teach us. But if we listen to the spirit it will tell us all things we should do. It whatever time we need it. So ya that made me think a little.
But anyways the work of the Lord. Its going pretty amazing. We are working with a family Soto. Its a family we want to take to the Cordoba temple. It will be sweet. But we´ll see what heppens. They have a son thats 8 that needs to be baptized and we want to help the father be worthy but he works on sundays. He even takes the family to church. His wife has so much faith that he is going to make it there with them. I think thats so crucial. We asked him if he didn´t have to work if he would go to chruch and he told us that he wouldn´t. But then right after his wife was like ´´but I know he would. He really knows the church is true but he just has a hard time accepting the people that are there.´´ That caught my attention that she said that and then the next day I read about faith. She has the faith and she sees it so we just need to do it. I love that about misisonary work. You have faith and nothing is imposible. God mades everything at our reach .We just need to work at it. Practice and work super hard. I love it. I love being a missioanry and seeing the work of the Lord change hearts. Its the best thing that you can see. I love it. I love you all. Thanks for you love and support.
Elder Dial

January 12, 2015

So this last week I had a pretty interesting experience. We had a meeting as a zone and we talked a lot about our vision for this next year. We talked about our goals as a zone. Something that was said is that ¨we should focus on the solution and not the problem. That was interesting. There are so many times that we have a problem in our lives. And we chose to focus on that instead of what we need to do to solve it. Like this family that we are working with. So I have worked with them my whole 4 months in this area. But they could never get to church. They are less active. But yesterday they got there. She shared a little testimony with us when we asked why she finilly put in the effort to get there. She told us ¨You know elderes like I told you I have some problems with some of the members that are there and their attitude. But this last week I have thought about it alot and I go to church to help my family not to make other people happy.¨ She focused on the solution to her problems and not on the problem. I really liked that. It was a good example to me.

Somthing that I have struggled with my whole mission is talking to new people. Its still hard for me. How interesting. More when I have to start the conversation. Once we start talking to them the spirit takes over but I have to take that first step. And sometimes its hard for me. But that really made me think. If I want more people to teach there in my solution. I just need to do it. YOu just gotta do it. Thats something i REally like about my new comp. He really helps me to get out of that box of comfort and do it. Just do it. But thats the truth with life. YOu just gotta do it. If you don{t who will. It our calling. Thats my calling. I love it. I love being a missionary.

But more than that I have thought about the things most important. REally as a missionary you don{t have a lot of time. Becuase of the studies and the heat. Its was 110 here the other day. Like three days in a row. It was hot haha. But we lived But ya there isn{t much time that we have to work so we really are focusing on the most important. Sometimes For sure we dont use it the best that we should but we can always repent and analize our priorities. Thats something I love about the mission. The studies we do are always the most important. If we don{t do it it will be a bad day. So God is blessing us. Its something that I hope I dont lose sight of after the mission. Something I want to keep doing always. I love it. I love being a missionary for my savior.

But anyways I hope you are having a wonderful time there enjoying the beatiful weather and the blessings that god is sending your way. Have an amazing week and remember that I love you a ton. Love you.

Love always,
Elder Dial

January 5, 2015


Well what a blessing to be a missionary in this wonderful time. I love it. I really think its very interesting to see how as the new years came and Christmas came that everybody here became more nice to us. The began to say hi back and really be more friendly. I thought that was very interesting. Everybody I think does that. During the  year you really forget the importance of being a true disciple of Jesus Christ and let the things of the world get to you. You wind up in your own pride. But as we come to remember Jesus Christ during ´´Christ´´mas you become more christlike. How awesome it would be to be like that all the time.

In my reading in the book of mormon this last week I read about the 3 nephites. Not because I was studying about them but because thats where I ended up in my reading. In 3rd nephi. It really called my attention on how their desire was to build up the Kingdom of God here on earth forever. What a blessing that would be. I Really feel that desire to stay here forever and never stop being a missionary. But then I really think about it and further on in my reading I find that God took them away from the nephites because they were wicked. But something that calls my attention is that moroni and mormon say that the 3 nephites had ministered to them. Everything has its time and its season and really I don´t have to stop being amissionary. The Lord will call me during my whole life to minister unto people. Non members or members. I thought that was very awesome.

