March 2, 2015 – The last letter

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Wow how the time just flies. Well this will be my last letter home. Really i have thought a lot about what i would say. Okay not to much. But ill do my best to try to keep it interesting. So Really its super hard knowing that I have to leave. I feel like the missionary on ´´the other side of heaven´´. Really I feel like i´m in heaven. But I know that there is another heaven. It was weird. So last night we went on a bus to go to a town to visit other missionaries and pass the day with them. We even went and did a hike. It was super fun. But last night at like 12 the bus broke down. So we were waiting outside for the other bus and I looked up at the stars Thinking I will never see these stars again after next week. Because the stars are different here. But it made me think a lot. What a blessing it has been. And in church yesterday I sat there thinking a lot about what I have accomplished until now. Especially when the members gave their testimony. It made me feel good to see that I was able to be a tool in Gods hands. I see so many missionaries and see all of their talents and their abilities. Then I think about mine. For some reason we seem to be harder on ourselves than others but I truly have been able to strengthen my abilities. My talents here on the mission. I love it.

Something that Dad said that I really liked is that Ive had 103 weeks but if I don’t do anything on my 104th week It doesn’t matter what I did. I need to be a servant of Christ always. It made me think a lot about something that was said in the MTC. the way to see if I was a good missionary or not was to look at my grandkids. So I really have to apply everything I have learned.
I have had the Joy of having just about every missionary and member ask me how I feel about going home. Today I was talking about it with an elder. I said you know Im excited but I’m not excited. Im not ready to take on the next phase of life but I want to. Its a little like that. Im a little scared of the change that we are going to see like mom said but I know that change is good. Change is how we learn. So it´ll be good. But ya just a lot of Trunky thoughts. So I’ve started my letter a little trunky. Lets get back to work 😀
So We had interviews with president and the assistants this week. There were a couple things said that I really liked. The assistants said that Elder Gonzalas said in a different conference is that in order to Truly be like Christ we need to know Him. We need to come to know Christ and our Heavenly Father. And we do that by truly using the gift of prayer. Studying about them. They also said that the most important commandment that we need to keep is the one that is hardest for us. I liked that too. Because we all have things that are hard for us. And we need to overcome that right now. Not later. But now. So that was cool. I really liked that.
My studies this week was focused in that. In what I truly coming to know my Savior. Truly knowing Him better. I have had two years to get to know Him. At different points there has been a stronger relationship than others. But truly to focus on Him and His attributes I could really put Him as my role model. I love the time that we have to study as missionaries. Its such a blessing.
So this week in the Obra del Señor we were able to see some miracles. We are working a lot with two families. They are awesome. I really love them. The Soto family and The Abraham Family. The family Soto have really gone with all of the fire. Its been awesome to see them come back to church. Then the Abraham family are there. Sometimes they go and sometimes they don’t. But we talked a lot with the branch president about the goals we have for them. We are going to work super hard to get them to go to the temple. they need it and if they keep working like they are they are going to be able to go to Cordoba and be sealed. Im super excited for them. It would really help the Branch and them to stay strong in the faith. I love it.
Well I have a lot of pictures that I want to send so I’m going to get them off. Love you all. Have an amazing Week. See you next wednesday :D.
Love for the last time,
Elder Dial
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February 23, 2015

So we had a pretty amazing week this week. We had a lot of things that we had to work out that took time away from the work but it helped in so many other ways. Like we had a conference with a 70 Elder Gonzalas. We got to work with the Zone Leaders and an Assistant. So that was awesome. Just really able to learn a lot. I think its interesting how the Lord always prepares you for what you need.

