June, 16, 2014

Man I feel like we just dont have enough time in the week to to all the things we have to do. We work so hard to look back at the week and think, where could we have fit something else in? Its so good to be busy but it really makes you have a list of priorities. What is the most important. Super fun haha. I love it. Lots of work to do every day. I absolutely love it.

So this week we have really been working with a couple people. They are the nephews of Maria that got baptized. She is really doing her work to help lots of people come unto Christ. I love it. They are a couple of kis that are 9 and 11 years old. They are awesome. They really understand what they are learning. That is the coolest part for me. Like we left them with 3rd nephi 11 with them to read and on the next visit they told us just about everything that happened during the chapter. How cool is that? They are super cool. Then we have the other daughter of Maria that we are working with too. Her Name is Alejandra. She is super cool. She is 18 and living with kid thats 18 too. They arent married. So thats always super fun. But we had a super good talk with them and I think they both want to separate and then go on missions. We really think that would be the best for both of them. But we will see what the Lord tells them. Super awesome.

Then theres a lady in the ward that her son is on a mission. She is super cool becuase every time we go to her house she has somebody new there that we can teach. The last time we went she had a mom there named Veronica. She is super cool. We are basically going to baptize her. And her son too. They didnt quite make it to chruch this week. Said they slept in but we have the faith that they are going to progress.

man we are Getting down to the wire with some other investigators too. Remember the family with the kid in a wheel chair. They are super awesome. They are going to get married on the 4th of July. Awe ya. Man just so many miracles happening. Super excited.

O man then we have this less active family that we stopped by. The family Perez. We had a super cool experience with them. She had a surgery this last week and got back thursday I think it was. We went with her cousin to visit a family and the apointment failed so we went to visit sister perez. When we showed up she had just gotten there. She said that in her surgry she went in thinking alot about what chruch she should follow with. But in her surgry she felt like 3 people would come. When we showed up she said that we were her answer. I thought that was super cool. If we would have went by ourselves it wouldnt have answered her question. If she would have went it wouldnt have answered her question. We had to work with the members to make that miracle happen. I loved it. Super cool.

But ya there are so many miracles in the work of the Lord. I love it. I am so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ and for all that he has done for me. Truely he is the reason I am here. I have really come to feel that in myself these last couple weeks. Jesus is my Savior. He suffered for me. For ever single one of us. We have the chance in this life to use that gift or suffer after. I know that that power is very real. I thank you all for your prayers and support and I share this testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you guys. keep up the good work and keep your heads up. God loves us and We can see His Miracles every day if we are ready to see them.

Love always,
Elder Dial


Oct 28 (week 1 in Argentina, Jesus Maria)


So I made it to argentina alive. Barely haha. No just kidding i am perfectly fine. But it was a verly long flight especially in a suit haha. Man where to start. Well We left Florida wednesday. We flew out of Orlando to Miami. That was nice and short. But we didn´t get there till 10 min before our next flight and of coarse the next flight was on time haha. So I didn´t quite have time to call. But the next call isnt to far away haha. Then we got to Buenos Aires and we waited for a lot more misionaries for all the missionaries here. There were about 100 that came for all the missions here in Argentina. From there we went and had our first Agrentine meal. So good!!! haha. We had a little meeting and then we went to a smaller airport and the flew us out to Cordoba. It was about an hour flight. Super nice haha. Then we met the assistants to the president and rode in a bus to the mission Home. It was super cool. The mission home is right next to the temple and the temple is still under constuction. The mission presidend did say that we would all have part it the dedication in some way or another so that will be awesome. The mission president is awesome. Truthfully I don´t even know his name. How bad of me. haha but on thing he kept saying that is his slogan is Work hard, Be obedient, with the pure love of Christ. that is how we will see miracles. That night we slept in a hotel just around the block from the mission home. That was sweet. That was my last warm shower so it was super good haha.