But anyways the work in argentina is going great. We were able to see two miracles yesterday at chruch. We saw two less actives that showed up. One was the fruit of our work. It was cool. His name is Luis. He is a less active that has some problems that are a little complicated. But it was cool as we just focused in the gospel of Christ he really just forgot about his problems and wanted to go to chruch. Then the other really just surprised me. Its a lady that we had stopped by once every 3 weeks. She was offended but she just showed up randomly. It made me think a lot about how just showing love and inviting people always they will show up. God will help them make those changes. I loved it. It really made all of our work this last week worth it.

But ya so my companion is so funny. I really have learned to love him. He has had a pretty crazy life. But I really love him. Just really is trying his best to follow the spirit. The spirit truely is what drives the work. Sometimes we forget about that. We become like the nephites and we let pride get in. But really if we focus on the spirit we will live a good life. I think about that a lot. If we focus on following the spirit always then we wont have desires to sin. We will only be guided to what we need to do. How interesting. So many ways to really lead a good life. But really the spirit is going to be what will guide us always. I love that about the gospel of jesus Christ. So many blessing we recieve. Even better the Sacrament we are promised to have the spirit with us. That is the big blessing we recieve as we partake of the sacrament. So really as we learn to follow the spirit we will be blessed. I love being a missionary and really learning more about the Gospel every day.

Well I hope everything there is going amazing and I hope you know that I love you more than life itself.

Love Always,

Elder Dial

December 29, 2014

My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture

How crazy is that. Its already passed christmas and now to new years. I had a pretty amazing christmas. I enjoyed it. I got to talk to my lovely family and enjoy some candy from the states. Always gotta love that. I don´t know what it is but every phone call I have been able to make just makes me super happy. To be able to tell my family that I love what im doing. I felt like Elder Bednars Kid just telling you how amazing misionary work is and how much I truely love it. Then inviteing you to do it as well haha. Thats what I love about missionary work. Its basically telling everybody that you love being a mormon and that you think everybody should be one. But its even better than that. Because we know that it is only through unduring to the end, Or participating of the sacrament after baptism that be can be saved. So just inviting everybody to be saved with us. But even better than that. We know that God blesses us with happiness as we strive to live the commandments. True lasting happiness, What a blessing it is to be able to share that with everybody. Truely without the mission I don´t know that I would be as happy as I am. Such a blessing. I love it.

So it was interesting what President said in his talk on monday in the conference. He talked a lot about how we end our missions. There are like 22 missionaries going home this month. Then like another 20 next transfer with me. So its pretty crazy. Right now we are 244 missionaries. To think that there are so many of us going home. But he talked a lot about finishing strong. I think that was very needed. As missionaries you get tired. It was funny we were watching the missionary training videos the other day and one of the missionaries did a little video journal. He just kept saying how tired he was. You really get tired. But the Lord blesses you with the strength needed. Such a blessing. But he talked a lot more about having the end in mind. That if we have goals all the way to the end of your mission you will want to acomplish them. So this week I put some good goals. But one of my goals was to see how Im going with my goals every night as I write in my journal. Really account to the Lord and to me of what i am doing. What I need to do better. I love it. I think that is another blessing of writing in your journal.

Something else it got me to think about is My main goal I set at the beginning of my mission. To never say anything bad about the stuff that is happening in my area or my comp. Then to look for the best in everything and everybody. Not only that but to tell them. I feel I have had my ups and downs throughout the mission. I was readiing my journal the other day and there were times where I did super good and other times where I didn´t do so good. Always room for improvement. But it was good to account for that goal that I had. I love being a missionary. It has really taught me to set goals and work for those goals. So I am going to keep working every day to complete the goals that I put this last week. To always change them or even do better. I love being a missionary. I hope you all can see that. Its the best ever.

So we have an investigator that went to chruch this last week. Her name is Genisis. Yip like in the bible. Her mom is a member but less active since 5 years ago. We are trying to work with her whole family so that the can all be baptized then work to get sealed in the temple. I love it. My Comp is so good about making that the goal of people. That really should be our goal. To do everything to be an eternal family. So we have put that goal for their family. We just need to see if they´re willing to complete it. I know that they will. I have so much faith. I love it.  Well I hope you enjoy your new years and that you enjoy all the chocolates for me. I will enjoy the Orange sticks for you all :D.

Love you all.


