February 16, 2015

So yesterday they asked me to give the class in the elders quorum. It was super interesting. It was about temples. They didn´t have a manual or anything so I just studied it good and the Lord helped me. But I decided to teach the Plan of Salvation. I really like the plan of salvation. Its something that we teach as misionaries just about every day. One of the 5 lessons. But I really like it because It teaches the why we should be good and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. But as I taught it and studied for it I thought a lot about ordanences. All of them that are necesary to recieve salvation. Like baptism and the confirmation. then you have what we do in the temple. But I don´t know why but I thought a lot about the Sacrament. Truely all of the ordaneces that we do we make promises or covenants. Then you have the Sacrament where we renew it every week. That is where we recieve the strength to be able to complete with the promisses we have made. I love it. So ya this week I thought a little more about the sacrament and what it means to me.

Something that really made me think is when I was realing ´´Our search for happieness´´ by elder Ballard and he said that not one day goes by when he doesn´t thank the Lord for the Atonement. How grateful I am for the atonement but how slow I am to thank God in my prayers. The atonement really makes all of these convenants that we Make with God work. I love that. I am so thankful for my savior and that I can repent of everything That I do bad. Truely there are many things that I do every day but Im putting forth the strength to do it. That is when I see the blessings.
Then you have what mom Said. Really true happieness we have to work for. If we want to be happy then we need to put forth the effort to be obedient and keep moving forward. Only then will we see Gods hand in our life and find true happieness. I love the Gospel. It just makes sense doesn´t it? At least for me it does. I hope it does for you too 😀
But anyways the week. So we are working a lot with a family Soto. They are awesome. Really they just came back to chruch. It will be fun because next week we are going to baptize their son. He is 8 and super excited. But its been cool to watch la hermana come back. She started reading her scriptures and really living the Gospel and has seen the blessings. Even in her Children she has seen it. And shes not afraid to share those blessings with her friends. Its such a blessing.
Then we have that other lady that we found. She Got sick this last week and she had to work in something called the Chaya. Its like a big carnaval that they are doing here in La Rioja. They go and they listen to people sing and they have fights with Flour paint dirt water. a little of everything. So everybody we see walking is covered in flour and paint. Its super funny. But Im glad they doent do it in the states. haha. But ya shes working there so we haven´t been able to see her. But we have talked to her a little on the phone and she is reading. Shes super interested. So we´ll see if she can get to church this next week. It will be awesome.
But ya  I hope Lacey had a wonderful Birthday yesterday. That she ate lots of ice cream for me haha. And that you all have a wonderful week this week. So many blessing for all of us. We just got to go out and look for them. I love you guys. Have a terrific week.
Love always,
Elder Dial

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