So I´m only hear on a travel visa. So if I don´t get my visa in the 90 days that the travel visa is for then I have to go back to the US haha. What a blessing. haha. So we´ll all just pray super hard!

So where to start. I have a companion from Peru. El no espeaka Ingles haha. thats about how he would have said it. Its so funny. I really love him. He´s short but really funny and really patient with me and me Broken spanish. His name is Elder Paico. Super good missionary.

Then The area. Its called Jesus Maria. Its North of Cordoba. Its about an hour and a halve bus ride from Cordoba. So that was fun. My companion slept but I couldn´t haha. It was so cool watching out the window and seeing the difference in Culture and everything. I thought it was cool.

But ya still trying to figure everything out. I finally took a good look at the map this morning and kinda figured it out and everything. It was great.

O ya haha. So we had a baptism yesterday. Thats always nice on your third day in a forign country haha. His name is Jorge Nuñez. Super cool guy. He was a part member. His wife is a member and now him. The church is so small here. Just enough room for one ward. Which is all we have here in Jesus Maria. Its two missionary areas. O ya I almost forgot. I have the Only bike area that there is in all of this mission. So thats fun. We live with the other elders. They are cool. There is one that has been on his mission for only 7 weeks now. His Name is elder Hannay. Guess what he went to Bingham. Such a cool kid. He just graduated this year but we talk about bingham a lot. Its fun. Hes a super good kid. Super smart. His spanish is about the same as mine. Its crazy what only living with pure hispanics will do to help you learn spanish faster. haha. He is awesome though.

Ya the language is super hard. I find myself needing the advise I gave mom last week. haha. Its amazing how easy it is to forget what you know and just think about yourself. I want to get down about the language that I don´t know it. But The advise I gave mom is exactly what I needed. And if I didn´t give it to her I wouldn´t have had it. Its so cool to see the lords hand in everything. If I wouldn´t have written that to her I wouldn´t of had it in my mind in those exact words. Those words were turely inspired and now I can use them to base my life off of. So thank you mom for that! =D. A great blessing. God Knows us each individually. He knows what we are going to need in our lives as each specific moment. I love it.

Well the truth is I´m alive and well. And Have lots of pictures to send. Thanks for everything. Hopefully I answered all the questions you guys had. There were quite a few (mom haha). So if I didn´t be patient and ask them again next week. That would be great haha. I love you all. Thanks for all of your prayers. I can really feel them. In the shower today…. In the cold shower today I thought about that. How You are all praying for me. It just made me smile. You guys are the best. I love you all so much!

Thanks for everything.
Love always,
Elder Dial.

P.S. Don´t forget to smile so the everybody will wonder what you are up to hehe.

O one more thing. I found out yesterday at an Asada (where you just eat all different kinds of meat) I found out I really like Cow Heart. Just and interesting fact haha. Its so good!!! Hopefully we work hard enought that i Don´t get Fat haha. I love you all. Thank you!!!

September 9, 2013

What a blessing. I love Florida. I get to Be here for some more time. Its so great. I am being transfered though. You guys definetly know more that I do about transfers. I just know what I get in my revelation time. And God really doesn’t want to tell me much. I made a comparison with a ward member this week. Waiting for a visa is like the Second Coming. Nobody knows when its coming through except for God and God only haha. Its was pretty funny. But ya its awesome I am getting transfered. I’m going with Elder Curtis from Boise Idaho. Hes is actually a visa waiter too. Its so great. We’re both going to Cordoba… Maybe. haha. But ya we flew out together. I’m excited. The biggest thing I wanted was to get out of a trio. So its good it will just be me and him. We’re going to an area called Poinsiana. (probably butchered the spelling but next week I’ll be able to spell it). It will be great. It sounds like we go to church in a school. Awe ya. Its at the very bottom of our mission. Its a Branch. Awe ya :D.

