January 5, 2015


Well what a blessing to be a missionary in this wonderful time. I love it. I really think its very interesting to see how as the new years came and Christmas came that everybody here became more nice to us. The began to say hi back and really be more friendly. I thought that was very interesting. Everybody I think does that. During the  year you really forget the importance of being a true disciple of Jesus Christ and let the things of the world get to you. You wind up in your own pride. But as we come to remember Jesus Christ during ´´Christ´´mas you become more christlike. How awesome it would be to be like that all the time.

In my reading in the book of mormon this last week I read about the 3 nephites. Not because I was studying about them but because thats where I ended up in my reading. In 3rd nephi. It really called my attention on how their desire was to build up the Kingdom of God here on earth forever. What a blessing that would be. I Really feel that desire to stay here forever and never stop being a missionary. But then I really think about it and further on in my reading I find that God took them away from the nephites because they were wicked. But something that calls my attention is that moroni and mormon say that the 3 nephites had ministered to them. Everything has its time and its season and really I don´t have to stop being amissionary. The Lord will call me during my whole life to minister unto people. Non members or members. I thought that was very awesome.

But anyways the work in argentina is going great. We were able to see two miracles yesterday at chruch. We saw two less actives that showed up. One was the fruit of our work. It was cool. His name is Luis. He is a less active that has some problems that are a little complicated. But it was cool as we just focused in the gospel of Christ he really just forgot about his problems and wanted to go to chruch. Then the other really just surprised me. Its a lady that we had stopped by once every 3 weeks. She was offended but she just showed up randomly. It made me think a lot about how just showing love and inviting people always they will show up. God will help them make those changes. I loved it. It really made all of our work this last week worth it.

But ya so my companion is so funny. I really have learned to love him. He has had a pretty crazy life. But I really love him. Just really is trying his best to follow the spirit. The spirit truely is what drives the work. Sometimes we forget about that. We become like the nephites and we let pride get in. But really if we focus on the spirit we will live a good life. I think about that a lot. If we focus on following the spirit always then we wont have desires to sin. We will only be guided to what we need to do. How interesting. So many ways to really lead a good life. But really the spirit is going to be what will guide us always. I love that about the gospel of jesus Christ. So many blessing we recieve. Even better the Sacrament we are promised to have the spirit with us. That is the big blessing we recieve as we partake of the sacrament. So really as we learn to follow the spirit we will be blessed. I love being a missionary and really learning more about the Gospel every day.

Well I hope everything there is going amazing and I hope you know that I love you more than life itself.

Love Always,

Elder Dial


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