So In the conference with Elder Gonzalas his wife said something that really caught my attention. She shared a story about a man that went to sell shoes in africa. He got there and realized that nobody used shoes and called his boss and said this is a terrible place to sell shoes. Nobody uses them. So they brought him back. A little while after they sent a different guy there to do the same thing. They called him to see how he was doing and he said that it was amazing. That there was an amazing idea to send him there because nobody uses shoes…. How interesting? They way we look at it. is the cup half full or half empty. That truely changes everything. That is what we call faith. Faith and hope. But it made me think a lot about how we can apply this in life. The best way is the way that ive always heard but its just hard sometimes to put it in acction. Do I look at my trials as a curse from God? Or do I look at it as an opportunity to learn? Or even better do I look at it as a blessing from God? Do I thank God for this big blessing that He has given me to learn and really make an impact in people lives.
Then you have miracles. Many people walked with Christ and saw Him preform miracles. But so many didnt want to see them as miracles. They chose to not believe. I think that happens to us a little too much in our lives. We see so many miracles but we dont realize that its a miracle. Truely its a miracle that we wake up every day. We dont look at it as a miracle. Some people feel its a curse to be here in  the world. To have life. And when we do see a big miracle we forget about it way to easily. I love being a missionary. I love seeing miracles.
But ya the conference was super amazing. I went off on a tangent there haha. But o well. But anyways. They talked a lot about faith. They also talked a lot about plans. I recieved a letter today that asked me to write a letter to President telling him what my goals are and what are my promises to God from this time forward. I have thought about that a little. Im lucky because I still have time to think about it. a full two weeks. Its hard but i know the Lord will help me. He always has. and always will. I know the Lord blesses us every day.
Something else I learned this week was that we need to take a chill pill. The Zone leader I worked with he just took it slow. Didnt really worry about time. But was short and powerful at the same time. So it really made me think about how the Lords work is done. With good questions. He also asked me a question that made me think. What are you going to do to leave everything in La Rioja. Leave everything in the mission. I hadnt really thought about that. So just a super awesome example. Just made me think about life. Life should be taken one step at a time but always with something we want to do. A good goal and accomplish it. If we arent working for something we arent progressing. We always need a dream. Dreams are hard to come up with. But when we have it we know what we need to do and we do it. Super laid back so that we dont get stressed and it happens. It seemed so easy watching him. But trying to put it in practice is another story. So I just gotta work for it. Its a habbit. Its something that you learn. It always comes over time.
But in the work. Julitos still needs to be baptized. His dad has to work this week so we put his baptism for Tuesday next week. That will be awesome. Im super excited for him and his family. His mom is really working for it.  And Satan is really working against it. So we´ll see how it turn out. But I know that our faith is stronger than Satan. We just gotta do it. I love this work and I love every one of you guys. I hope you have an amazing Week and dont forget what the Lord has done for us.
Love always,
Elder Dial

February 16, 2015

So yesterday they asked me to give the class in the elders quorum. It was super interesting. It was about temples. They didn´t have a manual or anything so I just studied it good and the Lord helped me. But I decided to teach the Plan of Salvation. I really like the plan of salvation. Its something that we teach as misionaries just about every day. One of the 5 lessons. But I really like it because It teaches the why we should be good and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. But as I taught it and studied for it I thought a lot about ordanences. All of them that are necesary to recieve salvation. Like baptism and the confirmation. then you have what we do in the temple. But I don´t know why but I thought a lot about the Sacrament. Truely all of the ordaneces that we do we make promises or covenants. Then you have the Sacrament where we renew it every week. That is where we recieve the strength to be able to complete with the promisses we have made. I love it. So ya this week I thought a little more about the sacrament and what it means to me.

