December 8, 2014

So this week has been a fun one.  Really we have had to look for the hidden blessings. Really its interesting. The Lord is always blessing us as long as we are obediente. But really to see those blessings is a lot harder. Something funny that one of the members said yesterday when there was a class on tithing is that He could really see that everything was blessed when he paid his tithing. Especially his neighbor. haha that was such a blessing. But really we are recieveing blessings. He said it as a joke but the more you think about it its a blessing. Because if we ever need somehting we can ask them. Or sometimes they invite us to go use their boat or their 4-wheelers. Its just such a blessing if we really wnat to see it that way. But ya its hard to see them sometimes.

So this week we really have looked for those blessings. We had a lessen in the zone from an elder that talked about the importnace to find families. So of coarse that night we go out and we have some time to get to know new people. So we go and we talk to all the families that we can see. The first family we find outside drinking maté. We talk to them and it was cool. The Lord sent us to them. We talked to them for a while and they said that we could come back. That they had talked with missionaries before but the missionaries stopped passing by. What a blessing that was. Then yesterday we went to a refernce we got. It was one that had a family that was in the hospital. There was also an elder in the hospital that was sick. And he decided to open his mouth and share the gospel. THat family we went to talk to only had good things to say about us. How interesting how really just taking 5 min to listen to us really takes away all of the doubts. Everybody here has some weird Ideas about us. The one we usually here is that they think that Obama sent us to put bombs in their houses. So really we are just trying to get that crazy idea out of their heads.  We are missionaryies to come and do the exact opposite. Not destroy them but to help them. To bring them salvation. But ya just some hiden blessings we saw this week.

So somehting that the mision is doing this year. Really the whole chruch is doing is they are doing something called ´´He is the Gift´´. Im sure you have heard all about it. If not got to Its super awesome. To see how we can really use Christ in our Chirstmas. I love it. We are sharing that with everybody. Something interesting that happens with christmas is that everybody changes. Their attitude changes. They are more accepting and really want to recieve more of christ in their lives. So we are really using that to the best that we can. I testify that Christ really is the gift that God has given us. The ultimate gift that we could ever want. That He is our salvation. Our redemption. I know that will all of my heart. I know that as we accept Jesus Christ in our lives that we see blessings and happiness more than anything. That happiness is the best thing that we can give to our father in heaven. Let him know that his great plan of happiness is working. That we are truely happy and grateful for ever gift he has given us but  most importantly the Gift of his son. I know that. I love it. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.

I love you all so much. I ask you to not forget the Christ in Christmas. It will make it for the best christmas ever. Also I want to do the 12 days of christmas with some families this week If you have any good ideas of what I can do let me know. Always open for the good ideas of my family to help other families here in Argentina. Love you. Keep up the good work

Love always,

Elder Dial


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