March 2, 2015 – The last letter

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Wow how the time just flies. Well this will be my last letter home. Really i have thought a lot about what i would say. Okay not to much. But ill do my best to try to keep it interesting. So Really its super hard knowing that I have to leave. I feel like the missionary on ´´the other side of heaven´´. Really I feel like i´m in heaven. But I know that there is another heaven. It was weird. So last night we went on a bus to go to a town to visit other missionaries and pass the day with them. We even went and did a hike. It was super fun. But last night at like 12 the bus broke down. So we were waiting outside for the other bus and I looked up at the stars Thinking I will never see these stars again after next week. Because the stars are different here. But it made me think a lot. What a blessing it has been. And in church yesterday I sat there thinking a lot about what I have accomplished until now. Especially when the members gave their testimony. It made me feel good to see that I was able to be a tool in Gods hands. I see so many missionaries and see all of their talents and their abilities. Then I think about mine. For some reason we seem to be harder on ourselves than others but I truly have been able to strengthen my abilities. My talents here on the mission. I love it.

Something that Dad said that I really liked is that Ive had 103 weeks but if I don’t do anything on my 104th week It doesn’t matter what I did. I need to be a servant of Christ always. It made me think a lot about something that was said in the MTC. the way to see if I was a good missionary or not was to look at my grandkids. So I really have to apply everything I have learned.
I have had the Joy of having just about every missionary and member ask me how I feel about going home. Today I was talking about it with an elder. I said you know Im excited but I’m not excited. Im not ready to take on the next phase of life but I want to. Its a little like that. Im a little scared of the change that we are going to see like mom said but I know that change is good. Change is how we learn. So it´ll be good. But ya just a lot of Trunky thoughts. So I’ve started my letter a little trunky. Lets get back to work 😀
So We had interviews with president and the assistants this week. There were a couple things said that I really liked. The assistants said that Elder Gonzalas said in a different conference is that in order to Truly be like Christ we need to know Him. We need to come to know Christ and our Heavenly Father. And we do that by truly using the gift of prayer. Studying about them. They also said that the most important commandment that we need to keep is the one that is hardest for us. I liked that too. Because we all have things that are hard for us. And we need to overcome that right now. Not later. But now. So that was cool. I really liked that.
My studies this week was focused in that. In what I truly coming to know my Savior. Truly knowing Him better. I have had two years to get to know Him. At different points there has been a stronger relationship than others. But truly to focus on Him and His attributes I could really put Him as my role model. I love the time that we have to study as missionaries. Its such a blessing.
So this week in the Obra del Señor we were able to see some miracles. We are working a lot with two families. They are awesome. I really love them. The Soto family and The Abraham Family. The family Soto have really gone with all of the fire. Its been awesome to see them come back to church. Then the Abraham family are there. Sometimes they go and sometimes they don’t. But we talked a lot with the branch president about the goals we have for them. We are going to work super hard to get them to go to the temple. they need it and if they keep working like they are they are going to be able to go to Cordoba and be sealed. Im super excited for them. It would really help the Branch and them to stay strong in the faith. I love it.
Well I have a lot of pictures that I want to send so I’m going to get them off. Love you all. Have an amazing Week. See you next wednesday :D.
Love for the last time,
Elder Dial
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