Hmm ya so thats how that is. Well Aldo and Arline had a super good lesson with them. It was a family home evening where we talked about not procrastinating. So we then invited them to baptism the 15th. They said yes but it sounds like that isn’t quite going to work. We found out something about Aldo that is going to allow us to love him so much more to get him baptized. Such a blessing. They are awesome. But I’m getting transfered now. So it will be great for Elder Baugh who is staying.

Then Victor and Haydee. They are awesome. We had a lesson with them this week. Super good lesson. Victor love the manuel Principles of the Gospel. haha. In church he even said a prayer thanking God for it. It was great. But we need to get him reading the Book of Mormon more. But ya they know they need to be baptized and know its Gods church on the earth. So their Date is super solid. They will get Baptized for sure.

Hmm Norma and Ismiel. I got a picture with them thank goodness. They are awesome. She is just waiting for her passport to come through… Sounds familiar haha. But ya once it comes though they will be married and then Baptism the next week for her. She is so ready. :D.

Hmm Quote of the week!!! 😀 Its out of the ensign for the month.
“we Should focus on effort and progress rather than complete success. Confidence is not the certainty of success but rather the conclusion that failure does not determine our worth. We loose nothing by trying.”

So true that is. Confidence is an interesting thing. Some Days I feel like I have a ton of it and other days I feel like I have non. But either way I love it. Different trials every day. 😀 I love them because through them I get to be stronger 😀

Well anyways I love you all. Thanks for everything!

Love always,
Elder Dial







June 24, 2013

So two new companions. I hadn’t met them before when I wrote the letter. But I do now! Goodness and I love them! They are so awesome! God knows what he’s doing.

Elder Meza. He is From california but his parents are for Guatamala. He’s so awesome. He knew spanish before his mission so he is a killer spanish speaker. So good with it all. So good at just relating with the people so that is awesome. He is such a good missionary. He has two transfers left in the mission. So 11 more weeks for him.

Then Theres Elder Olsen. Elder Olsen is from Canada. He’s pretty awesome. Canadians are just awesome :D. He has 5 weeks left. haha. Pretty funny. We got talking about what their relationship is to me. Because usually your trainer is your Dad. But I’m not going through the training process. haha. So elder Sprouse and Elder Slade were my Premortal Parents. Then elder olsen and elder Meza are my God Fathers haha. Pretty funny.

anyways they are awesome. Well lets just say the Lord knows exactly what he is doing. We are all so good for each other. Our teaching styles really mix and work great with each other! Its so amazing! and the best part about having to run the area is it has helped my confidence level so much! I was really worried at first but the with a lot of praying and faith it has been probably the best week of my mission thus far!  I love it! I just have so much more confidence in the language, in what i’m doing. Really just in everything! I feel like with Elder Sprouse and Elder Slade I knew that they knew my weaknesses and I let it effect how I worked. So when I got my two new companions I was able to start with a new slate. Just go out and really be myself. That was the biggest blessing. I love it! It has helped me so much! The best part is that Elder Olsen and Elder Meza my new companions are all about working with the members. That is what they like to do. and Elder Sprouse and Elder Slade didn’t really work with them too much. So I’m so excited for that. Especcially after the meeting last night! AAAAHHHH So awesome!

“The members should be filling our planners enough so that we don’t have time to go knock doors.” That is so true. in the MTC we were taught to teach to conversion and we can’t do that without the help of the Ward. So ya pretty awesome.

So we have  official progessing investigators that I will get you on the end of your seat reading as dad would say haha.