Elder Dial

December 23, 2014

Wow its here. Im pretty sure its came way to fast. So I think for CHristmas this year im going to give you the blessing of calling. Haha. DOes that sound good enough for you? ;D Im thinking about calling you at 9 in the morning my time. THat would be like 5 your time?? SOund good?? haha. NO Ill probably call like at 5 or 6 my time. Like 1 or 2 your time if im not mistaken. So ya.

But anyways so this year so far i have gotten two gifts. One would be my package. What a blessing. Im going to have a good Christmas this year. So also I got a kid. What a blessing. So if everything goes good ive got 3 weeks to learn a new language. Anybody have a guess on where hes from?? Im going to see if anybody can guess on Christmas haha. Hes super cool though. Such a blessing for me. REally he is the only member in his family. Its just him and his mom. Hes a stud. Im thinking about the one time ive ever had to go to church by myself. Its when I was in Idaho. I woke us super late becuase I didnt know what time it was. But I woke up at like 12:30 and when I made it upstairs Sharon had just left with the kids. That was a tough choice for me to go. Not really I knew I needed to go. But to think that it was my decision was weird. But ya its just weird going to church by yourself. Like mom said its weird not having a family to sit by.  The chruch is made for families. But he is just super awesome. He is a convert of 4 years. Just a real boss. He´s already a better missionary than I am. But I guess thats the point of being a dad. Like dad always says ´the point is so that your kids are better than you. I truely feel that is happening.

So another interesting fact of the week. I lost my camera. But i am so blessed. Becauise my other SD card had gotten full so I bought a new one a couple weeks ago. Well lets think what happened. That one is lost. But truely the money that was put into it is so worthless compared to the memories that I have on my other SD Card thats safe and sound in the apartment. But ya I still have faith that my camera is going to show up. I know I took it to the zone conference but if it fell out of my backpack or what happened I don{t know. So ya 😀

SO I have had some pretty fun stuff happening here in the mission. THis last week we were able to see some pretty awesome miracles. Im running on very little sleep but I feel good. Lets just say 4 nights this last week were spent on a bus from 12 at night to 6 in the morning and not sleeping any more. haha. So thats a blessing. Really just working hard And the lord is blessing us.

Hmm I don{t really know what else to say. Well if I have forgotten anything we can talk in two days time. I hope you know that Ilove you somuch. I hope you have a wonderful christmas and that everybody starts feeling better.

Love always,

The one and only,

Elder Dial

December 15, 2014

So we got thinking about Santa this week. I think he will have to take off his coat and maybe shave his beard because its too hot. Sounds like even there its hot. Okay not really. Its really pretty nice right now. The rain really cooled it off. So ive enjoyed it. But ya I did get my hair cut and I would say that we tell santa to shave his beard.

But anyways. For this chirstmas I am going to recieve the best blessing a missionary could ask for. Im going to be a father. WHat a blessing no? I am going to finish my last 3 months as a father. I couldnt think of any other way to finish. Im pretty excited. I am going to get him on Wednesday. So that will be fun. But ya its pretty exciting. Im a little nervous but Im super excited. Especially because we are seeing some pretty awesome miracles with the branch. Well yesterday we had an all time record low in sacrament meeting. We had 18 people. But concidering that in order to get to church our legs were soaked to the knee because of so much rain I really was happy with how many actually showed up. Because a lot of the members jsut have Motercycles and going in the rain they may not have made it. But no we are seeing so many miracles.

Like there is a family Abraham. They are super awesome. They are less active. Well were less active. They were prepared by the Lord to come back to church. Something that makes sense is Helaman 15:3. The Lord trys his people because he loves them. That is so true. THe lord Loves us so much. I saw that a lot. Really the Abraham family really learned through their trials. I love seeing that.

Then we found a family this week. It was so cool because the Husband was super excited becuase he had gone to the church with his neighbors before. Just super happy to see us. And really just got his wife excited. Then they went and looked at the website ´He is the Gift´ and they loved it. Their daughter really liked it and watched it life 5 times they said. So that was awesome to see. I really like being a missionary. Just watching people progress in the gospel. I hope we can always progress in the Gospel.

WEll I love you tons. I hope you have an amazing day. AN amazing week and keep preparing for Christmas.

Love always,

Elder Dial

PS Next week I probably wont write on monday. We have a zome meeting for christmas on monday. So ill probably write tuesday. Then I will have more details on when I will call. It will probably be at about the same time. Love you 😀