January 26, 2015

Dad said a phrase very interesting in his letter today. He said a couple things to the same effect. Like sprint to the finish line´ ´leave it all on the field´ And ´sing as you have never sung before´. I liked the last one the most. It really made me think. What impact does singing have on your life. We all know that music plays a big role in our attitude. Good music, good attitude. Bad music, bad attitude. So very interesting. But what does that have to do with all the rice in china. Well I´ll tell you. Singing has been something that has changed my life. Never in my life would I have imagined that I would sing in the Bingham Madrigles. It was a dream that I had always watching them go on stage since my sophmore year. But for some crazy reason I had a loving friend that convinced me to try out for them. And I made it. It changed my life so much that I learned that Dreams come true. If you want it bad enough the Lord will bless you. From there music has had a different impact on my life. Music helped me to gain confidence and to enjoy life.

So to sing as I have never sung before Really made me think how grateful I am and how much the Lord blesses me. Made me want to push for my dreams or my goals and really trust in the Lord. That everything I want to do is possible if I put my part. I know that. Its something that the Lord has completed in my life and in my mission. Trust in the Lord. LIke the scripture that mom marked in my scriptures before I left. Alma 38:5. If you trust in the lord he will lighten your burdens will help you to be strong. That has been the motto of my mission. Trust in the Lord and what is his will will happen. I love being a missionary. I love being so blessed every day.
So in the work of the Lord we saw some pretty amazing miracles. Something that I really liked is that just talking to a whole bunch of people made me happy. Even though a lot of them really didn´t want much it still made me happy. TO know that I did my part in the work of the Lord. But thats not the only thing that happened. We found some amazing people that really have faith. Faith is the first principĺe of the gospel for a reason. Faith is what drives us to work. Or to change. I really liked that about the people we found. They were all people that members told us to stop by or that were at the houses of members. To see the faith of a member really change everything in the work of the Lord. ´´This is the time when members and missionaries should work together.´´ That is truely when I have always seen the fruits of my work throughout my mission. ANd that is now when  we are starting to see them again. It has been a long process. The members are passing through their own problems but there are a few that have given us hope. Through these people we are going to see miracles. I know it. I know the Lord loves his children as did Nephi. But as Nephi I don´t know everything. I just know that He loves us and that with this love we can do miracles. So it will be awesome. Im so super excited.
Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I love you all so much. Stay strong. The Lord will bless you. Go and help your friends or do some service. It will bless your life this week. I promise :D.
Elder Dial

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