Rute!!!! She is so awesome! We taught the sabath day Holy and she works sundays. So we just kinda said hey its a commandment and there is a way that God will provide a way. So She said okay I’ll look for a new job. So thats what she’s been doing. And last time we went by she was like “Ya I really just feel like my time is up with this phase of my life. That at work I just feel like its time to move on and get something new. The sad part is is she is from Columbia. In Columbia she is a dentist and a brain surgen. She came here for her kids to have a better opportunity at life. The sad part is she is cleaning hotel rooms for a living. Be greatful that we live here in America. Such a blessing!! But ya Rute Is awesome. We even have a date for her which is the 28 if July. Thats hard cuz I’m pretty sure I won’t be here. But Either way she will be making the right decision I know that! She will be coming to Jesus Christ and that is what is important! 😀

The Zulay. What an awsome Lady also. We went over and she had read 8 chapters. and we went back to kind of explain it a little and she said the story faster than we could. She loved it. and she felt it to be true. So that was totally awesome. Her date is for the 14 of July. So awesome. She just needs to make it to church the next two weeks. So we’ll see how that goes.  😀

Then Yessica and Juan. Juan is the one that drinks and had a date. But relapsed and then we never followed up. That was hard because I really wanted to follow up but my companions were against it. But My new companions are ready to do it! Ready to tackle the drinking! Awe ya! and Yessica. I think if we get Juan we can get Yessica. So we’re really working with Juan so that Yessica will want to be baptized from his example. It will be awesome! So many great thing happening here is the Lords work.

Two more stories. So saturday night we get the text from this guy in our ward that works at the temple as security. He said there was a guy that came by looking for more light in his life. That he kinda explained a little about what the church was. and this Guy “Thomas Diaz” Came yesterday! Such a blessing! We’re going to teach him tomorrow! IT will be great!! 😀

Then the next story. We’re sitting in preistood yesterday and one of the guys in our ward taps us on the back and says theres a couple out the foyer that wants to know more haha. Such a blessing! They spoke spanish which was even better. So we had a church tour and showed them the building. We’re hopping to teach them tomorrow too! It will be sweet! The Lord is preparing people every day! Such a blessing! He’s preparing the The missionaries every day too! Use the missionaries! Apply what you learned last night at the meeting! It will bless your life forevery.

“The Real measure of your conversion is your desire to share the gospel.” Share it! Its not just enough to live it and be an example any more! You gotta share it! 😀

O yes my old compaions. Elder Sprouse went home to wisconson. and Elder slade transfered areas. But he is my district leader now. :D.

Well know that i am good. That the work is good! That I’m alive and well.

Thank you for your prayers,

Elder Dial!

June 3, 2013

IMG_1598 IMG_1599Goodness I don’t even know where to start. O ya word on my visa… Ya nothing. I got nothing haha. You probably know more than I do! haha. So we set some pretty great goals this week. Its hard to find people here because we need to find people that speak spanish. and Not only speak spanish but also prefer spanish. So its hard to find people. Then to see if they progress after. that’s even harder. So this week we wanted to find 5 new people which is crazy high. the last couple weeks we put like 1 or maybe 2 one week. O yes and this isn’t just finding but also having them accept a return appointment. Technically new investigators. God is so awesome! We found this new Lady named Zulay. She was a referral. She is so ready for the Gospel! Its crazy to see the people that are ready and looking for it and to see the people who are ready for it but don’t know they’re ready for it. We have a few that didn’t know they were looking for it before but we found them. But they have tons of changes to make.

Change is hard. I had a teacher I think it was in the MTC that said, “Change is the hardest part. Once you change it becomes so much easier.” So true. Once you change your ways its so much easier. Thats why your childhood is so important. If you are brought up right then you wont have to change. I am so greatful to have been brought up right. To be raised by two wonderful parents that raised me to be the man I am today! Such a blessing. That’s one thing I realize out here every day! So blessed to be part of a wonderful family! Have wonderful parents.

Okay story of the week. So we decided to bike down to this appointment. 13 miles away. So fun. haha. No I enjoyed it. Just long and hard. but ya the appointment canclled once we got down there. typical huh? Well we decided God wanted us down there for some reason or another. So we start knocking doors and had some success. But them Elder Slade was like There’s a lady in this conplex that we taught that we should follow up on. So we went to just say hi. Invite her to a party we had on saturday. Well as we went to walk away it started to poor down rain. (You’ve never seen rain till you come here just in case you were wondering.) But ya it poored down rain. So we decided hey maybe its a sign lets go teach her. So we taught her. Bomb lesson. So awesome!