Something that really made me think is when I was realing ´´Our search for happieness´´ by elder Ballard and he said that not one day goes by when he doesn´t thank the Lord for the Atonement. How grateful I am for the atonement but how slow I am to thank God in my prayers. The atonement really makes all of these convenants that we Make with God work. I love that. I am so thankful for my savior and that I can repent of everything That I do bad. Truely there are many things that I do every day but Im putting forth the strength to do it. That is when I see the blessings.
Then you have what mom Said. Really true happieness we have to work for. If we want to be happy then we need to put forth the effort to be obedient and keep moving forward. Only then will we see Gods hand in our life and find true happieness. I love the Gospel. It just makes sense doesn´t it? At least for me it does. I hope it does for you too 😀
But anyways the week. So we are working a lot with a family Soto. They are awesome. Really they just came back to chruch. It will be fun because next week we are going to baptize their son. He is 8 and super excited. But its been cool to watch la hermana come back. She started reading her scriptures and really living the Gospel and has seen the blessings. Even in her Children she has seen it. And shes not afraid to share those blessings with her friends. Its such a blessing.
Then we have that other lady that we found. She Got sick this last week and she had to work in something called the Chaya. Its like a big carnaval that they are doing here in La Rioja. They go and they listen to people sing and they have fights with Flour paint dirt water. a little of everything. So everybody we see walking is covered in flour and paint. Its super funny. But Im glad they doent do it in the states. haha. But ya shes working there so we haven´t been able to see her. But we have talked to her a little on the phone and she is reading. Shes super interested. So we´ll see if she can get to church this next week. It will be awesome.
But ya  I hope Lacey had a wonderful Birthday yesterday. That she ate lots of ice cream for me haha. And that you all have a wonderful week this week. So many blessing for all of us. We just got to go out and look for them. I love you guys. Have a terrific week.
Love always,
Elder Dial

February 9, 2015

So on saturday we went with a sister and she told us that it was her birthday on saturday and We didn´t know. So we told her this week we´re going to have a party hehe. But what she doesn´t know is that its my birthday too. SO we are going to go and throw her a party and Buy and Ice cream Cake hehe. She is super poor. She just quit her job because the Guy couldn´t pay her. But she is so giving. She got baptized about a year ago. Just an awesome lady. So ya that will be fun. I think those are the best kinds of birthdays. :D. When you can share it with somebody that you love 😀

So we had some pretty awesome miracles this week. Im super excited. We had a ton of people Go to church. 34. My record here is 35. So almost tied with the record. But really we could have had a lot more. We had a ton of the poeple that I have patiently invited every week to go my whole time here show up. Just goes to show that all the work you do isn´t in vain. I love it. And ya then we had an amazing miracle of finding a family that are golden. We were walking the other day and just saying Hi to everybody like we always do and she said Hi to us more friendly than other people usually do. haha. So we stopped and talked to her. She was just leaving so we gave her a card and we set up a visit to go back. She said tuesday and 7. But she also told us that she has a friend that is sirving the mission in Chile. So she was super excited to talk to us. So anyways we go tuesday at 7 and she wasn´t there. But we talked to her mom. Turn out that her mom had some pretty good memories of missionaries because she started talking to us and said ´´you know what. When I was about 17 years old I got baptized.´´ What a blessing that was. She is a member less active for like 30 years haha. What a blessing. But ya the daughter wasn´t there so we set up another apointment and went by on thrusday. She was there this time and we taught her. She understood it all because her friend had told her a lot about the chruch. It was awesome. We talked about the Book or mormon and that is how you can come to know that everything we taught was true. She went off to say ´´ok… So ill look for that book online or something.´´haha. Never have I had somebody say that. So when we pulled one out of our bags she was so happy. She almost hugged us in fact. Kinda awkward. BUt ya it was great. Such a blessing it was. I really liked it. So we are going to have to see if we can help her get to chruch.

But ya there are miracles in the work of the Lord. Always. I love it. What I really enjoyed this week is that my own family is doing missionary work. Inviting people to church. Learning what is a christian ;D. I love it. That makes me happy. I think one of the excuses I used a lot is that everybody I know is already a member. But I had a ton of people I knew that weren´t members. A lot of the kids on my hockey team. Even some of the Madrigals. Just a ton of people I knew but I put excuses. Even my neighbors weren´t members. I had a lot of friends that weren´t going to chruch ether. So ya just gotta help everybody so that they can gain the same blessing that I am gaining as I live the Gospel. I love being a missionary. I have learned how to be happy. But the best part is that I have some more time to work in the work of the Lord. Give everything like dad said. without regrets. Thats the best way to live life. Because if not you will get to the judgement day and regret not repenting. haha. Now is the time to prepare us. not tomorrow or next week. This life is our time. I love it.

Thanks for all of your love and support. I hope you all have an amazing day and week and that you enjoy every min. of it. Because its there to bless us. So that we can be happy. Look for the happiness that comes through the savior jesus christ. He will give it to you. I love you! Have an amazing week.

