December 29, 2014

My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful picture

How crazy is that. Its already passed christmas and now to new years. I had a pretty amazing christmas. I enjoyed it. I got to talk to my lovely family and enjoy some candy from the states. Always gotta love that. I don´t know what it is but every phone call I have been able to make just makes me super happy. To be able to tell my family that I love what im doing. I felt like Elder Bednars Kid just telling you how amazing misionary work is and how much I truely love it. Then inviteing you to do it as well haha. Thats what I love about missionary work. Its basically telling everybody that you love being a mormon and that you think everybody should be one. But its even better than that. Because we know that it is only through unduring to the end, Or participating of the sacrament after baptism that be can be saved. So just inviting everybody to be saved with us. But even better than that. We know that God blesses us with happiness as we strive to live the commandments. True lasting happiness, What a blessing it is to be able to share that with everybody. Truely without the mission I don´t know that I would be as happy as I am. Such a blessing. I love it.

So it was interesting what President said in his talk on monday in the conference. He talked a lot about how we end our missions. There are like 22 missionaries going home this month. Then like another 20 next transfer with me. So its pretty crazy. Right now we are 244 missionaries. To think that there are so many of us going home. But he talked a lot about finishing strong. I think that was very needed. As missionaries you get tired. It was funny we were watching the missionary training videos the other day and one of the missionaries did a little video journal. He just kept saying how tired he was. You really get tired. But the Lord blesses you with the strength needed. Such a blessing. But he talked a lot more about having the end in mind. That if we have goals all the way to the end of your mission you will want to acomplish them. So this week I put some good goals. But one of my goals was to see how Im going with my goals every night as I write in my journal. Really account to the Lord and to me of what i am doing. What I need to do better. I love it. I think that is another blessing of writing in your journal.

Something else it got me to think about is My main goal I set at the beginning of my mission. To never say anything bad about the stuff that is happening in my area or my comp. Then to look for the best in everything and everybody. Not only that but to tell them. I feel I have had my ups and downs throughout the mission. I was readiing my journal the other day and there were times where I did super good and other times where I didn´t do so good. Always room for improvement. But it was good to account for that goal that I had. I love being a missionary. It has really taught me to set goals and work for those goals. So I am going to keep working every day to complete the goals that I put this last week. To always change them or even do better. I love being a missionary. I hope you all can see that. Its the best ever.

So we have an investigator that went to chruch this last week. Her name is Genisis. Yip like in the bible. Her mom is a member but less active since 5 years ago. We are trying to work with her whole family so that the can all be baptized then work to get sealed in the temple. I love it. My Comp is so good about making that the goal of people. That really should be our goal. To do everything to be an eternal family. So we have put that goal for their family. We just need to see if they´re willing to complete it. I know that they will. I have so much faith. I love it.  Well I hope you enjoy your new years and that you enjoy all the chocolates for me. I will enjoy the Orange sticks for you all :D.

Love you all.


Elder Dial


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