So on Wednesday my District leader asked me to give a lesson in district meeting. I love teaching. Especcially in english haha. But ya I have just been really lacking confidence in my teaching. That was perfect. I love teaching. Thats something I love to do out here. My favorite part of the mission for sure. But ya Just gave me my confidence back really. So awesome. Thats something My patriartical blessing says is that the best thing i will do is teach. I believe that. God has blessed me with good teaching skills. Thank goodness. But thank goodness he didn’t bless me to be perfect. Cuz now I get to work on contacting people. Thats probably my biggest struggle. Is contacting people and making them interested in the gospel. I’m too nice. I don’t push it on them enough. My companions are so good at that. So I thank God for allowing me to work on things!!

We had temple service last thursday. Got to work on the weeds outside. That was fun. On the way back we had some fun. So somehow I talked them all into acting like the car was a bird. and we all flapped our arms out the window on the way back. Me Elders Gregory, Deardon, Slade, and Sprouse. haha. Elder Gregory and Deardon had to pick us up cuz we didn’t have a ride. but ya thank you dad for that. It really just made it a fun ride. haha. the things I learned from my dad. haha. Some things good… some things crazy haha. Crazy good! 😀

Hmm Yesterday we confirmed Yara. Such a blessing. She’s so solid. Its to bad I won’t be around when they get sealed. They are totally going to! I love it. I better be careful though. I might still be here. haha. Just kidding. I love it here! I really do!

So we got caught here at the church after church yesterday while we started to wait for it to stop raining. We got talking about What is true success?? Elder Sprouse goes home in two weeks and I feel like he’s having lots of regrets. He’s a lot like riley its pretty funny. He’s like a Riley and Justin mix. But ya he wants to be better. He is pretty awesome. But ya any thoughts?? What is true success??

Anyways gotta go! I love you all! Have an amazing week this week and talk to you next week!

Love always,

Elder Dial!

June 10, 2013


The other one is Norma’s kids with a sweet little trailor hook up haha.


Okay the plate of food we had at the Revous families house yesterday


a picture of this sweet green area we took pictures by!


well we found some hats and had some fun haha. Gotta love it!

Miracles are everywhere!!! I love it! Gods hand is so eveident in our lives if you are truely in tune! This week we had the car! Gotta love the car! We are always able to get so much more done!! Hmm where do I even want to start with this week…. Two people. Well not just two people. One person and then a Family of 3 we found this week. So awesome.

Alicia: Alicia reminds me so much of Grandma Shutte. So much. She is so just loving and wants to change her life. Goodness its crazy. She has one problem. She need to get married. and she knows that she needs to too thats the funny part. we addressed it the first visit and she’s like “I know its a sin.” haha. So she knows she needs to change. But just everything we teach her she just soaks up. She’s loving it so much. She knows this will bless her life. On your mission you have the capability to love people like you never could before. Its so awesome! I can just see her in the font. Being cleaned of her sins. She truely is amazing! She will be baptized. That is if we get her to church. She said she’d come yesterday but then she didn’t show up. haha. But you jsut love it. Its so awesome.

Next is Jane, Lois, and Raynet. Raynet is the son. They are so prepared. They were being taught before by the missionaries before they moved. So now we have came in and let the spirit do its work. They have a pretty awesome story. Raynet is in high school. got Hit by a truck on his bycicle. Was in the icu for like 3 months I think they said. A miricle right there that he’s living. Such a blessing. So they know God is helping them. and now we are going to let God come in and help them so much more….. The only problem is They were going to come to church yesterday but called last min saying that one of their friends were sick. No good haha. Lame excuse but its all good. They will come to want it.

