December 23, 2014

Wow its here. Im pretty sure its came way to fast. So I think for CHristmas this year im going to give you the blessing of calling. Haha. DOes that sound good enough for you? ;D Im thinking about calling you at 9 in the morning my time. THat would be like 5 your time?? SOund good?? haha. NO Ill probably call like at 5 or 6 my time. Like 1 or 2 your time if im not mistaken. So ya.

But anyways so this year so far i have gotten two gifts. One would be my package. What a blessing. Im going to have a good Christmas this year. So also I got a kid. What a blessing. So if everything goes good ive got 3 weeks to learn a new language. Anybody have a guess on where hes from?? Im going to see if anybody can guess on Christmas haha. Hes super cool though. Such a blessing for me. REally he is the only member in his family. Its just him and his mom. Hes a stud. Im thinking about the one time ive ever had to go to church by myself. Its when I was in Idaho. I woke us super late becuase I didnt know what time it was. But I woke up at like 12:30 and when I made it upstairs Sharon had just left with the kids. That was a tough choice for me to go. Not really I knew I needed to go. But to think that it was my decision was weird. But ya its just weird going to church by yourself. Like mom said its weird not having a family to sit by.  The chruch is made for families. But he is just super awesome. He is a convert of 4 years. Just a real boss. He´s already a better missionary than I am. But I guess thats the point of being a dad. Like dad always says ´the point is so that your kids are better than you. I truely feel that is happening.

So another interesting fact of the week. I lost my camera. But i am so blessed. Becauise my other SD card had gotten full so I bought a new one a couple weeks ago. Well lets think what happened. That one is lost. But truely the money that was put into it is so worthless compared to the memories that I have on my other SD Card thats safe and sound in the apartment. But ya I still have faith that my camera is going to show up. I know I took it to the zone conference but if it fell out of my backpack or what happened I don{t know. So ya 😀

SO I have had some pretty fun stuff happening here in the mission. THis last week we were able to see some pretty awesome miracles. Im running on very little sleep but I feel good. Lets just say 4 nights this last week were spent on a bus from 12 at night to 6 in the morning and not sleeping any more. haha. So thats a blessing. Really just working hard And the lord is blessing us.

Hmm I don{t really know what else to say. Well if I have forgotten anything we can talk in two days time. I hope you know that Ilove you somuch. I hope you have a wonderful christmas and that everybody starts feeling better.

Love always,

The one and only,

Elder Dial


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