February 9, 2015

So on saturday we went with a sister and she told us that it was her birthday on saturday and We didn´t know. So we told her this week we´re going to have a party hehe. But what she doesn´t know is that its my birthday too. SO we are going to go and throw her a party and Buy and Ice cream Cake hehe. She is super poor. She just quit her job because the Guy couldn´t pay her. But she is so giving. She got baptized about a year ago. Just an awesome lady. So ya that will be fun. I think those are the best kinds of birthdays. :D. When you can share it with somebody that you love 😀

So we had some pretty awesome miracles this week. Im super excited. We had a ton of people Go to church. 34. My record here is 35. So almost tied with the record. But really we could have had a lot more. We had a ton of the poeple that I have patiently invited every week to go my whole time here show up. Just goes to show that all the work you do isn´t in vain. I love it. And ya then we had an amazing miracle of finding a family that are golden. We were walking the other day and just saying Hi to everybody like we always do and she said Hi to us more friendly than other people usually do. haha. So we stopped and talked to her. She was just leaving so we gave her a card and we set up a visit to go back. She said tuesday and 7. But she also told us that she has a friend that is sirving the mission in Chile. So she was super excited to talk to us. So anyways we go tuesday at 7 and she wasn´t there. But we talked to her mom. Turn out that her mom had some pretty good memories of missionaries because she started talking to us and said ´´you know what. When I was about 17 years old I got baptized.´´ What a blessing that was. She is a member less active for like 30 years haha. What a blessing. But ya the daughter wasn´t there so we set up another apointment and went by on thrusday. She was there this time and we taught her. She understood it all because her friend had told her a lot about the chruch. It was awesome. We talked about the Book or mormon and that is how you can come to know that everything we taught was true. She went off to say ´´ok… So ill look for that book online or something.´´haha. Never have I had somebody say that. So when we pulled one out of our bags she was so happy. She almost hugged us in fact. Kinda awkward. BUt ya it was great. Such a blessing it was. I really liked it. So we are going to have to see if we can help her get to chruch.

But ya there are miracles in the work of the Lord. Always. I love it. What I really enjoyed this week is that my own family is doing missionary work. Inviting people to church. Learning what is a christian ;D. I love it. That makes me happy. I think one of the excuses I used a lot is that everybody I know is already a member. But I had a ton of people I knew that weren´t members. A lot of the kids on my hockey team. Even some of the Madrigals. Just a ton of people I knew but I put excuses. Even my neighbors weren´t members. I had a lot of friends that weren´t going to chruch ether. So ya just gotta help everybody so that they can gain the same blessing that I am gaining as I live the Gospel. I love being a missionary. I have learned how to be happy. But the best part is that I have some more time to work in the work of the Lord. Give everything like dad said. without regrets. Thats the best way to live life. Because if not you will get to the judgement day and regret not repenting. haha. Now is the time to prepare us. not tomorrow or next week. This life is our time. I love it.

Thanks for all of your love and support. I hope you all have an amazing day and week and that you enjoy every min. of it. Because its there to bless us. So that we can be happy. Look for the happiness that comes through the savior jesus christ. He will give it to you. I love you! Have an amazing week.

Until next time,
Elder Dial


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