January 19, 2015

So this week has been pretty awesome. I was able to go on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders. Its interesting. I was with Elder Villar. He was my Comp in Jesus maria like a year ago. But it was cool to be able talk to him to see how he was really able to see a lot of fruits in our works. That a lot of the poeple that we found in my last couple of weeks there got baptized. It was super cool to see that really everything I did had its fruits. But I don´t think it was much of what I did. Elder Villar has a lot of faith. He really saw everybody in white like they told us to do. I thought that was cool about him. It was cool just to see how much we have both progressed. The mision really shapes us to be what the Lord needs us to be.

It was cool to watch him and see how he really observed what I was doing and see what I could do better. To see what the area needed that I couldn´t see. He really is a great missionary. I really admire him. There are always those times where you go with somebody and you are afraid that they are just going to tell you everything you are doing bad. But I really liked that he just looked for ways to help. That he could recieve the revelation from God to help me and my comp. To help us move the work forward. I liked that a lot.
Then it was cool yesterday because there were a coulple of problems that my comp went to work in a different area and I got to go to Ward councel with the other elders. I remember something another missionary told me one time is that its cool to see how different leaders work differently. It was super cool to see how the Bishop worked good with his helpers. That he realy wanted to help the ward progress and had love for every one of his sheep. I really liked that. I feel like that is what makes a good leader. Really something that I saw in the Leaders I was with. That they loved the people they served. Gotta love it.
but anyways I got to study one of my favorite chapters in the scriptures this week. Ether 12. It really helped me to see how much faith i need. I Heard last week a comment that if you dont see it then nobody else will. I though how true that is. If we dont see us getting to the temple we´ll never get there. Or if we dont see us having success we wont have it. I talked a little about ammon and nefi and lehi. Some of the great missionaries in the Book of mormon and how it for through their faith that the brought people the the fold of God. That the baptized thousands. I really liked that. Then to watch Elder Villar and see how that faith really has helped him. I think sometimes there are things that I doubt. I dont believe I can do. But really all things are possible. I just gotta do it because the Lord makes it possible. Gotta love it. I love the scriptures they really help me to be a better me but not only that but a better Servant of my Savior Jesus Christ.
Something else that really caught my attention in my studies is that we need to teach for the spirit but not only that. But also the listeners need to listen throught the spirit. I believe that it is so easy to forget that as listeners. I feel I have forgotten that to. That even though im a missionary I still need to pay attention during chruch because the spirit will teach me something. Sometimes we forget that as members. We feel good with our knowledge so we listen but not really attently. We let our mind wonder. We dont even give the spirit a chance to teach us. But if we listen to the spirit it will tell us all things we should do. It whatever time we need it. So ya that made me think a little.
But anyways the work of the Lord. Its going pretty amazing. We are working with a family Soto. Its a family we want to take to the Cordoba temple. It will be sweet. But we´ll see what heppens. They have a son thats 8 that needs to be baptized and we want to help the father be worthy but he works on sundays. He even takes the family to church. His wife has so much faith that he is going to make it there with them. I think thats so crucial. We asked him if he didn´t have to work if he would go to chruch and he told us that he wouldn´t. But then right after his wife was like ´´but I know he would. He really knows the church is true but he just has a hard time accepting the people that are there.´´ That caught my attention that she said that and then the next day I read about faith. She has the faith and she sees it so we just need to do it. I love that about misisonary work. You have faith and nothing is imposible. God mades everything at our reach .We just need to work at it. Practice and work super hard. I love it. I love being a missioanry and seeing the work of the Lord change hearts. Its the best thing that you can see. I love it. I love you all. Thanks for you love and support.
Elder Dial

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