Just like Yessica. Yessica is one of our progressing investigators that has a date for this saturday but isn’t ready. She needs to quit her job. Bu we went over the other day and she just went off about how she felt bad for not going to church. The Godly Sorrow is comming in. Taking its tole on her. So she go work off this week and came. So perfect. Miricles are everywhere. But ya We do need to change her date unless she has had a major change of heart.

O my goodness Norma… She’s so awesome. But Still no marraige. But She came to church yesterday with a member because she doesn’t have a car. Its so sad to see all the people here to don’t have really much of anything. But they are just so happy to be here in the states. even if they might not be legally. haha. But what a blessing we have to live here. anyways on there way to church they got rear ended…. So scary. But ya another miracle she was perfectly fine. along with her two kids. Blessings everywhere!!

Aaaahh Zulay. She isn’t quite as ready as we thought. But she is accepting it all. We had a very spiritual lesson with her. So amazing. She’s just awesome. People are just awesome. But anyways so glad we had the car this week. Crazy winds haha. Would have been fun to ride bikes in but would have been soaked. But ya it was crazy. Kinda like our snow storms but its raining so bad you can’t have the wipers going fast enough to see out of them. haha. It was litterally raining sideways! So crazy! haha. Gotta love Florida!!

Okay now onto the language. Two blessings this week. It was a crazy busy week and not really much time to study the language but one of our lessons with Norma she just started laughing as I was talking. it was very weird. I thought I had said something wrong to start out but then she was like “He is just so much better then he used to be.’ Kinda took away the spirit a little but hey I didn’t mind. Boosted my confidence haha. Then another lesson was yesterday with The Rivous Family. I said something and at the end of the lesson the wife said “you have really gotten good. I couldn’t even detect an accent or anything. haha. I was so glad. I love spanish. Its coming slowly but its been great! I have loved it so much!! Glad I’ve had this chance to come here and learn a little more before I get thrown in the deep end haha. love it!!

Some spiritual thoughts for this week. Goals. Everybody need a goal in there lives. I have got a new goal to have a goal every day to improve on something! I love Goals. I have already inproved so much in just the few days I have done it.

Also at Zone Training meeting Elder Fink said somthing that really just hit me. “Can you Feel it?” Sometimes we just get in the rush of life. Get used to having the spirit. We need to take a step back in our lives and ask ourselves can I feel it? Am I thankful for it? Its something we need to work for and how gratful I am to have it in my life here as a missionary!

Next thought,

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear.

So true. I get so nervous sometimes but I have came to realize I’m out here to share something that is so special. Its nothing to be nervous about because it is such an amazing message that if i have the spirit then they will see how important it truely is! 😀

Sister Cather. is in my district. You should Ask Gary if he knows her. She’s from shelly! 😀

One more thing really quick then pictures.

Christianity tells people to repent and promise them forgiveness; but until people know and feel they need forgiveness, Christianity does not speak to them. Just as when you know you are sick then you’ll listen to the doctor. haha. So simple but so profound. That is what I have seen is a begger part of missionary work out here! haha.

Well I love you all!! Until next week,

Elder Dial!!

Letter #7 (May 20, 2013)

Colombia Burgers

This was at that columbian burger place. It was so cool to see all the different artwork people Had done on their dollar bills. I didn’t quite do one but It was cool to see haha. Love you all. I’ll have more pictures next week!!

Goodness where to start… Well there are really three people that I want to talk about alot.  One is Yara. One is Norma and one is Juan…

O best experience ever. Okay Tuesday we ran into a man named Elliot By tracting doors. It was all in english but he was so ready for the Gospel. Well Kinda haha. We knocked on the door and he was like “O We had some of you guys come over a couple weeks ago. But I really want to know more about what you believe. I have studied up on a whole bunch of religions but yours is one I havent really studied up on. So we talked with him..” So we mainly just taught him a lot. We had to hand him off as a refearal but it was so cool to teach him. at first he was like I probably wont join your church or anything but I would still like to learn more. So we answered his questions. almost taught him the whole gospel. But anyways by the end Elder Slade extended a baptismal invite and he was like ya I mean if the spirit tells me I would join the church for sure. So sweet!!!!