Until next time,
Elder Dial

February 2, 2015

I feel like there are very few times in our lives when we truely feel Charity. That we truely feel and understand the Pure love that our Father in Heaven has for us. I know that its there. I know he loves us and that He truely wants us to feel it. But many times we get caught up in the little things. We forget how much He truely loves us thinking about all of our trials and problems. That happened to me this last week. I was so caught up thinking about how hard things are. Truely the work of the Lord is hard….. When we try to do it without him. But I had a prompting and I followed that prompting. Turns out the Lord truely loves me more that I will ever be able to comprehend. I felt the Saviors love. I felt it. I know that its always just a phone call away. Always just a scripture away. I love this gospel. I know its true. I know That the Lord Always brings us higher in our hard times.

So this week has been pretty much same old same old. Lots of Visits. We had a family that was progressing but in the end they moved to another state. Haha. How lucky are we. But ya we are working with a family that their son can get baptized. He is 8 years old and really it would just be awesome to see an ordanance in the Ward. It would really get everybody more excited. His family is just getting back in the Groove of going to chruch and they are super awesome. Weare working with the dad so that he cam baptize him. He has to work sundays. But we´ll see of the Lord can work miracles. Well better said we´ll see if our faith is sufficient so that God can work this miracle that we want. 😀 Truely I love the Gospel. I love being a part of it. I love seeing the miracle that the Lord Provides us with every day.

So yesterday in church they talked a lot about the Restored chruch that we have today. That it is the same that Christ established while he was here. I really liked it. To know that we are so blessed to be able to have the restored gospel in our lives. And so many times we are selfish and don´t do much to share it. I love bleing able to share it. Being able to be called to share it 24/7. Its the biggest blessing in my whole life. I just hope that I never forget about this blessing and I keep using it forever and ever. Keep reciveing this blessing.

I love you all so much. I hope you have an amazing week and you tell my all about the ways you felt the Saviors Love 😀

Elder Dial

January 26, 2015

Dad said a phrase very interesting in his letter today. He said a couple things to the same effect. Like sprint to the finish line´ ´leave it all on the field´ And ´sing as you have never sung before´. I liked the last one the most. It really made me think. What impact does singing have on your life. We all know that music plays a big role in our attitude. Good music, good attitude. Bad music, bad attitude. So very interesting. But what does that have to do with all the rice in china. Well I´ll tell you. Singing has been something that has changed my life. Never in my life would I have imagined that I would sing in the Bingham Madrigles. It was a dream that I had always watching them go on stage since my sophmore year. But for some crazy reason I had a loving friend that convinced me to try out for them. And I made it. It changed my life so much that I learned that Dreams come true. If you want it bad enough the Lord will bless you. From there music has had a different impact on my life. Music helped me to gain confidence and to enjoy life.

So to sing as I have never sung before Really made me think how grateful I am and how much the Lord blesses me. Made me want to push for my dreams or my goals and really trust in the Lord. That everything I want to do is possible if I put my part. I know that. Its something that the Lord has completed in my life and in my mission. Trust in the Lord. LIke the scripture that mom marked in my scriptures before I left. Alma 38:5. If you trust in the lord he will lighten your burdens will help you to be strong. That has been the motto of my mission. Trust in the Lord and what is his will will happen. I love being a missionary. I love being so blessed every day.
So in the work of the Lord we saw some pretty amazing miracles. Something that I really liked is that just talking to a whole bunch of people made me happy. Even though a lot of them really didn´t want much it still made me happy. TO know that I did my part in the work of the Lord. But thats not the only thing that happened. We found some amazing people that really have faith. Faith is the first principĺe of the gospel for a reason. Faith is what drives us to work. Or to change. I really liked that about the people we found. They were all people that members told us to stop by or that were at the houses of members. To see the faith of a member really change everything in the work of the Lord. ´´This is the time when members and missionaries should work together.´´ That is truely when I have always seen the fruits of my work throughout my mission. ANd that is now when  we are starting to see them again. It has been a long process. The members are passing through their own problems but there are a few that have given us hope. Through these people we are going to see miracles. I know it. I know the Lord loves his children as did Nephi. But as Nephi I don´t know everything. I just know that He loves us and that with this love we can do miracles. So it will be awesome. Im so super excited.
Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I love you all so much. Stay strong. The Lord will bless you. Go and help your friends or do some service. It will bless your life this week. I promise :D.
Elder Dial

