December 15, 2014

So we got thinking about Santa this week. I think he will have to take off his coat and maybe shave his beard because its too hot. Sounds like even there its hot. Okay not really. Its really pretty nice right now. The rain really cooled it off. So ive enjoyed it. But ya I did get my hair cut and I would say that we tell santa to shave his beard.

But anyways. For this chirstmas I am going to recieve the best blessing a missionary could ask for. Im going to be a father. WHat a blessing no? I am going to finish my last 3 months as a father. I couldnt think of any other way to finish. Im pretty excited. I am going to get him on Wednesday. So that will be fun. But ya its pretty exciting. Im a little nervous but Im super excited. Especially because we are seeing some pretty awesome miracles with the branch. Well yesterday we had an all time record low in sacrament meeting. We had 18 people. But concidering that in order to get to church our legs were soaked to the knee because of so much rain I really was happy with how many actually showed up. Because a lot of the members jsut have Motercycles and going in the rain they may not have made it. But no we are seeing so many miracles.

Like there is a family Abraham. They are super awesome. They are less active. Well were less active. They were prepared by the Lord to come back to church. Something that makes sense is Helaman 15:3. The Lord trys his people because he loves them. That is so true. THe lord Loves us so much. I saw that a lot. Really the Abraham family really learned through their trials. I love seeing that.

Then we found a family this week. It was so cool because the Husband was super excited becuase he had gone to the church with his neighbors before. Just super happy to see us. And really just got his wife excited. Then they went and looked at the website ´He is the Gift´ and they loved it. Their daughter really liked it and watched it life 5 times they said. So that was awesome to see. I really like being a missionary. Just watching people progress in the gospel. I hope we can always progress in the Gospel.

WEll I love you tons. I hope you have an amazing day. AN amazing week and keep preparing for Christmas.

Love always,

Elder Dial

PS Next week I probably wont write on monday. We have a zome meeting for christmas on monday. So ill probably write tuesday. Then I will have more details on when I will call. It will probably be at about the same time. Love you 😀


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