February 23, 2015

So we had a pretty amazing week this week. We had a lot of things that we had to work out that took time away from the work but it helped in so many other ways. Like we had a conference with a 70 Elder Gonzalas. We got to work with the Zone Leaders and an Assistant. So that was awesome. Just really able to learn a lot. I think its interesting how the Lord always prepares you for what you need.

So In the conference with Elder Gonzalas his wife said something that really caught my attention. She shared a story about a man that went to sell shoes in africa. He got there and realized that nobody used shoes and called his boss and said this is a terrible place to sell shoes. Nobody uses them. So they brought him back. A little while after they sent a different guy there to do the same thing. They called him to see how he was doing and he said that it was amazing. That there was an amazing idea to send him there because nobody uses shoes…. How interesting? They way we look at it. is the cup half full or half empty. That truely changes everything. That is what we call faith. Faith and hope. But it made me think a lot about how we can apply this in life. The best way is the way that ive always heard but its just hard sometimes to put it in acction. Do I look at my trials as a curse from God? Or do I look at it as an opportunity to learn? Or even better do I look at it as a blessing from God? Do I thank God for this big blessing that He has given me to learn and really make an impact in people lives.
Then you have miracles. Many people walked with Christ and saw Him preform miracles. But so many didnt want to see them as miracles. They chose to not believe. I think that happens to us a little too much in our lives. We see so many miracles but we dont realize that its a miracle. Truely its a miracle that we wake up every day. We dont look at it as a miracle. Some people feel its a curse to be here in  the world. To have life. And when we do see a big miracle we forget about it way to easily. I love being a missionary. I love seeing miracles.
But ya the conference was super amazing. I went off on a tangent there haha. But o well. But anyways. They talked a lot about faith. They also talked a lot about plans. I recieved a letter today that asked me to write a letter to President telling him what my goals are and what are my promises to God from this time forward. I have thought about that a little. Im lucky because I still have time to think about it. a full two weeks. Its hard but i know the Lord will help me. He always has. and always will. I know the Lord blesses us every day.
Something else I learned this week was that we need to take a chill pill. The Zone leader I worked with he just took it slow. Didnt really worry about time. But was short and powerful at the same time. So it really made me think about how the Lords work is done. With good questions. He also asked me a question that made me think. What are you going to do to leave everything in La Rioja. Leave everything in the mission. I hadnt really thought about that. So just a super awesome example. Just made me think about life. Life should be taken one step at a time but always with something we want to do. A good goal and accomplish it. If we arent working for something we arent progressing. We always need a dream. Dreams are hard to come up with. But when we have it we know what we need to do and we do it. Super laid back so that we dont get stressed and it happens. It seemed so easy watching him. But trying to put it in practice is another story. So I just gotta work for it. Its a habbit. Its something that you learn. It always comes over time.
But in the work. Julitos still needs to be baptized. His dad has to work this week so we put his baptism for Tuesday next week. That will be awesome. Im super excited for him and his family. His mom is really working for it.  And Satan is really working against it. So we´ll see how it turn out. But I know that our faith is stronger than Satan. We just gotta do it. I love this work and I love every one of you guys. I hope you have an amazing Week and dont forget what the Lord has done for us.
Love always,
Elder Dial