January 19, 2015

So this week has been pretty awesome. I was able to go on an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders. Its interesting. I was with Elder Villar. He was my Comp in Jesus maria like a year ago. But it was cool to be able talk to him to see how he was really able to see a lot of fruits in our works. That a lot of the poeple that we found in my last couple of weeks there got baptized. It was super cool to see that really everything I did had its fruits. But I don´t think it was much of what I did. Elder Villar has a lot of faith. He really saw everybody in white like they told us to do. I thought that was cool about him. It was cool just to see how much we have both progressed. The mision really shapes us to be what the Lord needs us to be.

It was cool to watch him and see how he really observed what I was doing and see what I could do better. To see what the area needed that I couldn´t see. He really is a great missionary. I really admire him. There are always those times where you go with somebody and you are afraid that they are just going to tell you everything you are doing bad. But I really liked that he just looked for ways to help. That he could recieve the revelation from God to help me and my comp. To help us move the work forward. I liked that a lot.
Then it was cool yesterday because there were a coulple of problems that my comp went to work in a different area and I got to go to Ward councel with the other elders. I remember something another missionary told me one time is that its cool to see how different leaders work differently. It was super cool to see how the Bishop worked good with his helpers. That he realy wanted to help the ward progress and had love for every one of his sheep. I really liked that. I feel like that is what makes a good leader. Really something that I saw in the Leaders I was with. That they loved the people they served. Gotta love it.
but anyways I got to study one of my favorite chapters in the scriptures this week. Ether 12. It really helped me to see how much faith i need. I Heard last week a comment that if you dont see it then nobody else will. I though how true that is. If we dont see us getting to the temple we´ll never get there. Or if we dont see us having success we wont have it. I talked a little about ammon and nefi and lehi. Some of the great missionaries in the Book of mormon and how it for through their faith that the brought people the the fold of God. That the baptized thousands. I really liked that. Then to watch Elder Villar and see how that faith really has helped him. I think sometimes there are things that I doubt. I dont believe I can do. But really all things are possible. I just gotta do it because the Lord makes it possible. Gotta love it. I love the scriptures they really help me to be a better me but not only that but a better Servant of my Savior Jesus Christ.
Something else that really caught my attention in my studies is that we need to teach for the spirit but not only that. But also the listeners need to listen throught the spirit. I believe that it is so easy to forget that as listeners. I feel I have forgotten that to. That even though im a missionary I still need to pay attention during chruch because the spirit will teach me something. Sometimes we forget that as members. We feel good with our knowledge so we listen but not really attently. We let our mind wonder. We dont even give the spirit a chance to teach us. But if we listen to the spirit it will tell us all things we should do. It whatever time we need it. So ya that made me think a little.
But anyways the work of the Lord. Its going pretty amazing. We are working with a family Soto. Its a family we want to take to the Cordoba temple. It will be sweet. But we´ll see what heppens. They have a son thats 8 that needs to be baptized and we want to help the father be worthy but he works on sundays. He even takes the family to church. His wife has so much faith that he is going to make it there with them. I think thats so crucial. We asked him if he didn´t have to work if he would go to chruch and he told us that he wouldn´t. But then right after his wife was like ´´but I know he would. He really knows the church is true but he just has a hard time accepting the people that are there.´´ That caught my attention that she said that and then the next day I read about faith. She has the faith and she sees it so we just need to do it. I love that about misisonary work. You have faith and nothing is imposible. God mades everything at our reach .We just need to work at it. Practice and work super hard. I love it. I love being a missioanry and seeing the work of the Lord change hearts. Its the best thing that you can see. I love it. I love you all. Thanks for you love and support.
Elder Dial