January 12, 2015

So this last week I had a pretty interesting experience. We had a meeting as a zone and we talked a lot about our vision for this next year. We talked about our goals as a zone. Something that was said is that ¨we should focus on the solution and not the problem. That was interesting. There are so many times that we have a problem in our lives. And we chose to focus on that instead of what we need to do to solve it. Like this family that we are working with. So I have worked with them my whole 4 months in this area. But they could never get to church. They are less active. But yesterday they got there. She shared a little testimony with us when we asked why she finilly put in the effort to get there. She told us ¨You know elderes like I told you I have some problems with some of the members that are there and their attitude. But this last week I have thought about it alot and I go to church to help my family not to make other people happy.¨ She focused on the solution to her problems and not on the problem. I really liked that. It was a good example to me.

Somthing that I have struggled with my whole mission is talking to new people. Its still hard for me. How interesting. More when I have to start the conversation. Once we start talking to them the spirit takes over but I have to take that first step. And sometimes its hard for me. But that really made me think. If I want more people to teach there in my solution. I just need to do it. YOu just gotta do it. Thats something i REally like about my new comp. He really helps me to get out of that box of comfort and do it. Just do it. But thats the truth with life. YOu just gotta do it. If you don{t who will. It our calling. Thats my calling. I love it. I love being a missionary.

But more than that I have thought about the things most important. REally as a missionary you don{t have a lot of time. Becuase of the studies and the heat. Its was 110 here the other day. Like three days in a row. It was hot haha. But we lived But ya there isn{t much time that we have to work so we really are focusing on the most important. Sometimes For sure we dont use it the best that we should but we can always repent and analize our priorities. Thats something I love about the mission. The studies we do are always the most important. If we don{t do it it will be a bad day. So God is blessing us. Its something that I hope I dont lose sight of after the mission. Something I want to keep doing always. I love it. I love being a missionary for my savior.

But anyways I hope you are having a wonderful time there enjoying the beatiful weather and the blessings that god is sending your way. Have an amazing week and remember that I love you a ton. Love you.

Love always,
Elder Dial


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