Dang what next. O we went to this place called columbia Burgers on wednesday. Best hanburger I’ve ever had. I Dont’ know what it had in it but it was so good.  I loved it!

Hmm next on thursday we went to this guy’s house. well this families house. The Sedan Family. He spoke english so that was good. He said something that really hit home and will help me.

“don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s why we’re here on this earth”.

Goodness so true. So that really helped me to just want to throw myself out there and work.

Goodness I almost forgot. Friday was one of the most special experiences of my life. We went to an elementary school for a service project to help out with a carnival. I helped make the snow cones. Mainly just put the juice on the snow cones. But anyways we had a teacher there that told us all about the kids and how they really struggle. How you never know whats going on at home and all that. and how at school they just gotta show them love. He was an true example of how a teacher should be. I think a teacher would be fun. But I don’t know that I would do very good haha. But it was so much fun to just say hi to all the kids. Give them a little compliment. I loved it! That was one of the highlights of my week for sure.

Saturday we went on exchanges. I stayed in our area and my two companions left to a different one. So I ran the whole area. Hardest thing ever. Made me really grateful for my companions. They truely are amazing. But anyways I was put with an elder Cook. He played hockey so we got along really well. He loves argentina also so that was sweet. haha. His dad served in argentina so I got to hear some stories. That was sweet.

Okay now I’ll go with Norma. No she’s not Married yet. We’re meeting with her and her husband hopefully tonight to try to get them to feel the spirit. We’re gonna watch together forever. So hopefully the spirit will work in the boyfriends heart. I think it will. at least I pray it will. So ya but we had an awesome lesson on friday with a member present. He totally said exactly what she needed to hear. She has a hard time understanding the scriptures so we kinda gave her some hints on that. That was sweet!!

Next I’ll talk about Juan. He has a baptismal date on June second. We just need him to stay clean of the drinking…. So ya no bueno. He was totally planning to go to church yesterday but We called him about an hour before. and he didn’t know where he was… So we were guessing he was drunk.. haha. So that was bad. But it all worked out. We’re hoping to visit him tonight. We really just need to spend more time with him is really what it boils down to!

Before I forget i got the letter from natalie on wednesday.

Okay Yara. So amazing on her progress this week. She has recieved an answer about the book of mormon. She is so ready. Her baptism is this Sunday! We are meeting with her every night this week. So that will be sweet. But we taught her the plan of salvation last night. Two hour lesson but it was SO good. She was asking a question and before she asked it she said something to the effect of “I know I shouldn’t question it but I’m kinda curious what…..” So awesome. She knows its all true and is accepting everything. Ya so I’ll have pictures next week of the baptism. That will be sweet. I just hope I don’t get my visa until after haha.

anways answering questions.. I don’t remember them all but yes I have knocked a ton of doors this week. and last. I knocked some my first day. That was scary but it was in english. He seemed super interested but gave us a phony phone number so must not have been too interested. Its so hard to just strike up a conversation but that’s why God blessed me with two companions haha. I love it! I’m Learning so much. The thing that helped me the most with contacting is something elder Cook said. “don’t try to be elder Slade or Elder Sprouce. Be You when contacting. Contact people how you would contact them not how anybody else does.”So that helped me to know how to do it better.

Anyways the language has improved a lot. I can understand so much more. Its so perfect. I love spanish…. At least the parts I understand. I’ve came a long way in understanding. But as far as speaking I feel like I’m getting worse and worse every day. So Hopefully I get to argentina soon and have to speak it all the time. i think that will help a ton to just have to speak it all the time.

Well I love you all and have an amazing week this week! Know that i’m happy and loveing every second of it. I think we rode about 70 miles on our bikes this week but I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. I love being a missionary!


Elder Dial